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Fall Fever: Oktoberfest(s)

Friday, October 5th, 2012

October Festivals

We mentioned Oktoberfest in our last post, and while it’s coming to an end this weekend in Munich, you can still catch some of the fun around your town. Lot’s of cities embrace their German heritage this time of year, and so can you – especially since there’s fun to be had. Here are a few to choose from:

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Both Fredericksburg and Addison have an Oktoberfest each year, but the one in Addison occurred late September. So, if you’re in the Lone Star State, and interested in some beer tasting, head on over to downtown Fredericksburg. It’s about an hour north of San Antonio, and the fun kicks off today. More information can be found here.


If you thought Oklahoma didn’t know how to party, you thought wrong. Tulsa has one of the top rated Oktoberfests in the country, and from what we hear, it’s certainly worth the hype. The party starts on October 18th, and it lasts through the 21st. There’s even a shuttle service from downtown, so guests can avoid the hassle of parking near the venue. Check their snazzy website for all the details.


Pacific-Northwesterners can partake in the Leavenworth Oktoberfest festivities three weekends out of month: October 5th-6th, 11th-12th, and 19th-20th. If you can’t make it this weekend, there’s always the next… and the next! With four different live music stages, you’ll have ample opportunity to dance while you drink. Like Tulsa, they also offer a shuttle service. The full scoop is available here.


Nashville, A.K.A. “Music City,” celebrates Oktoberfest for one day only: Saturday, October 13th, from 9am until 6pm. If you’re looking for a reason to hit the tap at 9am, head downtown. Admission and parking are both free, and the entertainment is sure to be delightful. Click here for more information.


Nestled in the North Georgia mountains, the town of Helen maintains a Bavarian atmosphere 365 days a year. It’s no surprise their Oktoberfest runs from September 30th through October 28th, with fun festivities happening every day. Oompah! Cruise their website to see how you can join in on the Chicken Dance.


Twin Cities encourages you to throw on your lederhosen, grab your favorite beer stein and get ready to party. Their Oktoberfest starts today and goes through tomorrow at 11pm. If you don’t have your own beer stein, they’ll supply you with a 24 ounce ceramic mug upon admission. More information available here.

New York

Those in the Tri-State area are already having their Oktoberfest fun. The street fair took place on September 30th, but “Das Best” takes place on October 20th, at LA. Venue. Tickets are selling fast, so head on over and book yours now. The price of admission includes a sampling glass and unlimited tastings.


Don’t worry, California, we didn’t forget you. Los Angeles hosts a smokin’ hot Oktoberfest on October 20th and 21st. Since those in the Hollywood area tend to prefer the lavish life, they offer a VIP ticket, good for UNLIMITED REFILLS! Of course they also boast great entertainment, beautiful brew maidens, and the best food dishes. Everything you need to know is on their website.

Happy Oktoberfest, everyone!

Seattle Dinner Cruises

Monday, June 15th, 2009


Cruises around Seattle are a great way to unwind at the end of a long day of sightseeing.  Those looking for a way to relax and see the sights at night can take advantage of Seattle Dinner Cruises, which are offered year round and include special cruise packages for Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Valentine’s Day. 

See gorgeous Elliott Bay aboard a fully-equipped state-of-the-art boat with its smooth velvet seats, cork decks, granite bars, and beautiful marble dance floors to experience the dramatic views of the waterfront and Seattle’s city skyline.  This cruise is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, and it is also appropriate for a regular night out.  The food is delicious and freshly prepared by the chefs from Elliott’s Seafood Restaurant.  The staff on board are very accommodating and their goal is to make every guest happy and comfortable. 

For a twist on the traditional dinner cruise experience, check out the Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise in Seattle for a 3-hour cruise with 3-course dinner while enjoying an entertaining live murder mystery.  You can sit back and watch the mystery unfold, or you might end up being involved in the investigation! The actors do an excellent job of hiding the identity of the “murderer” and at the end of the night it is interesting to see what actually had happened. 

Depending on the day, type of tour, and season, you will find these cruises departing at 4, 6, 7, 7:30 or 8 pm.  The price of tickets includes your meal and beverages.  Book early at to ensure availability on the date you are requesting. 

Seattle Harbor Cruises

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Cruise along Seattle’s historic waterfront and learn about the history of this gorgeous area.  The Seattle Harbor Cruise of Elliott Bay and the Seattle Harbor gives you a spectacular view of the city skyline and the magnificent Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.   Of course the cruise would not be complete without live commentary from experienced and knowledgeable tour guides ready to give you the history and fun facts that you thirst for. 

For a complete listing of all of the fantastic Seattle tours that are available for booking, visit  The site offers convenient e-ticketing and additional information on area activities and attractions.

City Meets Country in Washington

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

There is so much to do in Washington state that you will never be bored, even for a minute.  You can choose to stay in Seattle and take a cruise out on Elliott Bay, or you can escape to the wilderness for a quiet and peaceful time with nature.

If you are interested in the former, Washington Tours has lots to choose from.  You can enjoy a romantic sunset on the water on a Seattle Dinner Cruise or go out earlier in the day for a Lunch Cruise.  The scenery in unparalleled, and the food is a wonderful complement to the trip.  If you are traveling with children, don’t worry.  There is plenty for the little ones to eat and they will love to look over the side of the boat at the water below and watch the sights as they pass you by.

If the quiet serenity of the outdoors is more your speed, think about doing the Great Northwest & Rockies Train Vacation, which departs from Seattle.  You get the best of both worlds: the comfort of a luxurious sleeping car and the ability to be close to nature during the day, visiting sights like Glacier, Mt. Rainier, and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  For nine days you will hit all the highlights of the area and enjoy top-notch food and drink.

This trip is packed with activities and sightseeing, so it would be impossible to list it all and do each dayjustice.  Visit for a more detailed daily itinerary and dates of availability.  Remember to book early to ensure that you are able to leave on your date of preference.

Seattle City Tours

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Visitors to the beautiful Seattle area will be able to choose from a variety of tours to give you the entertainment and education that you deserve.  From the popular Show Me Seattle Tour by Mini Bus to the Show Me Boeing Tour by Mini Bus, you will learn more about Seattle than you ever thought possible! See the area like the locals see it by learning fun facts about the downtown and Seattle Waterfront areas.  These tours are fully led by friendly and knowledgeable guides, and you will get an outstanding view of the city.  Best of all, someone else does all the driving while you do all the sightseeing and picture taking!

On the Seattle Highlights Tour, you will travel almost 30 miles around some of the most distinct neighborhoods and attractions.  You will begin by exploring downtown Seattle to give passengers a better idea of the lay of the land in case they plan on returning to a specific spot later.  This segment of the trip includes Historic Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, and the Shopping District.  Pike Place Market, which is home to the Pike Place Fish Market, is known for its tradition of employees throwing large fish over the counter to each other in order to prep it for sale.  This has drawn in many a consumer looking for a little entertainment as they anxiously wait for their fish to be ready to take home. 

Throughout the trip, the tour will stop at scenic sites so that you can take pictures and soak up the vibrant feel of the city.  This tour is fully narrated by a professional guide on board a comfortable luxury mini-coach.  You will not want to miss the tidbits of history that are imparted, as there is much to learn about this incredible city. 

Experience Seattle, whether for your first time or your hundredth, by taking advantage of one of the many tours designed to give you a thorough schooling in the life and leisure of this happening city!  More touring ideas can be found at

Show Me Boeing!

Monday, October 6th, 2008

If you are interested in the world of aviation, Boeing is a place you will definitely want to see.  There are two options for how to see it: The Show Me Boeing Tour by Mini-Bus and the Boeing & Future of Flight Tour in Seattle.  Both tours give you an overview of the history and operation of airplane technology, and the company we all know by name.  The Show Me Boeing Tour takes you through a guided tour of the factory in Everett, Washington, which is the largest building by volume in the world at 472 million cubic feet!  Guests will see airplanes at various levels of flight testing and manufacture for the aerospace leader of the world – The Boeing Company.

The Future of Flight Tour focuses on future aviation technologies with a chance to get up close and touch what will be the planes of the future on the largest production line in the world.  Guests will get to see what the most comfortable cabin seat in the world feels like and will get to digitally design their own planes.  This is a great chance for kids to be hands-on, and a great excuse for parents to play! My nephews loved designing what they thought was “the best plane ever” and really enjoyed hearing about how planes are made and how they will look years from now.

Both tours offer pickup from designated downtown locations and some hotels.  Book now for a chance to literally see history in the making and have fun sharing it with the special children and adults in your life. 

Sightseeing in the Emerald City

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Seattle is a city that is bustling with energy and, as such, travelers to the area are never without something to do.There are a variety of cruises, food tours, and city tours to keep you busy for some time to come.Tours are offered by train, plane, boat, bus, limo, SUV, kayak, and on foot.Name any interest and it is sure to be covered on the extensive list of tours and activities offered there.

Savor Seattle Cultural Food Tour

Savor Seattle Cultural Food Tour

On the Seattle Highlights Tour, you will travel almost 30 miles around some of the most distinct neighborhoods and attractions.It starts out by exploring downtown Seattle to give passengers a better idea of the lay of the land in case they plan on returning to a specific spot later.This segment of the trip includes Historic Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, and the Shopping District.Throughout the trip, the tour will stop at scenic sites so that you can take pictures and soak up the vibrant feel of the city.This tour is fully narrated by a professional guide on board a comfortable luxury mini-coach.

Besides the traditional city highlights tours, there are several tours that are out of the ordinary.I recently stumbled upon the Private Mount St. Helens Tour from Seattle and decided to give it a shot.This National Volcanic Monument is most famous for its eruption on May 18, 1980 which was physically and economically catastrophic and it is considered to be the most deadly and destructive volcano in American history.The monument was created to preserve the volcano so that it could be further studied.Seeing this amazing sight was a once in a lifetime experience and easily my favorite part of my trip.

Boeing Factory Tours from Seattle

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

BoeingBoeing Plant

Boeing is a major aerospace and defense corporation, founded in 1916 by William E. Boeing.  Boeing is currently the largest exporter in the United States, and it was originally incorporated in Seattle, Washington.

If you are visiting Seattle and you want to travel to the Boeing Plant, there are several sightseing transportation options.  The Boeing and Future of Flight Tour includes motorcoach service with hotel pick-up and drop-off from Seattle hotels, admission to the Boeing factory, and guided narration conducted in English.  If you prefer a mini-bus, the Show Me Boeing Tour also depart daily with round-trip transportation.

The tours depart in the morning every day during the high season.  Including round-trip transportation, the full excursion lasts approximately 4 hours.

Seattle Wine, Coffee, and Food Tasting

Monday, January 28th, 2008

There are several different options when it comes to Wine, Food, and Coffee Tasting Tours in Seattle, Washington this year.  Winery tours and cultural food tours are provided daily during the peak season and several times weekly during the off-peak season.  There are also private group tours available which can be modified to work with almost any itinerary.

The most popular sightseeing excursion in Seattle is the Snoqualmie Falls and Winery Tour.  This tour is described as follows:

“The Snoqualmie Falls and winery tour from Seattle is a sightseeing excursion that takes you into the Cascade foothills. See the 270-foot tall Snoqualmie Falls, and visit two award-winning wineries.

Driving over both floating bridges on Lake Washington, we take a picturesque ride past the University of Washington, through rural farm lands, forests, and charming east side towns. You will see the towering 270 foot Snoqualmie Falls and maybe take a hike to the bottom. Next, you will have a chance to sample Washington’s award winning wines from Chateau Ste. Michele and Columbia Wineries.

Sample Washington’s award winning wines from Chateau Ste. Michele and Columbia Wineries.  The choices on this tour are many, and indulging is the name of the game. This is not a day to worry about your waistline as we will sample wine, beer, chocolate, and more. You may also decide to eat a tasty lunch at Red Hook Ale brewery.

Whether you want to go through a chocolate factory, see 40 foot flowering Rhododendrons, or view the legendary floating homes of Lake Union, this eclectic tour is bound to have something for everyone. However you slice it, it is a great, relaxing escape from the city. If you want to get out of the city and experience nature and the finer things in life, then this tour is for you.”

On a recent visit to Seattle, I really enjoyed my visit to Pike Place MarketSeattle Tours provides a cultural food tour that includes Pike Place Market for many tastings.  The website describes this activity as follows:

“Explore Seattle’s culinary riches on this exciting guided walking food and cultural tour of Seattle’s most iconic landmark, Pike Place Market! We will take you beyond the rows of colorful produce and glistening seafood to experience some of our favorite market spots. You will taste locally made foods and beverages that will awaken your palate, meet some of the storied characters and artisans that give the market life, and learn about the market’s rich and vibrant history. Come and be inspired on this intimate journey to taste some of Seattle’s best eats!

By the end of the tour, you will have eaten an array of deliciously famous foods, picked up a few buying tips and cooking ideas, and learned some handy market knowledge.

For your listening comfort, each tour participant will be provided with a personal audio device. You will enjoy crystal clear sound from your tour guide, while still being able to soak up the lively hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market.”

The Wet Your Whistle Tour is a private tour option that has been designed for groups of 8 or more.  The tour includes a visit to a coffee roasting plant, a brewery, and an award-winning winery.  Since Seattle is a coffee Mecca, coffee, beer, and wine define Northwest culture as much as the great outdoors, Boeing, and Microsoft.  This is the perfect excursion for small groups or business outings.

For more information or assistance with reservations and group bookings, please visit Seattle Tours ( or email

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