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Goose Hunt – Reserve 123 starts a new website game

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.
The game is simple but a really fun and easy way to WIN! …And you want to be a winner, right?

The objective is to find Goose who is hidden somewhere in our website. Oh, who is Goose, you ask?



Still confused? Goose is Ryan’s beloved little cat who chilled out with Ryan while he was starting up Alcatraz Media or you can now call us Reserve 123. Goose is a real hero to the company which probably couldn’t exist without him, so we made him into a badge. :)

How this works is that we’ll give you several clues via Facebook and Twitter as to where Goose is. Find him and get a $25 Reserve 123 gift card to use on any of our tours and activities.

Once you find him, email me at Kristina(at)reserve123(dot)com with the URL and a friendly message… because I like friendly messages.

Without further ado, here is clue numero uno: Goose loves music.  He wishes he was in a boy band. Now start hunting!

For an updated list, go here.

- Kris

Welcome home Alexander Daniel Poff

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

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Last week, we shared with you a new addition to the Reserve123 family – Kathy’s grandchild who’s name is Alexander Daniel Poff. He was a healthy 8lbs, 3oz/ 20 inch baby. Sondra, our Director of Sales, traveled to be with Kathy, our West Coast Charters Director and her daughter Heather for the birth of Alexander. Upon her return back to Atlanta, Sondra wrote me this email:

“He is a very good baby!No crying, just cooing and cute noises (except for the poops!)His dad is a soccer      coach and player himself and was very happy to hear that while the nurse was getting a blood sample            from the heel of his foot, he managed to connect several times, kicking her with his free one!

Pretty good footwork for a baby less than a day old!

You will see that he has already picked an NFL team and wore his Vikings attire home from the hospital          (note the monkey escort he had in his car seat!). Then sat quietly as we watched the Vikings lose.”

We just think he’s so cute, it was hard to pick just one picture, so here’s a handful!

Alexander still in the hospital

Alexander still in the hospital

Go Vikings!

Go Vikings!

Ride home with a monkey escort

Ride home with a monkey escort

Congratulations again Kathy (grandmom), Heather (mom), and Joe (dad)!


Enjoy cooler weather with these walking tours

Monday, September 12th, 2011

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This is around the time of the year where you can get a breath of fresh cool air (especially in the South where the Reserve 123 office is located) and realize that the weather is starting to cool off. It’s time to put away those weird misters that people wear and start to enjoy the cooler temperatures! What better way to enjoy the changing season than with walking tours – a much more slow and romantic way to see a new city or learn more about your hometown.  I picked some of my favorite walking tours that I’m sure anyone will enjoy.

Photo by Gail

Photo by Gail des Jardin  from flickr

French Quarter Walking Tours in New Orleans

The New Orleans French Quarter Walking Tours take you on a walk through the Quarter and shows you sights and tells you stories that many visitors miss. There’s more to this city than meets the eye; there’s the architecture, the food, the folklore, and the music to get you started, but there’s more to learn in this 2 hour tour.

Photo by Outdoor Traveler from flickr

Photo by Outdoor Traveler from flickr

Charleston Strolls History Tour

This tour was mentioned in Southern Living Magazine, the New York TImes and the AAA Tour Book (only the absolute best and coolest for Reserve 123 customers :) ).  Enjoy the Old South as you meander through alleys passing hidden gardens in Charleston’s historic district on the 2-hour ‘A Walk With History Tour’.  Learn about one of the country’s oldest cities and enjoy historic highlights and famous landmarks, including Rainbow Row, The Battery, antebellum mansions and the Old Exchange Building. You need at least four people to do this tour, so make sure you bring your friends!

Photo by BeastandBean from flickr

Photo by BeastandBean from flickr

Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour in Bucktown/Wicker Park Chicago

Walk through the streets of Chicago and take a glimpse at unique venues, histroic mansions, and some inside information on local entertainment and restaurants. You’ll be able to taste wonderful samples from a number of restaurants that will fill you up, so make sure you’re not too hungry when you come.

If you want to browse all of our walking tours, check out our website. If you have any questions, email me at or leave a comment in the comment box.

What is your favorite city to see in the Fall? Please leave an answer in our comment box.

- Kris

Meet Julia – Office profiles at Reserve 123

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

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My desk was situated in the Ticketing side of the office, and I rarely ever get to venture beyond the copiers/fax machines to the other side (the Reservations Department). While Ticketing makes sure your tours gets booked with the suppliers, Reservation agents chat with customers to find the perfect tour and book it! While phones stopped ringing for a brief second, I got a chance to chat with the Julia – the Lead Reservations Agent.

K – What do you do?

J – Along with being a Reservation Agent, I’m the lead agent which means that when Kim (the manager) is not around, I’m in charge of reservations. What I do is mostly customer service. Customers call in to book a tour or a change a date – things of like that. Anything we sell online, I’m qualified  to give customers information in anything and everything.

K – Does that mean you know all of the tours?

J – It’s my job. :)

K – At the start of your job, did you have to take  quiz to learn it all or is it something you learn by practice?

J – Yeah, it’s by practice. When you start, you get the basics and we sometimes we also use the website as a reference too.

K- How long have you been working at Reserve 123?

J – 5 years

K – What’s your favorite part about your job?

J – I like helping people. I’ve been doing customer service for about, gosh, ten years now? You gotta like people to do that, and I like people. I like helping people make up their minds about tour and just about travel. I pretty  much get to be their travel agent.

K – What are 3 things at your desk that you  need?

J – Well, let’s see, I definitely need my coffee! I have to be up and awake when new customers call, my extensions sheet, and I also need my headset.

K – What is your ideal vacation?

J – I like vacations where I can relax and not have to worry about a thing… like cruises. I love cruises. I like simple and low key.

K – If you can travel anywhere in the world right now, where?

J – This minute? Gosh, I would love to go to Hawaii. It’s my dream.

K – You never been?

J – Not yet, but I’m working on it. I like islands. I’m from Jamaica, I go there every year, practically, but I want to go to Puerto Rico. Aruba. St. Thomas too…

K – Do you remember your first phone call as a Reservations Agent? Were you nervous?

J – We trained for two days and you have to jump right it. You could always ask questions if you needed help, it was just getting a feel of what kind of questions customers ask and being comfortable with customers.

K – What’s changed since then?

J – Hmm we offer a lot more suppliers now, so a lot more tours.

K – Would you rather have a company bowling league or a company baseball team?

J – Bowling. I love bowling.

K – Me too! I can’t be outside for too long!

J – Me neither. haha Especially in Atlanta. It definitely has to be bowling.

K – What would be our name?

J – ….hmm

K – We could be like the Tour Guides

J – Psshh *whispers* that’s kind of corny. haha I have no idea. The Terminators, I don’t know!

K – What’s the first thing you do when you enter the office and the last thing you do before you leave the office.

J – I have to have a cup of coffee. Just have to. It’s a requirement. The last thing – clock out.

K – What makes the Reservations Department different from the Ticketing Department?

J – We’re the forefront of everything. We get all the customer action, so we get to talk to the people who are taking the tours.

K – What’s your favorite memory wokrking in the office?

J – The Christmas parties are always nice.

K – If heaven exists, what would you like God to say to you at the Pearly Gates?

J – Come on in, Jules! Take a seat. Relax. You’ve done wonderful work!”

- Kris Gets a Facelift

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Purchase tickets to quality tours, cruises and attractions in over 400 cities around the world... it’s easy as 123!

Purchase tickets to quality tours, cruises and attractions in over 400 cities around the world… it’s easy as 123!

We know what you are thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a travel website that offers top quality tour & attraction tickets all over the world, with detailed descriptions, clear prices, quality photos, video & graphics, competitive travel insurance, custom group tours and charters, popular vacation packages, easy tour rating & review capabilities directly on the site and via social networks, and excellent customer service, but also with said website being easy to navigate from any computer? We hear you, and your dreams have come true. Check out the new and improved! This site represents the latest enhancement to an expansive network of tour and travel websites that cover over 450 cities around the world.  With the new structure and features, you can view all of the tours that are offered globally, watch travel videos, register for a free account to receive promotional offers and discounts, rate and review your tour experiences, and participate in contests and online activities through our site as well as via social networks, just to name a few.

We understand that your trip can take a year to plan, but only a second to ruin. While you cannot do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your travel investment by purchasing Travel Insurance. We’ve teamed up with Travel Guard, the leading provider of travel insurance. Travel insurance is now available for all purchases, making it simple and convenient for our valued customers to protect their travel investment at an affordable rate. We have also made it as easy as 123 to give the perfect gift of travel to friends, family, coworkers, employees, and anybody else you wish to impress. From dinner cruises and sightseeing boat tours to city excursions and attraction tickets, the Reserve 123 Gift Card can be used in hundreds of global vacation destinations.

Not only have we made it easy to book over 11,000 quality sightseeing tours and attractions worldwide in just three clicks, but also provides assistance with groups and event planning services.  The company employs a staff of travel experts who specialize in various markets and handle every detail from start to finish. With an extensive list of corporate and high-profile clients and glowing recommendations, our group sales & charter department provides the most professional, successful, and unique events possible, and will keep you informed every step of the way. We offer complete packages for every budget and convenient per-person pricing. Call us to meet your group transportation needs, design imaginative special events, fun-filled tours, and unique theme parties that will create great lasting impressions on all of your guests!

The Leader in Online Tours & Travel Since 1999

The Leader in Online Tours & Travel Since 1999 is owned and operated by Alcatraz Media, the leading provider of online tour reservations.  Since 1999, Alcatraz Media has assisted millions of customers with their travel plans, and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  For more information, please visit, call toll free at 800-745-1925, or email us at:

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