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Ways To Save Money on Vacation

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Save and spend

We like saving money. Chances are, you also like saving money.

Saving money while also having a great time on vacation means returning home a happy camper. You’ve probably had that feeling of dread after a lavish week away from home… that moment you decide to finally check your bank account and face reality. We’d like to help ease the anxiety of that moment, so here are some simple ways to save money on your next trip. (more…)

Travel Money Tips

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

 Budgeting is NOT fun, but travel IS and you don’t get to do the one without the other. So, we understand that any little tips on how to budget your travel is helpful.

  • Research how you can access money where you are going. If you bank with a small university credit union, ask them about using female viagra sale your credit or debit card on your travels. Even larger banks may have some quirky restrictions and policies. Some even like you notify them of your travels to make access easier. If you are running into troubles especially with regards to international travel, open a checking account with a new bank that is “travel friendly”. And make sure you tell them that is why you are doing it. More banks and more banks are making travel seamless
  • Travel with a credit card. Credit cards want you to travel with them and LOVE giving you incentives to do so. There are specific tips to traveling internationally with your plastic and we will cover that in our next blog. But, look into your credit card’s advise for travel.
  • Book your tours in advance. There is reason why Reserve123 exists in the first place. And forgive us for preaching to the choir but scheduling and paying for your tours in advance is smart budgeting. Travelers get in money trouble due to the unknown. Schedule and pay for everything you can before you leave. Then you can decide what you have left to spending on great food and fun trinkets.
  • Be Realistic. Set your your budget to reflect the type of experience you really want. If you want to see Scotland and are happy staying in hostels then budget for that type of trip. But, if staying in a castle is part of your once in a lifetime dream Scotland trip, then budget, save, and work toward that dream. We will be doing a blog series on realistic costs of certain locations – We hope this will be very helpful.




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