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Exploring Beantown by Bus

Monday, November 17th, 2008


A great way to tour through the amazing city of Boston is by bus.  This gives you the freedom to look wherever you choose without the distraction of having to find your own way.  There are also so many bus tour options to choose from, so how on earth does one make a choice?

In the Boston Total Experience Tour by Bus, the greatest parts of the old and new Boston have been combined to give you the best of Boston all in one tour.  This tour permits you to hop on and off as you please allowing you to view your favorite spots at your leisure.

You get to visit great historical spots like Paul Revere’s midnight ride route, novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne’s home, the “Battle Trail,’ Quincy Marketplace and Lexington Green.  This tour offers hotel pick-up at select area hotels making your touring experience that much easier.

Another fantastic bus tour is the three-and-a-half hour Cambridge, Lexington, & Concord Tour by Bus from Boston tour.  This wonderful and informative tour shows you some of the most recognized landmarks in the areas.  You are able to see the exact spot where Paul Revere warned that the British were coming, Harvard Yard – the oldest part of the Harvard University campus, The Old North Bridge which is the site of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.  This tour is perfect for history buffs as well as anyone interested in learning about important aspects of America’s past.

On the Pilgrims Path Tour by Bus from Boston you and the other travelers will make a ‘Pilgrimage’ south to the historic town to Plymouth.

While in the town, you will be able to see Plymouth Rock, the original site of the Mayflower Pilgrims arrival.  Docked nearby is a full-scale reproduction of the original 17th century ship.  The Mayflower II is open for your viewing as well.  Also located in Plymouth is the Jabez Howland House, the only house there where Pilgrims actually lived.  It is now a museum of their furniture and artifacts from the time.

No matter which bus tour you choose from Boston Tours, there is no doubt that you will be fully entertained and educated by the end our your enjoyable tour day.  Book your tour tickets today at

Top of the World Lookout – Baltimore’s Tallest Attraction

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

If there is only one place you see while visiting Baltimore, it must be the city’s tallest attraction: Top of the World Lookout.The breathtaking views seen from this spot are found on the 27th story of the world’s tallest pentagonal building, Maryland’s World Trade Center.From this height, you can see all the areas surrounding the city and the perfect waters of the Chesapeake Bay.The stunning views of Baltimore’s skyline and harbor are framed in the buildings expansive windows perfect for your viewing.The 360-degree panoramic location has stationary binoculars with photo-map guides so you will be able to locate all the famous spots throughout the city. If you choose to make the trip up the building during the day, you will experience a wonderful Baltimore afternoon, filled with busy people and the city’s charm.At night, the views are even more spectacular; the city lights are dazzling and the sight creates a perfect ending to your day.

Hopefully you choose to see more than just the amazing views from Baltimore’s highest point, so visit and check out everything this wonderful city has to offer.

Your “Maine” Destination

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Bar Harbor, Maine is a fantastic coastal location.With a little play on words, the locals will call it “Your Maine Destination.”To get up to the little village of Bar Harbor, you must drive up a stone-walled and tree-covered road similar to a small village in Europe.It is such a quaint and stunning location that you just can’t pass up.

There is such a wide assortment of activities and attractions in the area and Bar Harbor Tours can provide you with a complete fun and exciting vacation.You can watch the whales, seals and puffins from the island or from a boat off shore.Tours are also provided to explore lighthouses, Acadia National Park and the city of Bar Harbor.

One of the most popular tours in the Bar Harbor area is the Whale Watching Tour.Your vessel will cruise into the Gulf of Maine where you will be told all about the human and natural history you will see.In addition, they will provide answers to all your questions about the whales, their habitat and anything else you can think of.

During your adventure, you will see loads of harbor seals, grey seals, leaping porpoises and a number of species of seabirds.The destination of your tour is south of Mount Desert Island, where Bar Harbor is located.

Once you arrive, you are sure to encounter many large whales like Finbacks, Humpbacks and Minkes.Rarely will someone see a North American Right Whale so if you happen to spot one, you are one of the few.This tour is a fantastic way to spend a day in Bar Harbor; not only do you see the island you live on but all the wildlife that lives around it.It is a truly spectacular feeling when you sight a large humpback diving and splashing in the vast ocean.

You can’t go to Maine and not eat a lobster; it is part of the culture which means you must indulge a bit while on your vacation.One way to indulge even further is on the Lobster Boat Adventure Cruise.The two hours you spend will not only be thrilling but educational as well.

You will drift off into the Hancock area of Frenchman & Flanders Bay.This tour isn’t just about seeing the sights, but it is also about experiencing the life of a lobsterman.Additionally, your captain will captivate you with tales and legends of the area including the stories of the Flying Dutchman of Maine and the curse of the Saco River.Offshore, you will notice the seals resting on the rocks.You will be able to hear their moans and groans from inside the boat which is quite entertaining.All in all, this cruise is something to consider as it will give you an afternoon full of fun!

There is so much to do in Bar Harbor, Maine and you can ensure you have a wonderful trip by reserving your tours and tickets at

Visit the Gateway City

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

St. Louis is a very unique city to visit.Here you will find a very modern city that focuses on research in medicine and biotechnology.In addition to its globally known science fields, it shines a light on the past.St. Louis is located on the historic Route 66 and the charm of the past is shown through classic signs, 50’s-era bowling alleys and motels, along with great Route 66 sites you must see.While visiting St. Louis, you get the feeling of the city’s accomplishment and knowledge, while the city still holds on to its cherished character.

St. Louis Tours can provide you with some incredible opportunities for you in the city which will leave you completely captivated.While in the area you can visit Laclede’s Landing, the historic Soulard district, St. Louis Basilica, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Union Station and Forest Park.Many types of tours and activities are offered on various types of transportation including tram, SUV, bus and boat.

While in the area, one thing you must do is get a complete look at the city.The perfect way to do that is on the Grand Tour of St. Louis by Bus.You will ride through the thriving city passing some of the most famous locations in the nation.One of which is the Gateway Arch, the tallest national monument in the United States.It is known as a centenary curve and visitors can ride a tram to the very top to see the beautiful landscape surrounding it.The views from the Arch are stunning.

You will ride by Laclede’s Landing, the multi-block collection of cobblestone streets and vintage brick-and-iron warehouses dating back to the 1850s.Today it is a popular tourist attraction containing shops, restaurants and bars.

Another infamous place you will see during this amazing tour is Forest Park which was the site of the 1904 World’s Fair.St. Louis also hosted the Olympics that year making it the first time both were ever held in the United States.This really is a monumental city!

During the 90-minute break of the tour, you can choose to look through the Missouri History Museum or the St. Louis Art Museum as they are both located at the stop sight in Forest Park.Also during the tour, you have the chance of touring the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.If there is time left at the closing of the tour, there will be a stop at the St. Louis Basilica where the largest collection of mosaics in the western hemisphere is held.

This is an absolutely wonderful tour that allows you to see the best parts of the city.It even offers pick-up at select area hotels making it that much easier for you to enjoy your vacation.

After seeing all the fantastic sites throughout the city, you may want to wind down with a marvelous dinner.The Gateway Arch Dinner Cruise is a perfect way to spend time looking at the beautiful city and enjoy your vacation evening.

In addition to enjoying a delicious meal, you will be entertained by the Dixieland Duo.They are known for their piano and banjo music, perfect for setting the atmosphere for a fun evening.Along with dinner and dancing, you will be amazed by the nighttime skyline of St. Louis.The riverboat sails both north and south giving you the chance to check out some pretty spectacular views!This is one meal that can’t be passed up.

St. Louis, the Gateway City, is an absolutely wonderful place to spend your vacation.It is full of excitement, history, fun, great food, great people and beauty – everything you could ask for during your relaxing vacation.  Visit St. Louis tours at and book your vacation today!

San Francisco Boat Tours and Bay Cruise Tickets

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Get San Francisco Bay Cruise Tickets online and save.  The one hour San Francisco Bay Cruise is a must when visiting San Francisco.

The tour takes you on a ferry boat out toward the Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman’s Wharf.  En route you will pass Fort Mason, Marina District, St. Francis Yacht Club and the Presidio.  The cruise passes under the Golden Gate Bridge, which provides excellent photo opportunities.  You will also see the Marin Headlands, Angel Island, Alcatraz Island, the Embarcadero, and the recently restored Ferry Building at the foot of Market Street.

Tickets are good for up to 3 months – any scheduled time, any day except Christmas Day.  The Bay Cruise is offered in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Korean, and Portuguese.

For more information and a calendar of cruise dates and times for San Francisco Bay Cruises, please email

Top Of The Rock – New York Rockefeller Center Observation Deck

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Get tickets to the observation deck at the Rockefeller Center in New York and enjoy an amazing view of The City.

Top Of The Rock is an experience in history and scenery that culminates with unparalleled views of New York City from the newly renovated Observation Deck on the 70th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, in the heart of midtown Manhattan at Rockefeller Center.

There’s a certain peace at 70 stories above the city, and Top Of The Rock’s Observation Deck was conceived with the express purpose of keeping that peace uninterrupted.  Panels of fully transparent safety glass  are the only thing between our visitors and the city.  They are crystal clear for unobstructed, open-air viewing, and the reserved-ticket system is designed to ensure the deck is never overcrowded.

The view itself is unique and astonishing, unobstructed for 360 degrees and stretching for miles in every direction.  It includes a panorama of Central Park and the northern half of Manhattan that can’t be found anywhere else.  New York’s other landmarks are visible as well, including the Chrysler Building, Times Square, the Hudson River, the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.  It is, quite simply, the most spectacular view in New York City.

And because Top Of The Rock’s Observation Deck is open 365 days a year, it is the ideal perch to watch the seasons unfold or simply to take in an amazing sunset.

Top Of The Rock is more than just a pretty view.  It is designed for guests of all ages.  In addition to the interactive exhibits on the mezzanine level with its hands-on activities, the stunning views at the summit can be enjoyed by everyone.  To remember the trip, the Top Of The Rock shop features exclusive merchandise not found anywhere else.

To celebrate its partnership with Top Of The Rock, Swarovski has created two spectacular pieces of art that are as dazzling as the views from our Observation Deck: “Radiance”, a massive crystal geode wall on the first level of the Observation Deck, shimmers with 600 custom glass and crystal panels spanning a width of 180 feet; and “Joie”, a stunning crystal waterfall chandelier that is the centerpiece of Top Of The Rock’s entrance on West 50th Street.

Target® adds its own cool and imaginative style to the Observation Deck with the Target® Breezeway, a cutting edge, interactive multi-media experience that puts a human touch on motion-detection technology, using the movements of our visitors as its catalyst.  Target® has also designed a number of exclusive, Target®-branded products for the Top Of The Rock shops.  The Target® merchandise includes personal, business and travel accessories, as well as a collection of cashmere hats, gloves and scarves.

The story behind Top Of The Rock begins in 1933…John D. Rockefeller, Jr. first opened the Observation Deck atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza more than 70 years ago to give something back to New Yorkers and their guests from around the worlds a place to appreciate and celebrate the city.  The Observation Deck’s original design was inspired by the decks of the great ocean liners of the era, complete with deck chairs, gooseneck fixtures and vents inspired by a ship’s stacks.  A trip to the Observation Deck was like setting sail in the heart of the world’s most dynamic city.Now, for the first time in 20 years, this breathtaking vantage point is being re-introduced to the people of New York and the world.  As the steward of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.’s dream, Tishman Speyer is proud to present the new Top Of The Rock Observation Deck, as envisioned by the architect Michael Gabellini.  When Mr. Gabellini re-imagined the new Observation Deck that is now Top Of The Rock, he envisioned the same simple elegance and astonishing beauty of the original, amplified by modern materials and engineering.

Gabellini blended modern materials with the deck’s original elements. like the custom “shot-sawn” limestone and cast-aluminum fleurs-de-lis that are signatures of the original design.  The result is Art Deco grace combined with state-of-the-art technology and simplicity.

Rockefeller Center has been a New York City landmark for nearly 75 years.  The Center is located in the heart of Manhattan and houses broadcast studios, dozens of shops and restaurants, an outdoor ice-skating rink, Radio City Music Hall, and, of course, one of the most famous Christmas trees in the world.

For more information and tickets to visit Top Of The Rock and The Rockefeller Center in New York, please visit or email

Butchart Gardens – Victoria’s Most Famous Attraction

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

The Butchart Gardens is a floral display garden located near Victoria, British Columbia.  The Gardens was originally created under the supervision of Jennie Butchart, and remains open year-round providing displays of flowering plants.

Today, The Butchart Gardens are considered Victoria’s most famous attraction drawing close to one million people every year.  Visitors come to The Gardens not only for the flora, but for the entertainment and lighting displays presented each summer and Christmas.

Victoria Tours provides a large variety of sightseeing tours, tickets, and transportation options to Butchart Gardens.  Bus and Van Tours depart daily from Victoria, as well as excursions to Butterfly Gardens, Illumination Tours, and Scenic Flights over British Columbia.  For more information, group tour bookings, or private charter services, please visit or email

Atlanta Trolley Tickets – Sightseeing Excursions in Georgia

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Hop On and Hop Off Tolley Tours depart daily in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let us be your guide to a great overview of the capitol of the south.  Downtown, you will discover all the history from Atlanta’s founding through the Civil War. T hat historical perspective continues in the Grant Park Neighborhood.  Then, you may remember the rich Civil Rights History on Auburn Avenue.  Famous writers, artists and beautiful parks can be found in Midtown.  You will also see the triumphs of the Olympics throughout the city.

On the trolley loop you will find the major attractions, the best places to wine and dine, the best shopping, where to go for night life, beautiful green spaces and parks, amd views of the city’s architecture.  Ride at your own pace.  Disembark the trolley at any of our 13 stops; then re-board to continue your adventure.  It’s a great way to get around the city for sightseeing.

Your ticket includes:

~ 115 minute narrated trolley loop of the City of Atlanta
~ 13 stops with on-and-off privileges
~ Ticket good all day (operating hours)
~ Expert drivers take you through the biggest city in the Southeast

Plan your day of touring around our 13 stops. Buy the Two Day Pass and take for even more freedom to see all the Atlanta sights at your leisure.

The stops:

Centennial Olympic Park
Attractions: Georgia Aquarium, World Of Coca Cola, CNN Studio Tour, Children’s Museum
Hotels: Omni, The Glenn, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden, Holiday Inn
Venues: Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia Dome, Phillips Arena, The Tabernacle, ACVB Vistors Information Centers, Cenntenial Olympic Park

Underground Atlanta
Attractions: Underground Atlanta, Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Georgia State Capitol, State Museum, Atlanta City Hall, Zero Mile Marker
Venues: Georgia Depot, Atlantix, ACVB Visitors Information Center, 5 points MARTA Station

Turner Field
Attractions: Turner Field, Atlanta Braves Museum and Hall of Fame, Turner Field Tours, Site of HR 715, The Olympic Cauldron
Hotels: Holiday Inn
Venues: 755 Club

Grant Park
Attractions: Zoo Atlanta, Cyclorama, Grant Park
Venues: Oakland Cemetery

Martin Luther King Jr. Center
Attractions: MLK Center, King Burial Location, King Birth Home, National Park Service, King Visitors Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Civil Rights Walk of Fame, Historic Auburn Avenue, Freedom Walk, APEX Museum, Auburn Avenue Research Library, SCLC W.O.M.E.N. Headquarters

Downtown Atlanta
Attractions: Peachtree Street, Peachtree Center, Failie-Poplar District, Flat Iron Building, Candler Building, Broad Street, Mitchell Square, Public Library, Woodruff Park
Hotels: Peachtree Westin, Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt Downtown, Sheraton Downtown, Hilton Downtown, The Ellis, Super 8, Wyndham Downtown, Marriot Downtown, Marriot Marquis
Venues: Rialto Theater, Theatrical Outlet, Georgia State University

Civic Center (During Special Exhibitions Only)

Atlanta Botanical Garden
Attractions: Atlanta Botanical Garden, Piedmont Park

Woodruff Arts Center
Attractions: Woodruff Arts Center, High Museum of Art, Atlanta College of Art
Hotels: Four Seasons, Marriot Midtown, W Hotel Midtown
Venues: Alliance Theater, Hertz Stage, 14th Street Playhouse, Colony Square Shops

Center for Puppetry Arts
Attractions: Breman Museum, Rhodes Hall, Savannah College of Art

Atlantic Station
Attractions: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!
Hotels: The Twelve
Venues: Regal Cinemas

Margaret Mitchell House
Attractions: Margaret Mitchell House, The Federal Reserve, The Medical Society, Midtown Mile Shopping District
Hotels: Wyndham Midtown
Venues: Turner Broadcasting

Technology Square
Attractions: Georgia Tech, Fraternity Row, Biltmore Building
Hotels: Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
Venues: Georgia Tech Conference Center

The Varsity
Attractions: Georgia Tech, Tech Tower, Bobby Dodd Stadium, Coca Cola World Headquarters, Olympic Village, Bank of America Building
Hotels: Renaissance Hotel, The Georgian Terrace Hotel, Hotel Indigo
Venues: The Fox Theatre, The Shakespeare Tavern, Crawford Long Hospital

For more information, please visit or email  For Trolley Tours in other locations, please visit

Antique Car Tours in San Francisco California

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

For a truly unique San Francisco experience, try taking a sightseeing tour of the city in an antique car.  This is the “best” way to see the San Francisco Bay Area is in a comfortable, modern, vintage touring vehicle.  Sit back, relax, listen and enjoy as you and your guide hop around “The City”.  Antique Car Tour Tickets are available online on the San Francisco Tours website.

Our custom built, pre-1930′s cars offer unparalleled views of the beauty and history of San Francisco.  Enjoy your tour with one of our exciting guides as they give you a unique view of the city, and go to sites that only our smaller vehicles can get to.  Experience the adventure of touring around the world’s most popular city in a vintage 11 passenger vehicle.  Our 80 minute tours will take you to see the most fascinating and memorable sites including: Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Pacific Heights, Presidio, The Golden Gate Bridge, and many more!

Our guides will personalize the tours for you to make them enjoyable for people of all ages. Just don’t forget to bring your camera.  Book tour tickets online and save or email us at for assistance with reservations, group tours, and private charters.

San Francisco Chinatown Tours and Activities

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Chinatown is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in San Francisco, California.  It boasts that it is the oldest Chinatown in the United States and that it draws more SF visitors each year than the Golden Gate Bridge.  There are a number of fun things to do in Chinatown, including a variety of sightseeing tours that are offered through San Francisco Tours.  Day tours of Chinatown, night tours with dinner, walking tours, and ghost tours are all available daily.

In addition to guided excursions, it is also entertaining to walk up and down Grant Street at your leisure.  There are restaurants, bakeries, retail stores, bars, and gift shops lining a handful of city blocks.  My favorite bar is Li Po, which has been rumored to have one of the entrances into Chinatown’s famous opium dens in the basement.  For Dim Sum, I recommend Golden Mountain on Broadway, but be sure to get there at least an hour before they finish serving.  My favorite Cantonese restaurant is Yee’s on Grant.

Be sure to visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.  As you walk down Ross Alley, you will pass this fortune cookie factory.  The aroma of freshly made fortune cookies will certainly make you want to take a closer look.  This factory has been operating and selling fortune cookies around the world since 1962.  When you step into the factory, you will see barrels of fortune cookies in all shapes and sizes.  You will also see fortune cookies being made right before your eyes.

Chinatown is a great place to spend the afternoon, and it is located near Italian North Beach, Union Square, and The Embarcadero.  I have only touched on a few highlights, so make time to explore Chinatown during your next visit to San Francisco, CA.  For more information about Chinatown Tours, please visit or email

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