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A Night of Murder and Mystery in Dallas

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

For a unique experience, take Keith & Margo’s Ultimate Mystery Dinner Adventure at Old Mill Inn in Dallas.  This interactive show is a great nighttime activity to take loved ones to on a special occasion, and the performers are happy to custom write a part incorporating that into the festivities.  Throughout the night you will conduct an investigation into a fictitious homicide case.  You play a crucial part in the investigation as you evaluate evidence and interrogate suspects.  Of course you can’t be ruled out as a suspect, so you may find yourself being interrogated as well. 

During the show you will be served a catered dinner, complete with cash bar and assorted fruit, cheeses, and crackers plus a fresh double entrée and dessert.  Enjoy your fabulous meal but be ready to get back to work solving the crime! You will not want to miss a beat and will enjoy pouring over evidence and comparing your theories about motive.  At the conclusion of the show, everyone will present their theories and the Homicide Detective will expose the murderer after piecing all the details together.  You may even win the Grand Prize if you turn out to be the most accurate and detail-oriented so break out your magnifying glass and get to investigating!

The dress code for this event is upscale casual but do not wear jeans or t-shirts and sneakers. This is an incredible way to spend the evening and is recommended for anyone who is ready to put their ‘thinking caps’ on and decode the mystery.  For more on this activity, visit

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