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Goose Hunt – Reserve 123 starts a new website game

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.
The game is simple but a really fun and easy way to WIN! …And you want to be a winner, right?

The objective is to find Goose who is hidden somewhere in our website. Oh, who is Goose, you ask?



Still confused? Goose is Ryan’s beloved little cat who chilled out with Ryan while he was starting up Alcatraz Media or you can now call us Reserve 123. Goose is a real hero to the company which probably couldn’t exist without him, so we made him into a badge. :)

How this works is that we’ll give you several clues via Facebook and Twitter as to where Goose is. Find him and get a $25 Reserve 123 gift card to use on any of our tours and activities.

Once you find him, email me at Kristina(at)reserve123(dot)com with the URL and a friendly message… because I like friendly messages.

Without further ado, here is clue numero uno: Goose loves music.  He wishes he was in a boy band. Now start hunting!

For an updated list, go here.

- Kris

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