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Exotic ATV Tours Around the World

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Whether you call them All Terrain Vehicles, Quads, 4-Wheelers, or Barrels of Fun, ATV Tours are the ticket to a beastly good time all over the world. The possibilities are nearly endless on ATV Tours – enjoy getting dirty and muddy on a wild off-road adventure in Maine, or stopping to snorkel in the pristine Cozumel Caribbean waters, or driving through the picturesque vineyards and olive groves of Tuscany, or adding sand-boarding or surfing to your Cape Town trek, or just relaxing as you take in a beautiful midnight sunset in Alaska. It seriously is hard to choose. But one thing you can be sure of is when you get in gear on your ATV that your day will be full of smiles! :D

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Ride ATVs through the Cozumel Jungle

Personally, I would recommend our ATV & Snorkeling Combination Tour in Cozumel Mexico. Take an exciting ATV adventure through the heart of the Cozumel jungle and then visit one of Cozumel’s beautiful beaches for some snorkeling in the pristine Caribbean waters. The ATV portion of the tour will leave from the Mayan town of El Cedral. While exploring the Cozumel jungle, you will visit a natural sinkhole, an underground cave and a small Mayan ruin, all of which are tied to the ancient Mayan civilization. Then, you will be transported to a beautiful Cozumel beach to experience a one-of-a-kind snorkeling excursion.

Drive a Quad to explore Tuscany Italy

For a more romantic ride, our Quad-ATV Tour in Tuscany from Florence offers you a unique opportunity to explore Tuscany. You will drive a professional Quad through the Chianti region featuring vineyards, woods and olive groves. After the ride you can relax with a cool drink and fresh fruit by the pool. (in the summer bring your bathing suit!) You will then be served a Tuscan meal accompanied by a selection of fine Chianti wines in the welcoming and comfortable restaurant of the Villa. On the way back, you will stop to visit a nearby 13th century castle!

Enjoy an Adventure Tour from Cape Town

To really get your adrenaline flowing, our Sandboarding or Surfing & Quad Biking Tour from Cape Town South Africa provides an opportunity to learn the basics of either Sandboarding or Surfing – plus topping off your day with a high-powered guided sand dune Quad Bike experience. If you choose the Sandboarding option, you will learn how to stand up and gain balance to cruising down the dunes at high speeds that will get your adrenaline flowing. Or, if you choose to learn the basics of Surfing, you’ll receive instruction on ocean awareness, learning how to stand up and gain balance, and cruising on a beach break wave. Either way, your adventure will include a Sand Dune Quad Bike experience where you can speed up, down and along the face of the dunes. If you’re into the active lifestyle, this tour is for YOU!

And those are just a few choices. On our Midnight Sunset ATV Tour from Denali guests drive ATV’s to two breathtaking Alaskan overlooks to view the unique and memorable midnight sun as it creates a rainbow of sunset colors. Wildlife is often sighted along the way. And on our Guided ATV Tour from Bingham Maine you’ll get to ride on one of the best ATV trail systems in the East. Located in the upper Kennebec Valley, this region contains some of the most beautiful and pristine wilderness in the US. Visit ATV Tours today to reserve your wheels and let the good times roll. Book online and save or call us toll free for assistance with reservations, group tour bookings and private charters. For now, I’ll leave you with eye candy of hundreds of miles of open terrain, incredible scenery, and awesome riding in Bingham, Maine. Happy Trails. ;)

Go Take A Hiking Tour!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Enjoy a variety of hiking trips worldwide!

Everyone knows that exercise is excellent for you. Research shows that exercise helps to fend off heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, burns calories, alleviates depression, keeps your mind sharp, and can even slow the aging process. But really — how enticing is the treadmill?? Do you really want to see some of the unsightly spandex in the gym? How about the stuffy space? How about paying exorbitant amounts for such self-punishment? I’ll take a gamble at a “no” there. Why “tune out” with more escapist TV and music while you tone your tendons? Personally, I would rather “tune in” to nature, the smell of flowers and trees, the view of mountains and forests and waterfalls, and getting back in touch with your thoughts and surroundings. And if you’re the super-adrenaline-daring type, hiking up mountains is a major calorie annihilator! There are better ways to get and stay in shape, get some FRESH air, and have a great time than becoming the proverbial hamster in a wheel, travel friends. I’ll even give you permission to blare Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” in your eardrums, if you need some extra motivation to get moving. Give yourself a REAL escape – lace up your hiking boots and go take a Hiking Tour!

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Oahu Valley of the Rainbows

Whether you’re blazing through your backyard or conquering the concrete jungles of New York City or traversing the rainforests of Hawaii, you can venture a hike just about anywhere. For easy trails and spectacular views, I would recommend our Oahu Valley of the Rainbows Rainforest Tour from Honolulu. Travel to the enchanting, lush rainforest located deep within the beautiful Valley of the Rainbows. Here, nestled below towering jungle trees and surrounded by seven waterfalls, one of the world’s premier botanical gardens awaits you. This tour involves 2 miles of easy walking. Includes free Honolulu hotel pickup and return. These tours are limited to just 14 participants to provide a personal touring experience, so order early to ensure your space!

Banff Evening Icewalk & Campfire Excursion

If you’d like to add a dash of Fire & Ice to your trek with a nocturnal twist, check out our Evening Icewalk & Campfire Excursion from Banff. Join a nighttime guided walk and campfire tour at Lake Minnewanka, on the outskirts of Banff. Walk the shoreline with icecleats and headlamps. Listen to the crackling of the frozen lake, and stargaze as we make our way to the campfire site. Then, warm up with hot chocolate and roast marshmallows around the fire, as your guide entertains everyone with stories of the wild! Your tour includes ice cleats, hiking poles, and a headlamp, hot chocolate and marshmallows to roast, as well as hotel pick up and drop off from Banff. Return Distance is 2.0 kilometers. Elevation Gain is minimal.

The best best part? You can get all of this without breaking your bank. We have hiking trips and tours available worldwide. Whether you’ll be in Anchorage, Oahu, Gatlinburg, New Zealand, or one of the many other areas that we serve, you’ll be glad you got out and got your hike on. Book online with us at and save or call us toll free for reservations, group tours, and private charters. And, next time someone tells you to “Go Take a Hike!” tell them you’re gonna, and not to be too jealous of your prolonged, powerful life force for doing so. Maybe you’ll even let them join you when they’re nicer. ;)

Jungle Queen Cruises and Tours from Fort Lauderdale

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

For over 60 years, Florida’s legendary Jungle Queen Cruise has delighted visitors to South Florida.  Fort Lauderdale Tours provides tours and tickets for a variety of sightseeing cruises and other activities in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

For 2008, Jungle Queen Cruises depart three times daily.  The sightseeing cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale at 9:30am and 1:30pm.  The dinner cruise departs nightly at 6:00pm (with boarding 45 minutes before departure).

On the sightseeing cruise, you will cruise up the dreamy New River with it’s ever changing scenery.  See the plush waterfront homes, downtown Fort Lauderdale, great yacht and storage basins, a bit of the Everglades, and a stop off at the Jungle Queen Indian Village.  Here, you may see macaws and rare birds from all over the world, alligator wrestling, and Seminole Indians.

On the dinner cruise, you will enjoy a fun filled, relaxing evening aboard this magical riverboat.  Cruise up the New River to arrive on an exotic private island.  Here, you will enjoy an all-you-wish-to-eat dinner and variety show with sing along.  Each night, the beautiful Riverboats leave the Bahia Mar Docks for this world-famous barbeque, chicken and shrimp dinner.

For more information about our cruises and sightseeing tours in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, please visit Fort Lauderdale Tours.

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