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Ghosts of Atlanta Walking Tour

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

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No sign of ghosts yet... just a Vampire :[

No sign of ghosts yet… just an innocent Vampire :[

“Are you a Believer?” That was the very first question posed to our group by our Ghosts of Atlanta Walking Tourguide, dressed up as a ghostly host from beyond. She was, of course, referring to believing in Ghosts. Being that this was Halloween Night 2011, I was of course dressed up as a cute, sultry Vampiress. “Discover the history of war, murder, suicide and the tragic spirits who were left behind.” So, did we spy a few spirits still haunting downtown ATL? Why would I spoil the surprise?? ;) Do YOU believe in Ghosts???

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Haunted Victorian House

Haunted Victorian House

I will, however, let you in on a few fun secrets… are you familiar with Ghost Hunting equipment? No, I’m not talking about Ghostbusters Proton Packs. I’m talking about EMF Meters, EVP Equipment, Radars, Temperature “Cold Spot” Gauges, and yes, there are even popular Apps for Ghost Hunting. We all got to try out some of this cool equipment along the way, and saw TONS of creepy old places in downtown Atlanta. One that still haunts my memory is the old abandoned Medical Arts Building on Peachtree Street. It is one of the few remaining oldest structures in Atlanta, and has been vacant for over 20 years… or has it? Find out more tales of mystery and gore on the tour. We also saw a hotel where there was a deadly fire where hauntings still occur, as well as several cemetery sites and haunted Victorian-style houses that have so far survived being renovated or torn down. And that is is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what you will see and learn on the tour.

Guests are also highly encouraged to take photos all along the way. InfraRed cameras may be hard for the average person to feel the need to indulge in for ghost hunting. However, a little brightening in Photoshop for night photos can sometimes do the trick. The photos below are an example. The one of the left is the original photo taken at night of a haunted cemetery on the tour, said to have several ghosts of Civil War soldiers. The one on the right is the same photo, simply brightened up a bit with Photoshop. Is the camera lens suddenly dirty (while all of the other photos were perfectly clear), or are the small “orbs” in the photo more than meets the eye? You be the judge. One thing is certain – you could choose to enjoy some coffee or “spirits” at the nearby Café Intermezzo afterward. Welcome to the Dark Side of Atlanta…

Dirt on the camera lens, or Ghost Orbs?

Dirt on the camera lens, or Ghost Orbs?

Announcing our new twitter contest – #boohaiku

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Announcing our new Twitter Contest – #BooHaiku! All the information you need to know is in the video, but just in case, here’s the contest details again.

Write your best #boohaiku and submit it via Twitter by adding the hashtag – #boohaiku. If you need more room for your poem, you don’t have to add the @reserve123, just make sure you add #BOOHAIKU, please!

The contest starts today and ends this Thursday at 6 p.m. (EST). The grand prize is two tickets to or $50 off any of our ghost tours around the world! To see all of our ghost tours, just head right over here.

So there, my little Edgar Allan Poe or Shakespeare (whatever floats your boat), go forth and start brainstorming. We want your funniest, scariest, or weirdest haikus that are Halloween related. You’re only 17 syllables away from going on any ghost tour in the world!

Need a little incentive? Here are our Top Ten Ghost Tours:

1. Savannah, Georgia -Savannah Scary Ghost Tour
2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -
Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour Philadelphia
3. Salem, Massachusetts -
Salem Haunted Footsteps Walking Tour
4.Charleston, South Carolina -
Haunted Old City Jail Waling Tour
5. New Orleans, Louisiana -
Vampire Tour
Las Vegas, Nevada –Haunted Vegas Ghost Tour & Show
7. London, England -
Jack the Ripper Whitechapel Walking Tour
8. Prague, Czech Republic -
Prague Walking Ghost Tour
9. Paris, France -
Private Catacombs Walking Tour
10. Bucharest, Romania –
Dracula Weekend Transylvania

If you need some inspiration, here’s another haiku we wrote:

“Fat Cat”

Poor fat cat
Too fat
Fast car on the road
Slow cat
So sad…
Poor fat cat

:) I wrote that one! *bows* Thank you.

Write your #boohaiku and submit it today for your chance to win Ghost Tour tickets!

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The Story Behind the Mercer Williams House

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

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Mercer-Williams House by Chris Carr Photography

Mercer-Williams House by Chris Carr Photography

The haunted Mercer Williams House in Savannah, Ga is famous for its architecture and more recently for the murder that happened there in May 1981.

In 1860, the architect John Norris built the house for Civil War General Hugh W. Mercer, the great grandfather of songwriter Johnny Mercer. Construction was delayed and the house was eventually sold to John Wilder who finished its construction.

Jim Williams

Jim Williams

The eccentric art and antique collector Jim Williams, known for his extravagant parties, purchased the house in the 1969 and began renovation; it became one of the 50 houses he bought and renovated in Savannah. In 1981, Danny Hansford was shot in the study of the Mercer House, and Williams became a suspect. Hansford was Williams’s personal assistant and lover, and some believe his death was the result of a lovers’ quarrel. Williams was tried four times, the only person in the state of Georgia with the record, where his last trial in Augusta, Ga took the judge approximately one hour to come back with a verdict of not guilty. He was announced a free man ten days after the 8th anniversary of Hansford’s death.

Six months later, Williams died from pneumonia and heart failure, and it is said that he died in the same spot where Hansford was shot almost ten years earlier. The deaths of Hansford and Williams go much deeper than what has been told, and there was talk of a voodoo priestess summoning Hansford’s old spirit to hopefully reconcile with his former lover. No one really knows what happened in the Mercer-Williams House except for Williams and Hansford who took the secret with them to the grave.

Mercer House by swampzoid

Mercer House by swampzoid

It is said that Williams and Hansford’s spirits still roam around the house. There are rumors that all of the lights would turn on around the time of Williams’ annual Christmas parties. If you want to learn more about the mysterious deaths of Williams and Hansford and see the Mercer Williams House, take our Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Walking Tour. Your tour guide talks about the many hauntings all over Savannah, but pays extra attention to the details of this mysterious tale.

Savannah’s #1 Fall Destination – Top Ten Things To Do

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

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East Jones Street in Savannah, Ga

East Jones Street in Savannah, Ga

Autumn is in the air. I mean, it really is. Georgia has been in  a state of cool weather this whole week which puts most of everyone in the office in the mood for Fall!

Travel+ Leisure Magazine announced that Savannah is America’s #1 Fall Destination! Read about it here. In honor of this announcement, here is a Top Ten List of Things To Do from one of our office employees Kris, Reserve 123 social media ninja, Savannahian, and the person who is writing this post.

Kris’s Savannah Top Ten
1. Ordering lavender ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream Parlor.
2. Smuggling fried chicken in my purse at Mrs. Wilkes.
3. Getting tattooed at Anonymous Tattoo.
Wandering down up and down Bull Street and Drayton Street.
Driving through Oglethorpe Avenue and Liberty Street.
Grabbing water and reading magazines at the fancy Parker’s on Drayton Street.
Eating breakfast at the once fire station, now J. Christopher’s.
Eating an unhealthy amount of donuts at Baker’s Pride.
9. Looking at old knick knacks at The Paris Market
Watching weird movies at the Sentient Bean’s Psychotronic Film Night

Reserve 123 is working on City Guides and we have one for Savannah! Here are some of our popular Savannah Tours perfect for the Fall:

Savannah Scary Ghost Tour (One of our more popular tours)
Savannah Movie Tour (See where the modern classic movies were filmed)
Foody Tour in Savannah (Sample food from Savannah’s finest restaurants)
Savannah Riverboat Moonlight Entertainment Cruise (open until October!)

Click here to see all of our Savannah Tours/Packages.

We love Savannah and want you to enjoy your stay too, so if you have any questions or some helpful pointers, leave them in that too convenient comment box.

- Kris

Halloween Haunts for Hire!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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Trick or treat?! We usher in the Fall season with massive planning efforts for Halloween over the coming weeks.  For those who don’t plan on staying home to hand out candy this year, here are a few of the places you can go to get spooked:

Plymouth, Massachusetts: Ghosts, orbs, and grave sites, oh my! On the Fright Night Halloween Ghost Tour in Plymouth, you can get an education on the different types of ghosts that stalk the area around Burial Hill.  Mystery and macabre come together on this lantern-lit walk where you can photograph the area and, later, watch for orbs of light in the developed pictures.

Washington, DC: On another walk, the Georgetown Ghost Walk, you will learn about the ghosts and spirits still haunting our US capital.  A trip through DC’s finest Victorian style neighborhood reveals much about the interesting lives of its now-dead inhabitants as they sometimes reveal themselves in spirit form.

Dallas: Whether you choose a Halloween-themed show like Keith & Margo’s Halloween Mystery Dinner Adventure or to put a different spin on things with the Haunting & Healing Paranormal Event in Dallas, you’re in for a good time for sure.  The dinner show includes an hors d’oeuvres reception, full 3-course sit-down dinner and dessert, and live entertainment in the form of an interactive live action murder mystery where you get to solve the crime and figure out whodunit.  The Haunting & Healing event gives you face time with four paranormal experts, which has been enjoyed by the likes of the queen of England and Dr. Seuss.  The experts channel their unique energy into a powerful grid of light and healing for all to witness.  It is truly a sight to behold.

London: If you happen to be overseas this Halloween, check out the Medieval Halloween Banquet in London.  The Brits do it up right with a celebration of the 500th anniversary of King Henry VIII taking possession of the throne.  Live entertainment, a night of disco, and a four-course banquet menu, along with unlimited beer and wine during the meal, make this a festive event to be enjoyed by all.  Not to mention the cast of characters in full dress, which adds to the delightfully scary atmosphere of it all.

No matter where you go or what you do, be sure to make it a scary day for the record books.  If you would like more information on any of these tours, visit and tour type search for “Halloween.”

Spooky Ghost Tours in Historic Savannah, Georgia

Friday, November 14th, 2008

There are several other options including the Ghostly Trolley Tour and the Savannah Scary Ghost Tour which stops at several known haunted locations, including the Morgue Tunnel and Colonial Park Cemetery. A favorite of many is the Spirit Stroll, because the narration along the way is informative and, of course, spooky! Those interested in the occult will not want to miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of one of these tours, and it is best to book in advance to assure a space.

Don’t forget to visit for more fun and unique ways to spend your vacation in Georgia.


Feel the European Vibe in Québec City

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Québec City delights visitors year after year.  The simple and charming style creates a city full of everything it takes to please its residents and tourists.  As a busy seaport, important location for research and complete with vibrant culture, it is a perfect spot to spend a vacation.  A variety of tours, activities and attraction tickets are offered by Québec City Tours.  Each of them would be an amazing addition to your vacation. 

If you are looking for something fun and unique to do one evening, try out the Ghost Tales Walking Tour.  Be ready to get chills from this haunting walk through the dim streets of Québec City.  As you gingerly walk down the cobblestone streets and dark buildings, your guide, who is dressed for the occasion, will let you in on the secrets and legends from years and years ago. 

You will learn about an executed American whose spirit walks the streets at night and hear how the ghost of one man has been credited for thousands of unexplained fatalities.  The guide will also tell you the qualifications for a 1600s executioner and take you into one of Québec City’s most haunted buildings.  You will be completely fascinated throughout the tour as you will learn some of the more unknown history of the city. 

For a daytime adventure, try out the Whale Watching Cruise.  With two different embarking locations, one in Baie Ste-Catherine and the other from Tadoussac, this tour is completely convenient for you no matter where in Québec City you are staying.  The cruise gives you the opportunity to witness some of the greatest mammals in the world. 

The playful humpback whales will jump SO close to the boat that you are going to feel their splash, so be ready to get wet!  You will also get to see the graceful beluga whale, minke whale, fin whale and blue whale.  What a fantastic experience!

Quebec City Tours can not only make your trip fun and enjoyable, but one with memories to last a lifetime.  By visiting and reserving your tickets today, you will be that much closer to having your best vacation to date!

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