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Meet Tamesha – Best All Around Customer Service/Sweetest employee in the office

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Tamesha looking fab in the reservations department

If you called us, you may have had a chance to speak with Ms. Tamesha. She is truly one of the sweetest employees here. My first week here, she said a friendly ‘hello’ and we chatted during lunch.

Recently, she was announced Best All Around Customer Service and we got to talk about her job, travel and Las Vegas.

K – What do you do?

T- I’m a Reservations Agent for the customer service department. I answer calls and they have questions about tours and activities we offer. Our job is to answer them to the best of our knowledge, and if we don’t know the answer, we call vendors and help them get their answer. I also do advise and assist which means that if in the off chance that a tour is no longer available, I’ll call them and we try to find something else they might like.

K- Which one do you like to do more?

T – I like them both because either way I’m interacting with the customers. =)

K – I figured you might like doing advise and assist more because you get to chat more and find different tours for people.

T – You do. You get to do a little more investigating because you go through the tours online and the city guides to help them figure out what they would want.

K – How long have you been working at Reserve 123?

T – It’s been 3 years.

K – What is your favorite part about your job?

T – Talking on the phone. Talking. I just like to talk! Haha You get to talk to really interesting people, and learn about their life stories, why they’re going on vacation. I like to get the feeling about why and where they are going.

K – So you get to know them a little bit more…

T – Yes, you’re not supposed to spend too much time on the phone (haha), but you know. It’s nice getting to know people, so they’re people and not just customers.

K – What does customer service means to you?

T – I just do my job to the best of my ability. I try to help the customer as much as I possibly can and making sure they are satisfied, and I always keep a positive attitude.

K – Have you had an exciting call that you remember?

T – It was for an Alcatraz tour, I don’t remember what his name was, but he was a Food Network celebrity. I like watching Food Network,  I didn’t know who he was. Kim knew of him though.

(Side note: I remember walking into the break room and Kim was watching Food Network, so I completely believe that Kim would know the host!)

K – What’s your favorite calls to get?

[Michelle walks in and gives Tamesha a hug. "I love this girl. This is like the sweetest girl in this place." Michelle and Tamesha talk about Michelle's pregnancy. By the way, Michelle is having a girl!]

T – I  have had one call with an elderly couple who joked around with each other. It was so sweet. When I get to that age, I want to be able to have as much fun as they do. =)

K – What’s your favorite destination and why?

T – I haven’t had the opportunity to travel as much as I’d like to,  but I recently went to Las Vegas and I really love it there. It’s probably because of all the bright lights and no one ever sleeps! I guess you can call me a night owl.

K – Besides the lights, what was one of your favorite things about Las Vegas?

T – I really loved the M&M factory! Hahaha They had all the different colors and types of M&Ms. They had pink M&Ms, cause you know you never see pink ones and I love pink! I also liked the cabaret show at Treasure Island. You always see that type of stuff on tv but being there and seeing it live is really cool.

K – What’s your favorite tour or what tour would you like to do?

T – I would love to go snorkeling in Oahu.

K – What’s your personal advice to travelers?

T – Bring lots and lots of money. Hahaha When you go somewhere, you always see something extra you want to do, so always have extra money on hand!

K – Where would you like to go on vacation?

T – Fiji! I love the beautiful, clear water. Love it.

K -Last question: what are three qualities you need for excellent customer service?

T – A positive attitude, a loving smile/voice, and being able to communicate effectively. :)

If you’d like to browse tours in Las Vegas, click here.

If you’d like to go do other things in Hawaii besides snorkeling (like stand up paddling!) You can see them here.


Meet Allison

Friday, August 19th, 2011


Conference room with intimidating art and giant metal vases

The first time I stepped into the Alcatraz Media office, after the creepy hallway, and Sacki’s happy face, I was interviewed by two bubbly personalities, one of them being Allison. I was so intimidated by the large picture of pencils in the conference room, but Allison and Michelle made a job interview into a friendly chat.   Not many people can do that, and if you can… well, kudos. (I don’t really have anything witty to say about that.)


Fun Fact: Allison emails everyone in the office that it’s your birthday. See? Epitome of friendly…

K – What do you do?

A – I am the Operations and Administrative Assistant. I help pretty much everyone in the department. I handle most of our credit card chargebacks, so that’s what takes up a portion of my day.

K- How long have you been working here?

A – I started in February, so it’ll be six months next week!

K – COngrats!

A – Thanks!

K – What’s your favorite part of the job?

A – I love the travel and hospitality industry. I love looking at all the tours and seeing where everyone is going. I love all the people who work here. It makes it fun to work…when you like all of your coworkers. haha

K – What’s the fastest form of communication for you in the office – skype or email?

A – Hahaha Skype. Definitely.

K – Are you a Mac or PC person? This is a very big question.

A – It is a very big question…It’s a heated question. I have a PC, but my husband a big, huge iMac that I like using because it’s all fast and snazzy. But I love my PC too. I also have an iPhone, so I’m kind of an Apple convert. I’m in the middle! I have the best of both worlds!

K – If everyone were to play hide and seek in the office, where would you hide?

A – Oh my gosh…. umm… I’m thinking.

K – I’m here to ask the big questions.

A – I know. No one has ever asked me that before. I guess…. I would hide in the cabinets in the kitchen. =)

K- That’s good to know. Now you can’t hide there because I’ll know.

A – Well, it’ll be on a day when you’re not here. (ah ha, touche Allison, but I revealed your secret to everyone, You must hide elsewhere!)

K – What’s you favorite coffee drink?

A – I like just regular coffee, or I guess iced coffee the most.

K – What is the first and last thing you do when you enter and leave the office.

A – First thing I do every morning is I have to say good morning to Modesty or she yells at me. hahaha I walk right by her because she always gets her first. And the last thing I do is forget to lock my filing cabinet hahah because  I am always doing that.

K – We were to all have a group office field trip, where would you want all of us to go?

A – Hmm an all inclusive resort like… in Fiji. =)  Got that, Ryan!

K –  What is your catchphrase?

A – Probably ‘awesome’. I say that whether the news is good or bad. ha

K – What is Michelle’s catchphrase?

A – I don’t know. She always talk about tv shows, so not a specific phrase. Maybe like ‘How I Met Your Mother’  or ‘True Blood’.

K – If heaven exits, what would you like to hear God say at the Pearly Gates?

A – Good job.

- Kris

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