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New Goodies!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014


Spring is on it’s way and will (hopefully) bring some warmer weather to our side of the world, soon. We’ve been busy preparing new tours and activities to add to our catalog, and some of them are now available for reservations. Check out some of our new options below.

Chicago Favorites Food Tasting & Walking Tour

This one goes out to all the food lovers out there. If you’re interested in exploring the city of Chicago while satisfying your palate, here is the perfect 3-hour stroll through the city. his tour operates outside as much as possible, but will make use of Chicago’s unique underground Pedway system in extremely cold weather. During the warmer days, you’ll enjoy the large promenades of the Loop.Along the way, you’ll try some of the foods Chicago is best known for doing right, including pizza, brownies, hot dogs, and a couple of local brews (more…)

Get a History Lesson in Washington, DC

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Just because the inauguration has come and gone does not mean that there is no longer a reason to visit Washington, DC.  Why not take a trip to this historical city at your leisure and explore it from the inside out to see what really makes it tick? With DC Tours, you have many different opportunities to do just that, with lunch and dinner cruises, night tours, and historical tours at your disposal.

If you are looking for a general overview of the city, take the Washington DC Hop-On-Hop-Off Open-Top Double-Decker Bus Tour.  With 25 stops throughout DC, there are lots of opportunities to get off the bus and walk around.  You can rejoin the tour at any time, and your ticket is good for two days with unlimited use during that time.  Should you decide to take the trip straight through, it will take you about two and a half hours in total.  Some of the stops along the way include Union Station, the US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Ford’s Theatre, Arlington National Cemetery, Embassy Row, and many others.  You can even follow the loop completely through once to get the lay of the land and then pick it up again later or the next day to revisit the stops of your choice.

As you can imagine, the city looks completely different during the day than it does at night.  That is where the Washington DC After Dark Tour comes in.  Your coach will take you to many of the sights listed above, but this time you will see them, quite literally, in a whole new light.  You will stop to check out the FDR and Vietnam Memorials, the nation’s Capitol building, the White House, and all the other structures that have become a significant part of US history, all shining brightly amid the backdrop of the night sky.

Once you have seen the basic layout of the city, you are ready to step inside some of the historicalbuildings that make up the landscape, and you can do this on the Washington DC Interior Buildings Tour.  While you will take a drive past the FBI Building, Washington Monument, and the Supreme Court, you can actually venture inside the World War II Memorial, National Air and Space Museum, the US Capitol and other well-known landmarks, making your experience that much richer.

While you may have missed seeing the new President get sworn in this month, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on experiencing the history and fun that awaits you in Washington, DC altogether.  Take a trip to the city this winter and you will be very glad that you did.  For more information, visit and book your tickets today!

Tours of Ancient Corinth

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Corinth, a city whose wealth once rivaled that of Athens and Thebes, started to be destroyed by the Turkish forces during the Greek War of Independence from 1821-1830.  In 1858, Ancient Corinth was totally destroyed by an earthquake and the new city was founded on the coast of the Gulf of Corinth.  It is now the second largest city in the periphery of Peloponnese behind Kalamata.

For a look back at the ancient city, take the Ancient Corinth Tour Departing from Athens, Greece.  The tour travels west along the coast before reaching the Corinth Canal, which carries ship traffic between the western Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.  Here you will pause and take in the sights before taking a short drive to the ancient town of Corinth where you will check out the remains of Apollo’s Temple and the Agora, or marketplace, which served as an open assembly place for the Greek city-states.

Ancient Corinth was the home of St. Paul the Apostle for two years, and while he was there he wrote the 1st and 2ndThessalonians.  Corinth is mentioned numerous times in the Bible and it is interesting to see exactly where some well-known biblical passages were originally recorded.  After a stop in Ancient Corinth, you will stop briefly at the ancient port of Kechreai, which is mentioned in the books of Acts and Romans.

This tour is a necessity for history buffs and those interested in religion and spirituality.  It is also a great opportunity for a relaxing day of sightseeing and picture-taking.  Lasting 5 hours, this tour will take you back to Athens in time to grab your own lunch and get on with the rest of your day.

Copenhagen, a City of Exquisite Design

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Copenhagen, the capital and largest city in Denmark, is currently number 1 in Monocle’s Top 20 Most Livable Cities Chart and is also heralded as the ‘Best Design City’ by the magazine.It began as a fishing village and is now one of the top design capitals of the world.Over 1.2 million call this fantastic city home today.You can see Copenhagen by bus or by boat and you can look at the city in terms of its castles, museums, and history tours for further insight into what makes the city tick.


For an abbreviated tour of the city in general, take the Copenhagen City Tour in Denmark.It will show you all the major city highlights, including Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – at which you will be exposed to a tremendous art collection from local and international artists – Christiansborg Palace, which houses the Danish Parliament and the Royal Reception Rooms, Thorvaldsen’s Museum, The Royal Theatre, and The National Museum.A personal favorite was the trip to The Royal Theatre, which was made famous throughout the world for its Royal Ballet.For a great introduction to the city that won’t take up your whole day, this tour can’t be beat.Another city tour option is the City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour in Copenhagen – Mermaid Tour, which takes you to many notable locations including Rosenberg, Town Hall Square, Gustav Kirken, and The Little Mermaid – a magnificent statue that sits on a rock in Copenhagen Harbour at Langelinie.

If you are anxious to see Sweden as part of your stay in the Copenhagen area, check out the Sweden Tour from Copenhagen Denmark.This full day excursion takes you from Copenhagen to Elsinore and across the narrow strait to Helsingborg.Along the way you will see some gorgeous residential areas and incredible architecture, including Kronborg, or Hamlet’s Castle.Once in Sweden, you will travel to Helsingborg and Lund, which was founded in 1020 and is a university city from the Middle Ages.Until the Reformation, Lund was Scandinavia’s cultural, religious, and commercial centre.You will stop for lunch on your own and will also travel to the famous University of Lund. Next you continue on to Malmø, the third largest city in Sweden.You will also have time to go shopping and do some sightseeing before your journey back to Copenhagen.

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