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Take a Break in Tampa

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

If you are looking for a nice warm place to visit this winter, Tampa, Florida should definitely make your short list.  With beaches that go on for miles and an infectiously friendly atmosphere, this city was clearly designed with tourists in mind.  So when you are ready to start planning your next getaway, consider the place that has it all!

Once you have made your decision on where to go, it is only fitting that you choose a tour company that will have you covered from arrival to departure.  With Tampa Tours, you are sure to have all of your sightseeing needs met and exceeded.  Whether your idea of a great time is spending a romantic evening on the water or checking out the area wildlife, you will not be disappointed by your experience.

When you are in the mood to have a leisurely day taking in the scenery, the Deluxe Little Manatee River Canoe or Kayak Trip is just what you need.  You can float down the river at your own pace while you soak up the beautiful surroundings and take some time to appreciate the wildlife that you see around you.  Some of the animals you might see on your trip are manatees, turtles, fish, birds, and alligators.  You may also spot some hogs, otters, and deer along the way so keep an eye out!  Towards the middle of your day, you can go fishing, check out the lay of the land, or stop off for a waterside picnic.

In Tampa, the activities don’t stop just because the sun goes down.  If you are still in the mood for some action, check out one of the dinner cruises on offer.  A fantastic combination of fine dining and entertainment, these cruises are a definite crowd pleaser and an excellent chance to check out the sights without braving the city traffic.  Similar trips are available at lunch time as well if that is more to your liking.

One such cruise is the Dinner Dance Cruise from St. Petersburg.  With incredible waterfront views of Tampa Bay, you are able to see so much more than you would by land because you have the opportunity to do so from many different vantage points.  As you take a walk up and down the decks you will see the city lit up as it stands out against the night sky.  The view, in combination with the food and entertainment, makes your trip that much more memorable so it is a great activity to share with friends or loved ones.

For more ideas for how to spend your time in Tampa, visit and see why this city has become a favorite for travelers around the country and the world.

No Work, All Play in Monterey!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Monterey, a city in central California known for its famous fishery and well-known residents, has lots to offer to visitors year-round.  From whale watching tours to horseback rides, Jeep excursions to aquariums, no matter what you are interested in doing you are sure to find it in Monterey.

If movies and pop culture interest you, you can engage in one of the most popular activities in Monterey – exploring movie locations and stars’ homes.  The Monterey Bay Movie Tour allows you to just that, with stops at famous movie sites such as Cannery Row, where Marilyn Monroe’s film Clash by Night was shot.  You will also pass the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was featured in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Many movies were shot out on Monterey Bay, including Monster from the Ocean Floor and Mutiny on the Bounty.  The Tom Hanks film Turner and Hooch was shot in Pacific Grove, which borders the Bay.  Your tour bus will also take you to Pebble Beach, whose coastline was used in The Parent Trap, The Big Bounce, Chandler, and many other movies.  The Lodge at Pebble Beach was a frequently used location as well, and it was shown in National Velvet, Follow the Sun, and The Ghost.

In addition to seeing some famous spots, you will also get to see why so many directors have chosen to shoot there.  The staggering beauty of Monterey’s landscape and the temperate climate make it an ideal place to live and to film.

The Whale Watching Adventure is yet another reason to travel to the area.  This guided tour, which lasts between two and a half and three hours, is spent looking out on the water at the Humpbacks as well as the Blue and Gray whales.  What you see will depend on the time of year, but you can expect to see a variety if you visit between May and January.  You may even see whales breaking the surface and getting very close to the boats so you can take a look at them up close.  This is an excellent activity for all ages and is especially enjoyable for children.

Visit Monterey this year and you will be so glad you did.  For more information on this fabulous location, go to and start planning your next vacation!

Affordable Tours Feature San Francisco Highlights

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

It is almost impossible to get to everything on one trip to San Francisco, but for those who are interested in a tour that provides a comprehensive overview of the city, the San Francisco City Tour is an excellent choice.  It departs several times daily from Fisherman’s Wharf and takes you past many of the major landmarks in the city, most notably the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, and the Palace of Fine Arts.  It is often possible to stop at the Golden Gate Bridge and Twin Peaks, weather and traffic permitting.

This tour lasts for three and a half hours and is a great way to see many of the city’s landmarks under the tutelage of a friendly and informative tour guide.  The tour provides tremendous value and covers a wide variety of locations of interest, including but not limited to: Nob Hill, Golden Gate Park, the Financial District, the Opera House, and Union Square. 

There is so much to see on this tour that you will never be bored.  I would give this exciting tour two thumbs up for covering a whole day’s worth of activities in under four hours.  When you finish your tour, head over to Chinatown for an incredible Chinese meal as a perfect end to the day!

San Francisco is a place that everyone needs to visit at least once.  For more information on how to make your San Francisco vacation the best that it can be, visit

Breathtaking Sights in Oahu

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Evergreen: Fly Non-Stop To 10 West Coast Cities

Oahu is the island where the capital of Hawaii is located and often called “The Gathering Place.”The island attracts visitors from all over the world because they enjoy its unique culture, natural beauty and Aloha spirit.

Oahu Tours can help provide you with a vacation of lifetime.There are so many amazing things to do here especially outdoors as the landscape is absolutely stunning.You can explore through the rainforests, walk along the beach, swim and surf on the crystal blue waters, soar over the island in a helicopter, or drift out onto the Pacific Ocean on a sunset cruise.No matter what you decide to do while visiting Oahu, you will not be disappointed.

One of the most popular activities people take part in while visiting the area is the Oahu Experience Helicopter Tour.As the chopper ascends into the Pacific air, you will witness breathtaking views of the island.You will fly along the Windward Coast to Sacred Falls – the 80 foot waterfall that lies at the end of a narrow canyon within Sacred Falls National Park.The sight of the water plummeting down the rocks is extremely captivating.

The helicopter will also fly you by Kahana Rainforest, Kaneohe Bay – the Marine Corps Base, Makapu’u Lighthouse, Koko Crater which is so large it contains a horse stable and Koko Crater Botanical Garden, Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Waianae Coast and Waianae Bay.Also during this hour long helicopter tour, you will see the world famous North Shore surf breaks. You will be creating some of the most cherished memories of your life up in the bright blue sky looking down on the vivid colors of Oahu below.

Another great tour offered by Oahu Tours is the Pearl Harbor & Circle Island Tour.This combo package takes you to the USS Arizona Memorial and also allowing you to board the memorial.You will view the sights of Pearl Harbor and be taken back to that fateful day which began our involvement in World War II.The second part of the tour is less somber as you will see all sorts of wonderful views of the thriving tropical rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, volcanic craters and so much more!This tour is a must for anyone visiting Oahu!

In the Oahu North Shore Shark Adventure, you will travel 3 ½ miles out into the Pacific Ocean where you will be placed in the water inside a large shark cage.This is perfect for thrill seekers and those who thrive on adventure!You will get nose-to-nose to sharks as they swim up to and past the cage.Hawaiian Green Sea turtles, varieties of tropical fish, dolphins and humpback whales may also come into view making this excursion even more spectacular!

For another adventure, try out the Maui-Hana Adventure.You will take the winding road from Oahu to Hana and be able to tell everyone that you survived the Road to Hana.The Hana Highway is a 68-mile winding coastal highway that is world famous for the natural beauty of its immaculate landscapes and towering waterfalls.The sights surrounding the road are unlike anything you have ever seen.They are absolutely indescribable and will make the most stunning views you have witnessed seem trivial and irrelevant.Be ready to make plenty of stops to jump off waterfalls, swim in lagoons and stroll along the beaches as it takes over 3 hours each way on the Hana Highway because it is so curvy.

Oahu Tours can provide you with the most adventure you have ever experienced or a more relaxing vacation than you ever imagined.Reserve your vacation today at


Spooky Ghost Tours in Historic Savannah, Georgia

Friday, November 14th, 2008

There are several other options including the Ghostly Trolley Tour and the Savannah Scary Ghost Tour which stops at several known haunted locations, including the Morgue Tunnel and Colonial Park Cemetery. A favorite of many is the Spirit Stroll, because the narration along the way is informative and, of course, spooky! Those interested in the occult will not want to miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of one of these tours, and it is best to book in advance to assure a space.

Don’t forget to visit for more fun and unique ways to spend your vacation in Georgia.


Explore the Heart of Denali by Air

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

A trip to Denali, Alaska is a perfect opportunity to become one with nature.The beautiful valleys, mountains and sky in this area are truly an indescribable sight.Denali Tours can help make your already beautiful vacation even better as there are plenty of wonderful things to do during your visit.

If you want to see the beauty from above, try out The Air Tour.This private plane will fly along the Alaska Range into the heart of Denali Park.Down below there are stunning snow capped mountains, rushing streams and a variety of native wildlife.Everything you will be stamped into your memory for eternity as the sights are some of the most beautiful in the world.

The plane will soar past the massive glaciers and even may make it all the around Mt. McKinley.Seeing this peak is something few people see from the ground and is practically a sure thing from the air.Be one of the few by being a part of this miraculous flight.

Being able to explore above it all is such a spectacular experience!Not many people get to say they did something so awesome.Be one of the few to journey to it as well as experience the Alaskan wilderness by raft, mountain bike, kayak and so much more, by visiting your vacation activities from Denali Tours today!

Grand Tour of Montreal

Friday, November 7th, 2008

The French speaking city of Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada.  Because of this, there are plenty of wonderful activities for you to enjoy during your vacation.  You will get to experience a part of North America that you cannot find in many other places.  It is a great place to relax and get away from all your troubles.

Any newcomer to Montreal has to get a complete look at the city and all its charm.  On the Montreal Guided City Tour by Bus, you will explore the wonderful city and learn all about its history from your educated guide. 

Your bus will travel through Montreal showing you over 200 places of interest along with plenty opportunities to stop to take photos.  During the tour you will see and explore Old Montreal, the once-walled historic district of the city.  It is the center of the city located on the St. Lawrence River.             

The tour bus will also make a stop at Notre Dame Basilica.  This dramatic cathedral is full of bright, regal colors and its stained glass depicts the religious history of the city.  Another great photo opportunity is at Olympic Park.  This futuristic park was built for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games and still serves as a great focus for Montreal.  The Montreal Expos play their baseball games there and concerts are held there as well.  A 575 foot tower on the main stadium is the world’s tallest inclined tower that is accessible for those who want to view the spectacular sights of the city.

Other wonderful places you will see during this amazing tour include Mount Royal Park, Montreal Harbor, McGill University, Place Des Arts, St. Helen’s Island and City Hall.  You will be delighted on this tour as you will see the most important spots in Montreal.

No matter what you do in Montreal you are sure to enjoy yourself.  Make sure you have more than just an enjoyable time by booking your vacation activities with Montreal Tours.  Visit today!

Visit Mount Vernon through Williamsburg Tours

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Williamsburg, Virginia is significant for more reasons that just its legendary past.  In addition to the history that Williamsburg has given the United States, the city now gives award-winning, interactive tours of the times, offers incredible shopping, delicious eateries and many great cities surrounding it with plenty of things to do.

You must take advantage of the close proximity of Washington DC.  There are so many wonderful things to do and see in the District of Columbia like the Mount Vernon Cruise & Tour.  You will be treated as a VIP on this fully narrated Cruise to and from Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.  This package gives you full access of the Mount Vernon home and gardens as well as beautiful sights along the Potomac River.  During the ride, you are given breakfast or lunch as the snack bar features pastries, muffins, bagels, hot dogs, pizza, chips, candy, ice cold beer, soda, juice, bottled water and more!  What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

A visit to Williamsburg is a perfect way to spend a vacation and Williamsburg Tours can help make it be the greatest vacation you have ever had!  Visit to reserve your vacation fun today! 

Wine and Dine on Exciting Cruises and Shows in Ohio

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Ohio is a wonderful state to visit as it is full of great activities to do.  With several large cities within the state, there is no doubt that you will find plenty of fun and excitement during your stay.  Ohio Tours can help make that possible by providing you with an array of tours, activities and attraction tickets.

One of the most praised tours that you can be a part of is the Cleveland Lunch Cruise.  It is a perfect way to take a break from sightseeing, shows or visiting with friends and family while still experiencing the city.

Enjoy an excellent lunch and exceptional entertainment aboard a luxury ship with a crew available to cater to your every need.  A vacation is not a vacation without spending time kicking back and relaxing.  What is great about this ship is that there are enclosed spaces as well as open decks which are great for a stroll to check out the sites.  The ship will cruise under historic bridges as well as give you stunning views of the Cleveland skyline.  Instead of just seeing the beautiful city like everyone else does, this cruise gives you the chance of seeing the sights in a brand new way! 

Everyone is looking for fun things to do in the evening and what better way to have some excitement than with a dinner show?  The Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre in Columbus would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s vacation.  The show’s them changes throughout the year, so if you want to make another trip back some other time you can see something completely different!  In addition to wonderful entertainment, the food served to you is incredible!  Your trip to Ohio would not be complete with a thrilling night in Ohio’s original murder mystery dinner theatre. 

Another great way to spend an evening in Ohio is aboard the Cleveland Sunset Dinner Cruise.  The scrumptious buffet meal is completely unlimited so you can eat as much as you like throughout the evening.  While you wine and dine, amazing musical talent will provide entertainment for you and your party.

When you need to take a break from the large meal and dancing, take a step onto the outdoor decks of the ship.  A nice walk under the star filled night sky is a perfect addition to your perfect night.  What better way to spend an evening than enjoying delicious food, hearing engaging music and gazing at the beautiful night sky?

Since there are so many wonderful things to do while visiting Ohio, there is no doubt that you will have an excellent vacation.  Let Ohio Tours provide you with your vacation fun to ensure this is your best trip to date.   Visit and check out all there is to do in Ohio!

See the Badlands of South Dakota

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

You will find a vast array of vacation fun while visiting the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota.  Within the legendary pine clad mountains you will find six national parks, 101 miles of scenic highway, waterfalls, wildlife, renowned trails, streams to fish for trout and numerous Old West landmarks.

Rapid City Tours provides tours, activities and attraction tickets to the Black Hills and the wonderful areas surrounding it.  You can visit Mount Rushmore, explore the Crazy Horse Memorial, take a train to the beautiful Black Hills and Badlands, or kayak down the Missouri River.  With so many amazing opportunities at your disposal, you will have the most incredible vacation of your life!

The most popular tour offered by Rapid City Tours is the Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Tour by Bus.  The first stop along this fun tour is the Borglum Historical Center.  Here you will see art work and learn the history of Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore. 

After a look around the museum, it is then time for you to see the “Shrine of our Democracy.”  The sight of Mount Rushmore is simply stunning.  It is hard to believe that something so big, so realistic, so impressive can really be sitting right in front of you.  The faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln seem to gaze at the beautiful land surrounding them with pride. 

After viewing Mount Rushmore, you will then visit the Crazy Horse Memorial, the world’s largest mountain carving.  It has been a work in progress since 1948 and still has a long way to go.  If you think Mount Rushmore is big, then just wait until you see this carving as it is 10 times the size of Rushmore! 

Your tour isn’t completed after seeing Crazy Horse because there is still time to drive down Needles Highway where you will ride through many rock tunnels and 14 miles of rock formations.  You also get to see Iron Mountain Road where the tunnels frame the faces of Mount Rushmore.  It is an amazing experience getting to ride down these world renowned roads!

If you want to imagine something brilliant and fun then board the Black Hills 1880 Train!  This locomotive offers a true western experience which nothing else can compare.  The tour offers several different variations of this tour as it departs from both Keystone and Hill City and can either be one-way or round trip. 

As you ride the rugged landscape you can picture yourself back in the Old West.  You will be riding in a vintage train dating back to the late 1800s and witnessing steeping mountains, rolling hills and seemingly infinite breathtaking views all around you.  It is an enjoyable and memorable experience that everyone visiting the area should try!

Whether you want to experience a different time or see a piece of the nation’s history that reflects on our lives today, your trip to South Dakota is one to be cherished forever.  Make your dream vacation come true by visiting Rapid City Tours at today!

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