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Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Christmas lightsWell… almost.

It’s not quite December 25th, yet, but we’re sure you’ll be too busy unwrapping gifts, drinking eggnog and being generally jolly to stumble across this post tomorrow. So we’re saying good tidings today and wishing everyone a happy and merry holiday.

Wherever you are in the world, and whomever you’re spending this day with, may it as bright as you could’ve ever imagined.

Merry Christmas! (more…)

Holiday Daze

Friday, December 6th, 2013

christmasHave you been to a Christmas festival yet? Most tree-lighting parties have already occurred and Hanukkah started on November 28th, so gift-giving season is definitely in full swing. The weekends might start to get a little dreamy, and (hopefully) your days are getting more cheery. Enjoy it! The time will pass sooner than you expect, and you’ll be trying to stick to those New Year’s resolutions in no time. Wherever you’ll be over the next few weeks, chances are there’s a sweet holiday activity waiting for you – even if you won’t be leaving your hometown. All of our festive options can be found here, and below are some of our picks.


Mother's Day is NOT a Greeting Card Holiday

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

I’ll admit it, I question some holidays on our calendar. Yes, George Washington made serious history as our nation’s first president, but do the banks really need to close in observance?

Some people write Valentine’s Day off as a fake holiday, but personally, I welcome the abundance of love when there’s so much hate in this world. Then you’ve got occasions best viagra alternative like Sweetest Day, Boss’s Day & Secretary’s Day (politically corrected as Administrative Professional’s Day). They work their crafty little way into our calendar each year, and because we love our sweethearts, admire our bosses and treasure our admins, we shower them with flowers, candies and tastefully clever greeting cards – yes, greeting cards.


Taking Great Shots

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Finally, you’ve mad it to that special place you’ve wanted to visit. You have spent time and money and effort getting there. You want it to be the perfect vacation and you want to remember it right. Dilignetly, you pack your camera and will start the taking pictures the moment you arrive. We have some great tips to help you get the best out of your photos even if your camera isn’t fancy. These tips are taught by National Geographic  photographers and are so simple but make a huge difference. Also, you’ll be able to see the tricks of the trade everywhere from now on!

Trick Number 1 – Think off center.  Everyone takes pictures with their subject right smack dab in the middle of the shot. But, the photos that look the most professional have their subject sitting off center. This creates more interest and draws the eye in. Don’t make the subject so obscure that people feel like they are finding Waldo, but perhaps your wife could be placed in the bottom corner of the picture. This will make us more interested in her.

Trick Number 2 - Shoot Horizontal and Vertical.   Take your picture and double the pleasure by taking both a horizontal and vertical shot. It takes no time at all and will be helpful when compiling your memory pics of you trip. Yes, software can switch the view but it cannot capture any more of the life that was happening at the moment. Don’t limit yourself – shoot twice.

Trick Number 3 - Think Three.   A photograph is very interesting with three items in it. If you capture a shoot of your son on the beach, make sure to get a bit of the sea and  beach umbrella too.  The subject is the most important but two more items into the photo will make them more interesting and enhance your memory of the location.

More than anything have fun and don’t stress. If your photos are not the best in the world – at least they are yours and your were there! Hopefully, this will help and you can shoot like a pro!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Reserve123

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Dra, our resident Santa.

The end of every year is always a bittersweet season. On one hand, every gathering place is decorated with garland, lights and festive figurines, and families are making preparations to spend time together for at least a few days. On the other hand, not everyone is able to connect with their loved ones, and for many residents of Newtown, Connecticut, along with the countless individuals who have lost loved ones this year, Christmas and New Year’s traditions may feel incomplete.

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We at Reserve123 would like to take a second to thank each and every one of you for making this year a great one, filled with outstanding travel stories, photos, trinkets and tips. Surely there will be more to share once everyone gets back from their December vacations, and we can’t wait to dig into the goodness. Until then, we hope everyone has a safe and satisfyingly wonderful holiday, filled with gut-wrenching laughter and sleep-inducing dinners.

Happy travels! 

An Old World Italian Christmas

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Christmas in St Peter’s Square

The Italians know how to do a party! And Christmas in Italy is exactly that. They begin their celebrations 8 days before Christmas Day and it goes on afterwards until around the 6th of January. A full three weeks of merriment. These traditions fall along religious lines and are festive times of prayer, worship, gifts and food!

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December 8th begins with the Novena. It is a sacred church service that begins prayer services until Christmas Mass. This is the day of the Immacolata and is noted by the appearances of all the nativities and the Christmas Trees are lit.  In the evening families will gather round their nativity and pray and sing songs. Decorations are left up until the 6th of January. It’s very bad luck to leave them up any longer.

There is fun Italian proverb that goes: La vita è come un albero di natale, c’è sempre qualcuno che rompe le palle.

In English that’s: Life is like a Christmas tree, there’s always someone who breaks the balls.


Wonderful Weihnachtsmarkt – where traditions thrive!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

The world is constantly looking for the most elegant and modern Christmas. Instead of red and green, as they are so passé, let’s decorate with purple and silver! Modern is the key. Maybe you have done that for a few years and are now ready to get back to the traditional in a big way. Well, why not go back to the place where most of our Christmas traditions  began. And to do that, you have to begin in Germany.

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Holiday Gift Giving Time

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Some of us wait until the last minute to gather our Christmas gifts, and by some of us, I mean most of us. That’s the only possible explanation for why the stores are so crowded in the few days leading up to December 25th.  Since tomorrow officially starts the 25-day countdown to Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy for your loved ones.  As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to steer clear of fuzzy decorated sweaters and useless gadgets, unless, of course, you genuinely put some thought into the purchase.

Gift cards tend to fly off the shelves around this time of year, and with good reason. It’s more personal than handing over an envelope of cash, and the recipient still gets to pick out something they’d actually like!

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Holiday Tour Season is Here

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

See the Holiday Lights of New York Tour by Minibus

The most wonderful time of the year is here. By now, you’ve likely already made booked your flights and/or rental cars, and all your holiday travel preparations are probably in order. The kids are getting excited. Everyone is getting a jump start on the grocery shopping. You’ve dug up those criminally decorative sweaters from the hidden depths of your closet, and the camera you received Christmas last year is charged, loaded and ready capture.  The local department stores have put up the lights,  holiday commercials have began to air on television, and depending on where you live, there may now be snow on the ground. In general, the atmosphere has shifted, and unless you’ve been bitten by the “bah, hum-bug,” you’re ready to spread and share the cheer.

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Holiday lights are always fun to explore. Which house has the most extravagant display in the neighborhood? How will the park top last year’s arrangement? If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even catch a live nativity demonstration somewhere. The music is merry and bright, Santa is on every other corner, and it’s perfectly acceptable to sip eggnog with breakfast, lunch and dinner. While you’re re-creating you’re favorite recipes in the kitchen, consider adding some spice to your leisure time as well. Take a holiday excursion of some sort! Cruises, coach tours, and trolley rides are all sure ways to see a town in all its magical glory. Here are some of our favorites

General Jackson Holiday Dinner Cruise & Show in Nashville (here): Everything takes place in a glittering two-story theater, where you will enjoy a delicious holiday dinner, and a heart-warming show, filled with holiday classics and contemporary songs of the season, with a country twist. Check it out, y’all!

See the Holiday Lights of New York Tour by Minibus (as pictured): Other tours might keep you on the bus the whole time, but on the Holiday Lights of New York Tour by Minibus, your guide will hop off the shuttle with you and show you Christmas the way New York does it. You’re guaranteed to see the best holiday lights NYC has to offer.

Holiday Lights Tour on the Waikiki Trolley in Honolulu (here): If you’re lucky enough to be spending the holidays in Hawaii, then you’ll definitely want to see downtown Honolulu. It comes alive in a veritable galaxy of festive holiday lights.

Classic Cable Car Holiday Lights Tour in San Francisco (here): The Classic Cable Car rides are already glamorous by themselves, but when you throw the holiday lights in the mix… well, there are no words. You’ll even get a complimentary Santa’s hat!

We’ve got plenty of other holiday touring options, so take a look and see how you can participate in making things festive this year. Even if you won’t be traveling this season, explore your own town! We hope you’re pleasantly surprised by the sights.

Happy travels!


Happy Thanksgiving from Reserve 123!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Say Thank You with fresh fruit, bakery treats and towering sweets from - 468x60

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! We hope that you will celebrate it with your loved ones and hope that you will be in the kitchen helping that brave soul prepare the turkey! We all have so much to be thankful for and tomorrow we get to share our thanks with the people we care for the most.

We would like to share a couple of things that we are thankful for:

“Family, friends, health… our pet family… and having great jobs!” – Carolyn

“I am thankful that I have been blesses to see another year. I am also thankful for great family, friends, and for working with wonderful people. The list goes on and on, but I will stop right there! J” – Tamesha

“My family. My friends. My sanity. <– not necessarily in this order.” – Sacki

“I’m thankful to have a fun job, a family that loves and helps me, and great friends that support me.” – Michael

“I am most thankful to have God as my guide each day, I am thankful for my family, friends, and daily encounters with new people. There are a lot of things that I can name to be thankful for so I won’t go on and on about it, but most of all, I’m thankful to have life, health, strength, and a job in an unstable economy.” – Chae

“I’m thankful for my parents because they’ve supported me and all my crazy ideas and put with my weird humor for a very long time.” – Kris

The Reserve 123 staff wants to wish you a wonderful and fantastic Thanksgiving!

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