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Exotic ATV Tours Around the World

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Whether you call them All Terrain Vehicles, Quads, 4-Wheelers, or Barrels of Fun, ATV Tours are the ticket to a beastly good time all over the world. The possibilities are nearly endless on ATV Tours – enjoy getting dirty and muddy on a wild off-road adventure in Maine, or stopping to snorkel in the pristine Cozumel Caribbean waters, or driving through the picturesque vineyards and olive groves of Tuscany, or adding sand-boarding or surfing to your Cape Town trek, or just relaxing as you take in a beautiful midnight sunset in Alaska. It seriously is hard to choose. But one thing you can be sure of is when you get in gear on your ATV that your day will be full of smiles! :D

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Ride ATVs through the Cozumel Jungle

Personally, I would recommend our ATV & Snorkeling Combination Tour in Cozumel Mexico. Take an exciting ATV adventure through the heart of the Cozumel jungle and then visit one of Cozumel’s beautiful beaches for some snorkeling in the pristine Caribbean waters. The ATV portion of the tour will leave from the Mayan town of El Cedral. While exploring the Cozumel jungle, you will visit a natural sinkhole, an underground cave and a small Mayan ruin, all of which are tied to the ancient Mayan civilization. Then, you will be transported to a beautiful Cozumel beach to experience a one-of-a-kind snorkeling excursion.

Drive a Quad to explore Tuscany Italy

For a more romantic ride, our Quad-ATV Tour in Tuscany from Florence offers you a unique opportunity to explore Tuscany. You will drive a professional Quad through the Chianti region featuring vineyards, woods and olive groves. After the ride you can relax with a cool drink and fresh fruit by the pool. (in the summer bring your bathing suit!) You will then be served a Tuscan meal accompanied by a selection of fine Chianti wines in the welcoming and comfortable restaurant of the Villa. On the way back, you will stop to visit a nearby 13th century castle!

Enjoy an Adventure Tour from Cape Town

To really get your adrenaline flowing, our Sandboarding or Surfing & Quad Biking Tour from Cape Town South Africa provides an opportunity to learn the basics of either Sandboarding or Surfing – plus topping off your day with a high-powered guided sand dune Quad Bike experience. If you choose the Sandboarding option, you will learn how to stand up and gain balance to cruising down the dunes at high speeds that will get your adrenaline flowing. Or, if you choose to learn the basics of Surfing, you’ll receive instruction on ocean awareness, learning how to stand up and gain balance, and cruising on a beach break wave. Either way, your adventure will include a Sand Dune Quad Bike experience where you can speed up, down and along the face of the dunes. If you’re into the active lifestyle, this tour is for YOU!

And those are just a few choices. On our Midnight Sunset ATV Tour from Denali guests drive ATV’s to two breathtaking Alaskan overlooks to view the unique and memorable midnight sun as it creates a rainbow of sunset colors. Wildlife is often sighted along the way. And on our Guided ATV Tour from Bingham Maine you’ll get to ride on one of the best ATV trail systems in the East. Located in the upper Kennebec Valley, this region contains some of the most beautiful and pristine wilderness in the US. Visit ATV Tours today to reserve your wheels and let the good times roll. Book online and save or call us toll free for assistance with reservations, group tour bookings and private charters. For now, I’ll leave you with eye candy of hundreds of miles of open terrain, incredible scenery, and awesome riding in Bingham, Maine. Happy Trails. ;)

San Diego Summer Sightseeing Excursions

Monday, July 18th, 2011


With the approach of the highly-anticipated San Diego Comic Con 2011 only days away, fans have no doubt already designed their perfect SDCC panel schedules of science-fiction & celebrity bliss, which the powers that be allow us but once a year. Whether you’ve got a coveted ticket to the most popular comic convention in the world or prefer to avoid the crowds out on a city excursion or a boat cruise in the azure bay, be sure to make time this summer to enjoy the splendors of this charming city. Here are a few ideas for fun things to do and sightseeing tours.

Fold up your map, put away the guidebook, and discover the San Diego most visitors never see. Zip all over town in a GoCar for a GPS-guided adventure! As you drive, it tells you where to turn and what you’re passing, and it waits patiently if you want to stop. As soon as you turn your GoCar back on, the tour picks up where you left off. That’s the best thing about it – you’re on your own schedule, not a tour bus operator’s. Experience the coolest sightseeing in San Diego!

Salty bay breezes, sparkling waves, and stunning views make San Diego ideal for cruising. Enjoy gracious hospitality aboard our San Diego Dinner Dance Cruise as you take in views of the Coronado Bridge, Cabrillo National Monument, and California sea lions. Your evening includes welcome champagne, 3-courses pre fixe, 2 entree dinner, salad, & dessert. After dinner, dance the night away or stroll the spacious decks to watch San Diego light up along with the stars.

Explore even more of the magnificent Pacific Ocean at La Jolla – and there’s no better way than in a kayak! On our La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour from San Diego you will discover southern California’s surf culture, observe abundant wildlife, and view a variety of unique marine environments. This 2-hour guided kayak tour will take you to the gorgeous La Jolla Sea Caves and through the fascinating marine paradise of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. Best of all, no experience is necessary!

One of our most popular excursions is of course cruising to lovely Catalina Island. Little over an hour’s drive northbound of San Diego is Dana Point, your departure port towards the Island of Romance. Our convenient Catalina Ferry – Dana Point to Avalon – Roundtrip provides fast, comfortable ferry service between Catalina Island and Dana Point on the Southern California coast. Be sure to reserve your seats a minimum of 4 days in advance – dates sell out quickly.

San Diego is very close to the exotic enchantment of Mexico, but driving your own vehicle is not advised, and most U.S. rental cars are not permitted to cross the border. Our day trips from San Diego make everything easy. Take a fantastic day trip to Rosarito Beach Mexico from San Diego to enjoy the scenic Baja Gold Coast. This tour even includes free hotel pick-up and drop-off from listed hotels. Enjoy shopping in Rosarito, tanning, sightseeing, delicious Mexican food, and much more.

One of the most beautiful metropolitan cities in the world, San Diego is absolutely full of fun things to see and do! Book your reservations online at San Diego Tours and save, or call us toll free at 800-303-7197 for reservations, group tours, and private charters. To San Diego City… And Beyond!!

Sightseeing and Shopping Galore in Newport Beach

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Many television shows and movies have taken place in Orange County, California including ‘The O.C’ which is set in Newport Beach.  It is not surprising given the undeniable beauty of the area and the fact that there are a multitude of gorgeous places to set up shop.  Many celebrities also choose Newport Beach as home, including Dennis Rodman, Lauren Bacall, and Mark McGrath.

Some of the attractions in the area are body-boarding hotspot The Wedge, located on the Balboa Peninsula, the Orange County Museum of Art, and the most famous Newport Beach landmark, Balboa Pavilion.  Of course, no one can forget all the shopping Newport Beach and Orange County in general provides to the public, who come in droves to spend the day perusing the racks.

You can see the Newport Beach area by boat or bus and there are a variety of activities to choose from, including dolphin tours, shopping excursions, fishing trips, and trips to Mexico.  For a look at southern California’s wildlife, take the Whale Watching Cruise in Newport Beach.  This cruise gets you in the action with the Gray Whales at their peak migration time.   You will also see dolphins, marine birds, and sea lions as well as killer whales and sharks.

Other notable trips departing from Newport include the Hollywood Fantastic Bus Tour from Orange County – which takes you on a full day sightseeing tour of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Rodeo Drive – and the Olde Mexico Bus Tour from Orange County, which takes you on a trip down the California coast for an abbreviated tour of San Diego Harbor and Hotel Del Coronado.  You will stop near several pottery stands and art galleries and then finally reach Tijuana where you will shop to your heart’s content.

Check out for more activity and trip ideas for your next vacation!

Dolphin Days in Cabo San Lucas

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Wracking your brain trying to find the ideal vacation spot this winter? Look no further than sunny Mexico.  There are several options available to you, all of which involve taking advantage of the gorgeous Mexican weather.

A wonderful activity for the kids is the Dolphin Encounter in Cabo San Lucas.  This activity brings you and the kids up close with Pacific Bottlenose dolphins so you can swim with and learn more about this friendly animal.  While this is great for children, it is also an excellent way to make you feel like a kid again!  The dolphin trainers will start off with a warm introduction to the history, anatomy, and communication patterns of dolphins.  You will be surprised at how little you actually knew about these creatures before and will leave knowing so much more.

For 15 minutes, you will get to explore the physical features of the dolphin, touching its slick skin and taking a closer look at its other unique characteristics.  The trainers will also teach you some training techniques, which you will get to use yourself as you feed and communicate with them.  You might even get a little kiss from your dolphin or share a “handshake” or dance.  You will not want to miss this experience, especially those who have never been swimming with dolphins before.  You can even select a longer and more in-depth activity with the hour-long Swim with the Dolphins.

You do not need to be able to swim to participate in this activity, because even though the saltwater pools are too deep to stand, you will be provided with a life vest to keep you afloat.  You will only need to use your strength to move around in the water, not to keep you above it.  There is also a program designed specifically for 4 to 9 year olds, which gives the younger children a chance to be with the dolphins in shallow waters.  This Dolphin Kids Program will give your child the experience of a lifetime as they get one-on-one time to play with and learn about the dolphins.

Just when you thought you were all out of options for a day with the dolphins, there is one more thing you can do.  For those enthusiastic individuals who have ever thought of becoming a dolphin trainer, you can spend a day in the life of one at the Dolphin Trainer for a Day Program.  For six hours, you will become closely involved with the overall operation of a dolphin center as you suit up and learn about the daily care of dolphins, including preparing their food and learning how to keep them healthy.  At the end of the day you will even take on the role of a real trainer as you host an actual program, with the help of the staff of course! At the day’s end, you will receive a special diploma and a photo and DVD to remember the day.  You will also get to keep your uniform, not to mention the memory of playing an important part in the day of activities at the dolphin center.

For more fun and exciting ways to spend your vacation, like a lobster or wine tour, visit

Sun, Sand and Stunning Views

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

With Mexico being so close to your vacation spot of San Diego, you must take advantage of the many amenities that San Diego Tours offers across the border.  Its close proximity allows you to see even more of the west coast during your vacation.

One option that San Diego Tours provides in Mexico is the Tijuana, Mexico Tour.  You will find so many wonderful things about this tour as Tijuana is a very historic and cultural city in Mexico.  One of your first stops on this completely narrated bus tour is at Paseo de los Heroes Avenue, meaning Road of the Heroes in English.  This is one of the most important avenues in all of Tijuana, and possibly Mexico as well, as it represents and celebrates the heroes of the Mexican Revolution.

Another stop along the way is the Tijuana Cultural Center.  This spherical shaped building contains a museum of Mexican history along with exhibits from different regions of the country.  Additionally, the center contains a lecture hall, IMAX® Theater, concert hall, video room, beautiful courtyards, café and bookstore.  While on this tour, you may shop through the colorful bazaars and find interesting handcrafts from the many different regions of Mexico.   There is no doubt that with this wonderfully historic based tour, you will enter back in the States more knowledgeable and impressed by Tijuana, Mexico.

Another Mexican locale that San Diego Tours can offer you is the Rosarito Beach Mexico Tour.  This tour takes you to amazing spots that you may not have known were there.  Your tour begins with a brief drive through Tijuana and a stop at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.  This hotel was a hidden getaway for the famous in the 1940s and still is a popular hotel specializing in relaxation.

After visiting the hotel and getting a look at the beautiful ocean views, the tour bus will then take you into the town of Rosarito, which was actually the filming location of the movie Titanic.  At this point, you will be given time to shop from the local vendors or dine at one of the many fantastic eateries in the area.  This tour is perfect if you want to experience a piece of culture you never knew existed.

The trip to Ensenada, Mexico should be enough to satisfy any sightseer looking for beautiful views, but the Ensenada Mexico Tour with Lunch offers much more than the natural beauty.  Not only will you witness the spectacular views from the tour coach along the way, but you will visit the Baja coastline to enjoy the amazing features Mother Nature has brought to the area.

Along the coastline, there are many small villages to visit and experience a different side to Mexico.  You will also be taken to the Rosarito Beach Hotel and see a bit of the town.  Additionally, the tour stops at a small fishing town where you will enjoy your lunch at a wonderful restaurant.  There is plenty of time to get some shopping in or take a pleasant walk along the beach.  This could be the most memorable part of your entire trip and is something you definitely will want to visit again.

There are plenty of reasons to check out the wonderful areas of Mexico while visiting California.  It is a wonderful experience that will provide great memories for you to share for many years to come.  Book your tour tickets today at

Travel through Texas

Monday, October 27th, 2008

With Texas being such a large state, you will never find yourself without something fun and exciting to do.  Your dream Texas vacation can become a reality through Texas Tours.  Your visit can be anything you want it to be with the wide array of tours, activities and attraction tickets that are laid down at your feet.

A great thing to do in Texas is to get to know the city where you staying.  Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and El Paso all have complete tours throughout the city.  You can even make a trip to Juárez, Mexico from Texas and tour around that area as well. 

The Austin in 90 Minutes Tour is a great introduction to the city as you will see 30 of the city’s major historical and cultural attractions.  You can keep track of your favorite parts so you can go back and see them more in depth later during your stay.  Another great city tour is the San Antonio Grand Tour where you get to visit the Alamo, Mission San Jose, Market Square and many more great locations.

If you are looking for some underwater fun and are staying in or near South Padre, try out one 12 diving trips located there.  In some you will get to swim with tropical fish through the beautiful coral reef and with others you can explore through an abandoned ship wreck.  Whatever you choose, you are sure to be happy with your decision. 

Other fantastic activities offered by Texas Tours include dinner shows in Dallas, trolley tours in San Antonio, dude ranch visits throughout the state, helicopter rides over Fort Worth, and turkey hunting in Seymour to just name a few.

If you want your trip to Texas to create memories to last a lifetime, reserve your activities through Texas Tours at 

Tours of Sunny Anaheim, California

Friday, September 26th, 2008

There are many ways to see Anaheim and the surrounding area with tours by bus, limo, boat, Jeep, ferry, and helicopter.For nature lovers, there are eco tours to Catalina, trips to Sea World, fishing trips to San Diego and Dana Point, whale watching, and wildlife and zoo tours.You can also spend the day checking out the Newport Beach – The O.C. Experience from Anaheim tour to see where John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart used to live.

Newport Beach 'The O.C.' Experience from Anaheim

Newport Beach

In the mood for a little glitz and glamour? The Los Angeles Grand Tour from Anaheim is just what you need.Walk down the same path as the stars by visiting Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Melrose Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and more famous spots known across America and abroad.Because Los Angeles is so huge, your tour will depend on the area you are staying in.If your hotel is in the Los Angeles area, you can take the Los Angeles Grand Tour from Los Angeles, while those staying in Hollywood, Pasadena, the Valley, and surrounding areas can participate in the Los Angeles Grand Tour or the combination Grand Tour and Movie Stars Homes Tour.

For a deeper look inside the lives of the stars we know and love, take the Movie Star Experience Tour from Hollywood.It actually incorporates 3 tours into one: the Movie Stars Homes Tour, the Sony Pictures Studios Highlight Tour, and the Inside “Heart of Hollywood” Walking Tour.This once in a lifetime experience takes you inside Sony Pictures Studios so you can see where movie classics like “The Wizard of Oz” and blockbusters like “Men in Black” were made.

Other things to do around Anaheim featuring fun for all ages include California Adventure, Six Flags, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Getty Museum.Anaheim is conveniently located for easy access to Los Angeles and San Diego to see the San Diego Zoo. It is also easy to travel over the border to Tijuana, Mexico for a day of shopping and free time.

Whale Watch Wherever You Are

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

A great vacation activity that has been sweeping the nation is whale watching tours.  It seems that wherever whales seem to migrate to, make their home, or travel through, a whale watching tour exists.  Whale Watching Tours can provide you with an exceptional tour during your vacation in many locations across the country.

The most popular destinations where whales are spotted most often are Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and California but Whale Watching Tours offers tours throughout the world.  When visiting places like New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, Australia and South Africa, you can participate in an exciting whale watching tour.

Most often, you travel several miles out into the ocean or bay to witness the magnificent creatures.  You will be aboard a large ship capable of keeping you safe in the event of a whale playfully splashing in the water.  In the Maui Whale Watching Tour, you are aboard a 30-foot hard-bottom inflatable raft which is great for the more adventurous tourists. 

If you are visiting San Diego, you will be engaged by your educated guide who will take you on an adventure to see the whales, as well as teach you about their migratory patterns and other wildlife in the ocean. 

During many of these tours, you will see more than just the large whales.  Often times, people will catch glimpses of dolphins, otters, sea lions, varieties of fish and many birds.

If your travels bring you to a location where a whale watching tour is offered, then you must take advantage of it!  These are great experiences for all ages and are sure to delight even the most seasoned wildlife watcher.  Visit to see if your next vacation can include one of these fantastic adventures!

See why San Antonio is Texas’ Most Visited City

Friday, September 12th, 2008

San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas and why not, it has some pretty fabulous attractions throughout the city and around it.  San Antonio Tours can help provide you with a fantastic and special vacation. 

During your stay, you may choose to schedule one of the many sightseeing tours, visit Riverwalk or hear chilling tales of the spirits that haunt the city.  While in San Antonio, you may want to visit other nearby cities like Austin which San Antonio Tours can arrange as well.

If you want to experience San Antonio in the absolute ultimate way, then try out the San Antonio Grand Tour.  You will stop at all the famous spots in San Antonio like the Alamo, the #1 tourist spot in the state.  This is the renowned site where American defenders fell in 1836 by Mexican General Santa Ann’s army.  A museum is on site which contains relics and mementos from the Republic of Texas.  During this tour you will visit the IMAX® Theatre which puts you right into the center of the famous battle of the Alamo. 

Another great addition to this premier tour is a relaxing ride through Paseo Del Rio on a riverboat.  You have the chance of seeing the gigantic cypresses, oaks and willows with beautiful blooming flowers bordering them.

Other fantastic locations this tour brings you to are El Mercado, Mission San Jose, the Japanese Sunken Gardens and Mission Concepcion.  If you want a complete tour of the city then your only option is the San Antonio Grand Tour.

After touring the wonderful city, you may want to see it from a different perspective – above it!  The San Antonio Grand Helicopter Tour gives you breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country as well as many locations in the ground Grand Tour, plus several other sites in town.  You can see from the spacious chopper the San Antonio Zoo, Mission Road, Six Flags Fiesta, Lackland Air Force Base, La Cantera and many rock quarries.  The views are simply stunning and you receive a ride of a lifetime.  Nothing compares to aerial views of a beautiful landscape. 

There are so many wonderful things to do while visiting San Antonio.  For more information, visit San Antonio Tours at 

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