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Sea & Sky Tours at the Magic Isle

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

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Maui, nicknamed “The Magic Isle,” is certainly a gorgeous gem of the Hawaiian Islands. It seems most befitting that the flower of Maui is the Lokelani, meaning “heavenly rose.” Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, located approximately 21 degrees north of the equator in the most isolated land in the world. The nearest land mass to Hawaii is San Francisco, approximately 2,400 miles away. Of the total of more than 100 islands in Hawaii, only eight are considered major islands – Ni’ihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kaho’olawe, and the Big Island of Hawaii – and only seven of those islands are inhabited. Anytime of year is a good time to visit Maui. The average temperature is between 75˚-85˚ F throughout the year. Maui reaches from sea level to 10,023 feet, to the summit of a dormant volcano, Haleakalä. Sugar, pineapple, cattle, and agriculture are a few of Maui’s major industries, with tourism at the top of the list. Maui’s world-famous beauty attracts tons of recreation activities, including golfing, horseback riding, hiking, whale-watching, nautical adventures, and helicopter tours!

Legend has it that the island of Maui was named after the Native Hawaiian demigod Maui, who pulled up the Hawaiian islands from deep out of the ocean with a magic fishhook linked to the heavens. After the islands were pulled out, the chord broke from the heavens, and the magic fishhook sank down into the ocean, lost forever. There is no better way to explore the mysteries of the deep, see the underwater coral beauty of Maui, and meet a colorful array of marine life located only in Hawaii than to take an underwater voyage. Hawaii’s coral reefs, the “rainforests of the sea,” are incredibly diverse ecological communities. With nothing more than a mask an a snorkel, you’ll be in a whole new world.

I’d like to invite you on the Molokini Snorkel & Turtle Town Morning Adventure from Maui, a perfect opportunity to discover the rich foundations of Maui’s birth and meet its tropical underwater locals. Climb aboard the Pride of Maui, a state-of-the-art 65 foot catamaran famous for her stability and comfort. Relax as you cruise in style to two beautiful diving destinations. The tour includes an Island-style continental breakfast, two snorkeling stops, a delicious lunch, snorkeling gear, and instructions. You’ll visit Molokini, a crescent shaped caldera that is a protected marine sanctuary. The waters are calm and clear, which is perfect for scuba diving, snuba diving, and snorkeling. You will also visit Turtle Town, known for its beautiful lava formations and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

If you’d like to dive even deeper, then take a once-in-a-lifetime undersea adventure on our Atlantis Submarine Tour! It is the world’s first and most technologically advanced passenger submarine. Journey into a spectacular blue world more than 130 feet below the surface in spacious air-conditioned comfort. You will see the majestic natural coral reefs and Hawaiian marine life. From December through May, you can enjoy whale watching during the ship-to-shore journey. Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for this popular tour!

The Island of Maui is also called the “Valley Isle” for the large isthmus between its northwestern and southeastern volcanoes and the numerous large valleys carved into the mountains. Explore deep, meandering valleys set in the rainforest of the ancient West Maui Mountains. Knife-edged ridges with mist-shrouded peaks separate the spectacular valleys. Waterfalls cascade down from towering cliffs into the streams running along the rainforest floor. Take off on the Maui Spectacular Helicopter Tour to soar with a bird’s eye view to see the rainforests and waterfalls of the West Maui Mountains, Hana, and the Haleakala Crater. You’ll also enjoy a 20-minute landing and refreshments at Ulupalakua Ranch. Every West Maui Mountains tour is unique!

Discover the best of both worlds on our West Maui Island Deluxe Helicopter Tour & Submarine Adventure. Experience Maui under the sea as well as above it! Take in views from above, inaccessible by land and discover lush green rainforests, cascading waterfalls and a dormant volcano. Then, marvel at Hawaii’s unique underwater paradise aboard a high-tech 48-passenger submarine. View fascinating coral reefs and their inhabitants as you explore the ocean more than 100 feet below. Every dive is a new adventure!

From heavenly summit views to pristine beaches and thriving nautical life, there are plenty of reasons why Maui has been voted “Best Island” by travelers for years. Discover your own reasons to love Maui with Maui Tours. Feel free to call us at 888-321-3650 to answer your questions and help book your favorite tours. From breath-taking sunrises atop Haleakala Crater to the scenic Road to Hana, your adventures in Maui promise to be unforgettable. It’s no wonder why thousands of whales migrate directly to Maui year after year. One visit to the Magic Isle, and you might annually join them.

Sightseeing and Shopping Galore in Newport Beach

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Many television shows and movies have taken place in Orange County, California including ‘The O.C’ which is set in Newport Beach.  It is not surprising given the undeniable beauty of the area and the fact that there are a multitude of gorgeous places to set up shop.  Many celebrities also choose Newport Beach as home, including Dennis Rodman, Lauren Bacall, and Mark McGrath.

Some of the attractions in the area are body-boarding hotspot The Wedge, located on the Balboa Peninsula, the Orange County Museum of Art, and the most famous Newport Beach landmark, Balboa Pavilion.  Of course, no one can forget all the shopping Newport Beach and Orange County in general provides to the public, who come in droves to spend the day perusing the racks.

You can see the Newport Beach area by boat or bus and there are a variety of activities to choose from, including dolphin tours, shopping excursions, fishing trips, and trips to Mexico.  For a look at southern California’s wildlife, take the Whale Watching Cruise in Newport Beach.  This cruise gets you in the action with the Gray Whales at their peak migration time.   You will also see dolphins, marine birds, and sea lions as well as killer whales and sharks.

Other notable trips departing from Newport include the Hollywood Fantastic Bus Tour from Orange County – which takes you on a full day sightseeing tour of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Rodeo Drive – and the Olde Mexico Bus Tour from Orange County, which takes you on a trip down the California coast for an abbreviated tour of San Diego Harbor and Hotel Del Coronado.  You will stop near several pottery stands and art galleries and then finally reach Tijuana where you will shop to your heart’s content.

Check out for more activity and trip ideas for your next vacation!

No Work, All Play in Monterey!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Monterey, a city in central California known for its famous fishery and well-known residents, has lots to offer to visitors year-round.  From whale watching tours to horseback rides, Jeep excursions to aquariums, no matter what you are interested in doing you are sure to find it in Monterey.

If movies and pop culture interest you, you can engage in one of the most popular activities in Monterey – exploring movie locations and stars’ homes.  The Monterey Bay Movie Tour allows you to just that, with stops at famous movie sites such as Cannery Row, where Marilyn Monroe’s film Clash by Night was shot.  You will also pass the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was featured in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Many movies were shot out on Monterey Bay, including Monster from the Ocean Floor and Mutiny on the Bounty.  The Tom Hanks film Turner and Hooch was shot in Pacific Grove, which borders the Bay.  Your tour bus will also take you to Pebble Beach, whose coastline was used in The Parent Trap, The Big Bounce, Chandler, and many other movies.  The Lodge at Pebble Beach was a frequently used location as well, and it was shown in National Velvet, Follow the Sun, and The Ghost.

In addition to seeing some famous spots, you will also get to see why so many directors have chosen to shoot there.  The staggering beauty of Monterey’s landscape and the temperate climate make it an ideal place to live and to film.

The Whale Watching Adventure is yet another reason to travel to the area.  This guided tour, which lasts between two and a half and three hours, is spent looking out on the water at the Humpbacks as well as the Blue and Gray whales.  What you see will depend on the time of year, but you can expect to see a variety if you visit between May and January.  You may even see whales breaking the surface and getting very close to the boats so you can take a look at them up close.  This is an excellent activity for all ages and is especially enjoyable for children.

Visit Monterey this year and you will be so glad you did.  For more information on this fabulous location, go to and start planning your next vacation!

New England Charm in Maine

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

If you are on your way up north, make sure to visit the beautiful state of Maine.   This picturesque area is known for its rocky coastline and rolling mountains, as well as for its strong presence in the lobster and clamming industries.  Many tourists flock to the area to hunt, hike, fish, and participate in winter sports such as snowmobiling and skiing.

While you are in the area, take advantage of the opportunity to do some lobster and seal watching on a cruise departing from Bar Harbor.  This cruise takes you through Frenchman Bay where you will learn about the biology of lobsters as well as the history of lobster fishing as you pull up traps and, hopefully, make a good catch.  You will also get to see and touch the lobsters as they swim around the touch tank and while you begin your search for harbor seals.  This is quite an experience and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family regardless of age and gender.

For a sightseeing experience on land, take an hour-long Bar Harbor Trolley Tour.  This scenic ride is fully narrated and includes Paradise Hill and a fantastic view of Frenchman Bay.   You will easily be able to relax as you take in the beautiful sights and breathe the cool Maine air.  What better way to see all that Bar Harbor has to offer than by letting someone else drive while you take it easy?

Other exciting activities in Maine include a Whale Watching Tour and several national park tours.  With so much to see and do you will definitely not be bored.  Remember to dress in layers or at least bring a jacket as it can get pretty chilly especially on the water.  You will not regret making the decision to visit such a gorgeous area.  It is no wonder that the wealthy used to have summer homes in the region.  Bar Harbor is a village that is packed with history and widespread appeal so make sure to stop by sometime on your travels.

For other tours and activities in Maine, visit  You will be so glad you did!

Tours of Sunny Anaheim, California

Friday, September 26th, 2008

There are many ways to see Anaheim and the surrounding area with tours by bus, limo, boat, Jeep, ferry, and helicopter.For nature lovers, there are eco tours to Catalina, trips to Sea World, fishing trips to San Diego and Dana Point, whale watching, and wildlife and zoo tours.You can also spend the day checking out the Newport Beach – The O.C. Experience from Anaheim tour to see where John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart used to live.

Newport Beach 'The O.C.' Experience from Anaheim

Newport Beach

In the mood for a little glitz and glamour? The Los Angeles Grand Tour from Anaheim is just what you need.Walk down the same path as the stars by visiting Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Melrose Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and more famous spots known across America and abroad.Because Los Angeles is so huge, your tour will depend on the area you are staying in.If your hotel is in the Los Angeles area, you can take the Los Angeles Grand Tour from Los Angeles, while those staying in Hollywood, Pasadena, the Valley, and surrounding areas can participate in the Los Angeles Grand Tour or the combination Grand Tour and Movie Stars Homes Tour.

For a deeper look inside the lives of the stars we know and love, take the Movie Star Experience Tour from Hollywood.It actually incorporates 3 tours into one: the Movie Stars Homes Tour, the Sony Pictures Studios Highlight Tour, and the Inside “Heart of Hollywood” Walking Tour.This once in a lifetime experience takes you inside Sony Pictures Studios so you can see where movie classics like “The Wizard of Oz” and blockbusters like “Men in Black” were made.

Other things to do around Anaheim featuring fun for all ages include California Adventure, Six Flags, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Getty Museum.Anaheim is conveniently located for easy access to Los Angeles and San Diego to see the San Diego Zoo. It is also easy to travel over the border to Tijuana, Mexico for a day of shopping and free time.

Whale Watch Wherever You Are

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

A great vacation activity that has been sweeping the nation is whale watching tours.  It seems that wherever whales seem to migrate to, make their home, or travel through, a whale watching tour exists.  Whale Watching Tours can provide you with an exceptional tour during your vacation in many locations across the country.

The most popular destinations where whales are spotted most often are Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and California but Whale Watching Tours offers tours throughout the world.  When visiting places like New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, Australia and South Africa, you can participate in an exciting whale watching tour.

Most often, you travel several miles out into the ocean or bay to witness the magnificent creatures.  You will be aboard a large ship capable of keeping you safe in the event of a whale playfully splashing in the water.  In the Maui Whale Watching Tour, you are aboard a 30-foot hard-bottom inflatable raft which is great for the more adventurous tourists. 

If you are visiting San Diego, you will be engaged by your educated guide who will take you on an adventure to see the whales, as well as teach you about their migratory patterns and other wildlife in the ocean. 

During many of these tours, you will see more than just the large whales.  Often times, people will catch glimpses of dolphins, otters, sea lions, varieties of fish and many birds.

If your travels bring you to a location where a whale watching tour is offered, then you must take advantage of it!  These are great experiences for all ages and are sure to delight even the most seasoned wildlife watcher.  Visit to see if your next vacation can include one of these fantastic adventures!

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