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How Hollywood Got Travel All Wrong

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Here’s a little secret: traveling is not always the glamorous affair it’s made out to be in the movies.

In a perfect world, your family vacation would be planned months in advance, everyone would arrive to the airport on time, there would be no hold-ups, hiccups or delays and you’d enjoy your destination exactly how you had always dreamed. You’d return home with perfectly-lit, candid photos of every little memorable moment, generic levitra online stories to share for years to come and absolutely no regrets. Of course, not every feature film portrays travel this way. In fact, there are lots of pieces showing the Murphy’s Law side of a vacation (National Lampoon, anyone?), but that’s not always the case either.

The truth is, travel can be as unpredictable as it can be exciting, and just because one thing goes right or wrong doesn’t mean everything else will. Let me explain. (more…)

Everyone Needs a Nashville Getaway

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Somewhere Along Interstate 24 East

The Reserve123 team runs most of our operations from the great southern city of Atlanta, a wonderful viagra order no prescription destination for anyone looking for an East Coast vacation. We’ve got unique restaurants, a diverse culture, noteworthy attractions, and fairly decent weather. Atlanta will certainly tickle your travel fancy. (more…)

Wonderful Weihnachtsmarkt – where traditions thrive!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

The world is constantly looking for the most elegant and modern Christmas. Instead of red and green, as they are so passé, let’s decorate with purple and silver! Modern is the key. Maybe you have done that for a few years and are now ready to get back to the traditional in a big way. Well, why not go back to the place where most of our Christmas traditions  began. And to do that, you have to begin in Germany.

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Holiday Gift Giving Time

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Some of us wait until the last minute to gather our Christmas gifts, and by some of us, I mean most of us. That’s the only possible explanation for why the stores are so crowded in the few days leading up to December 25th.  Since tomorrow officially starts the 25-day countdown to Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy for your loved ones.  As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to steer clear of fuzzy decorated sweaters and useless gadgets, unless, of course, you genuinely put some thought into the purchase.

Gift cards tend to fly off the shelves around this time of year, and with good reason. It’s more personal than handing over an envelope of cash, and the recipient still gets to pick out something they’d actually like!

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Combating Jet Lag

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Flying over San Francisco

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Long trips are fun, exciting, and often times blog-worthy. As the old saying goes, getting there is half the fun. Whether you’re road tripping across the country or cruising through the skies to a foreign land, there’s a good chance you’ll be crossing over some time zones. While a far away destination is usually a thrill, there’s at least one downside: jet lag. Even a two or three hour time difference can throw your inner clock out of whack, which is why lots of travelers have tips to avoiding jet lag: sleeping pills, early morning exercise, adjusting your clock days before the trip, etc.). Everyone’s different, so it’s always important to pay attention to your body’s needs, quirks and demands, but these few simple techniques should work across the board when it comes to those pesky time zone transitions.


How to Survive Your Full Vacation Itinerary

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Mark Twain once said “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them,” and he made a very compelling argument. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, a significant other or even strangers, there’s a chance they’ll either get on your nerves by the end of the trip, or you’ll come home loving them even more, especially if you have a full itinerary. A typical five to six day vacation can be filled with fun, laughter and fond memories, but if you’re not careful, you may find yourself worn out, cranky and irritable by day three or four. Don’t worry. We’ve got some tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of every waking moment.


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Schedule an afternoon (or day) of nothing

That’s right. While you’re arranging the day-by-day details of your trip, conveniently leave out an afternoon. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, leave a whole day open. For those traveling with other people, this may be a good chance to go off on your own and do something the rest of the pack isn’t interested in. Couples may even find that spending a few hours apart takes the pressure off – no need to worry about appeasing your partner’s wants/needs. Make it all about you, and take some time for yourself. Lay out on the patio of your hotel, take a walk amidst some locals, schedule a massage at a nearby spa, relax by the pool with a new book, or sleep all day. Do whatever you want. Be spontaneous! After all, you’re on vacation. Now’s the time to let loose.

Plan a tour of the city on your first day

San Francisco Double Decker Bus Tour

The day you arrive at your destination is always exciting. If it’s a new and unfamiliar place, it can be both intriguing and daunting. While you might have the urge to avoid an activity that’ll  make you stick out as a tourist, some guided sightseeing will help you get acquainted with your new environment. Take a tour! They’re fun and informative. Often times you’ll leave knowing more about the city than the locals do, and you’ll probably find a new place to visit during your free time (see previous point). Check out our homepage for thousands of tour options.

Rest Up

Get to sleep at a decent hour every night

Most of us are on a steady sleep schedule, and going out of town can throw it out of whack. We know you want to maximize every last minute of your time away: getting up early for certain activities, checking out different breakfast spots (or having breakfast at your hotel), catching a breath-taking sunrise, etc. While it may be tempting to stay up chatting or investigating the nightlife, try not to overdo it. You’ll still need a solid six or seven hours of sleep to get you through the next day, and the next… and the next. This will also help you (and the kids) ease back into your normal rhythm once you get back home.

As always, have fun. Don’t worry about problems back home, and take each experience one moment at a time. If you have any additional tips on how to thrive during a jam-packed vacation, please share!

Excitement and Fun in Calgary, Alberta

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

As the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary boasts a rich history and diverse set of attractions which bring in millions of tourists each year.  Among Calgary’s most notable events is the Calgary Stampede – a ten-day summer event that includes a rodeo, exhibition, and festival done up in a western style.

Every year in July, the Calgary Stampede opens with a traditional Stampede Parade, kicked off by the Calgary Stampede Showband and attended by about 350,000 eager onlookers.  Six major events are woven into the extravaganza: Bareback, Bull Riding, Ladies Barrel Racing, Saddle Bronc, Steer Wrestling, and Tie-down roping.  For junior competitors, the wild pony races are a major draw.  With all there is to do, it is no wonder, then, that the Stampede is billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!”

While you are in town for the Stampede, take a turn on the Calgary City Tour for a more low-key look at the city.  You will visit Canada Olympic Park – home of the 1988 Winter Olympics – and will ride up the Ski Jump tower at no additional cost.  You will also see Fort Calgary Historic Park, where Fort Calgary was built in 1875 to force out whiskey traders.  While a portion of the area has burned down, you will still be able to see a replica of the 1888 Men’s Barracks and the Deane House Historic Site.

Other featured destinations on the City Tour include downtown Calgary, Prince Island Park, and the Chinese Cultural Centre.  The tour covers the most famous and historically important areas in this great city.  For other suggestions on how you can spend your time in Calgary, visit

Take a Break in Tampa

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

If you are looking for a nice warm place to visit this winter, Tampa, Florida should definitely make your short list.  With beaches that go on for miles and an infectiously friendly atmosphere, this city was clearly designed with tourists in mind.  So when you are ready to start planning your next getaway, consider the place that has it all!

Once you have made your decision on where to go, it is only fitting that you choose a tour company that will have you covered from arrival to departure.  With Tampa Tours, you are sure to have all of your sightseeing needs met and exceeded.  Whether your idea of a great time is spending a romantic evening on the water or checking out the area wildlife, you will not be disappointed by your experience.

When you are in the mood to have a leisurely day taking in the scenery, the Deluxe Little Manatee River Canoe or Kayak Trip is just what you need.  You can float down the river at your own pace while you soak up the beautiful surroundings and take some time to appreciate the wildlife that you see around you.  Some of the animals you might see on your trip are manatees, turtles, fish, birds, and alligators.  You may also spot some hogs, otters, and deer along the way so keep an eye out!  Towards the middle of your day, you can go fishing, check out the lay of the land, or stop off for a waterside picnic.

In Tampa, the activities don’t stop just because the sun goes down.  If you are still in the mood for some action, check out one of the dinner cruises on offer.  A fantastic combination of fine dining and entertainment, these cruises are a definite crowd pleaser and an excellent chance to check out the sights without braving the city traffic.  Similar trips are available at lunch time as well if that is more to your liking.

One such cruise is the Dinner Dance Cruise from St. Petersburg.  With incredible waterfront views of Tampa Bay, you are able to see so much more than you would by land because you have the opportunity to do so from many different vantage points.  As you take a walk up and down the decks you will see the city lit up as it stands out against the night sky.  The view, in combination with the food and entertainment, makes your trip that much more memorable so it is a great activity to share with friends or loved ones.

For more ideas for how to spend your time in Tampa, visit and see why this city has become a favorite for travelers around the country and the world.

Explore Phoenix by Hummer

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Take a trip to Phoenix and you will immediately feel like you have been transported to a whole different time.  The city is full of history dating back to the mid-1800s when it was formally incorporated, and as you tour the area you will be given a rundown on pivotal points on Phoenix’s historical timeline.

A great way to experience the rugged terrain is on one of the Hummer Tours offered by Phoenix Tours.  On the Four Peaks Hummer Tour in particular, you will cruise around in your comfortable vehicle and enjoy outstanding views of  Arizona’s peaks as you journey along the rough and rocky ground.

You will visit Saguaro Lake, which is a favorite boating location that is brimming with various species of fish.  It is located between Phoenix and Sunflower.  The Superstition Mountains, also highlighted on the trip, are a preferred recreational area for Phoenix area residents and provide the perfect backdrop for your tour.  Finally, there will be a stop at Weaver’s Needle, which is frequently visited by rock climbers and those searching for gold.  People have continued to comb this area because of a legend that the shadow it casts will lead to the Lost Dutchman’s Gold.

Along the way, you may be surprised at the amount of wildlife you encounter, including lizards, scorpions, tarantulas, coyotes, and others in addition to the cacti dotting the area.  If you so choose, you can also take a look around at night on the Hummer Night Tour from Scottsdale.  This tour takes you through the desert in total darkness, as your tour guide will use military Nite Vision to lead you along the path.  Guests use Nite Vision Scopes, allowing them to have a look at their surroundings and at the wildlife that are said to move around a lot more after dark.

For those who are interested in astronomy, there is a chance to try out the new “Sky Scout,” a handheld scope that gives audio and visual information on individual planets.  Each person on the tour gets their own so you can have a personal planetarium right at your fingertips!

Whether you choose to check out Phoenix’s desert during the day or at night, you are sure to gain a unique perspective on the area.  Seeing it all by Hummer allows you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see it all up close like never before.

Visit for more on how you can experience the beauty of Phoenix for yourself!

Breathtaking Sights in Oahu

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Evergreen: Fly Non-Stop To 10 West Coast Cities

Oahu is the island where the capital of Hawaii is located and often called “The Gathering Place.”The island attracts visitors from all over the world because they enjoy its unique culture, natural beauty and Aloha spirit.

Oahu Tours can help provide you with a vacation of lifetime.There are so many amazing things to do here especially outdoors as the landscape is absolutely stunning.You can explore through the rainforests, walk along the beach, swim and surf on the crystal blue waters, soar over the island in a helicopter, or drift out onto the Pacific Ocean on a sunset cruise.No matter what you decide to do while visiting Oahu, you will not be disappointed.

One of the most popular activities people take part in while visiting the area is the Oahu Experience Helicopter Tour.As the chopper ascends into the Pacific air, you will witness breathtaking views of the island.You will fly along the Windward Coast to Sacred Falls – the 80 foot waterfall that lies at the end of a narrow canyon within Sacred Falls National Park.The sight of the water plummeting down the rocks is extremely captivating.

The helicopter will also fly you by Kahana Rainforest, Kaneohe Bay – the Marine Corps Base, Makapu’u Lighthouse, Koko Crater which is so large it contains a horse stable and Koko Crater Botanical Garden, Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Waianae Coast and Waianae Bay.Also during this hour long helicopter tour, you will see the world famous North Shore surf breaks. You will be creating some of the most cherished memories of your life up in the bright blue sky looking down on the vivid colors of Oahu below.

Another great tour offered by Oahu Tours is the Pearl Harbor & Circle Island Tour.This combo package takes you to the USS Arizona Memorial and also allowing you to board the memorial.You will view the sights of Pearl Harbor and be taken back to that fateful day which began our involvement in World War II.The second part of the tour is less somber as you will see all sorts of wonderful views of the thriving tropical rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, volcanic craters and so much more!This tour is a must for anyone visiting Oahu!

In the Oahu North Shore Shark Adventure, you will travel 3 ½ miles out into the Pacific Ocean where you will be placed in the water inside a large shark cage.This is perfect for thrill seekers and those who thrive on adventure!You will get nose-to-nose to sharks as they swim up to and past the cage.Hawaiian Green Sea turtles, varieties of tropical fish, dolphins and humpback whales may also come into view making this excursion even more spectacular!

For another adventure, try out the Maui-Hana Adventure.You will take the winding road from Oahu to Hana and be able to tell everyone that you survived the Road to Hana.The Hana Highway is a 68-mile winding coastal highway that is world famous for the natural beauty of its immaculate landscapes and towering waterfalls.The sights surrounding the road are unlike anything you have ever seen.They are absolutely indescribable and will make the most stunning views you have witnessed seem trivial and irrelevant.Be ready to make plenty of stops to jump off waterfalls, swim in lagoons and stroll along the beaches as it takes over 3 hours each way on the Hana Highway because it is so curvy.

Oahu Tours can provide you with the most adventure you have ever experienced or a more relaxing vacation than you ever imagined.Reserve your vacation today at


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