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Orlando Dining and Entertainment

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


By the time you finish your day of sightseeing in Orlando, you should be ready to sit back and relax as you enjoy a deliciously satisfying meal.  In Orlando, there are many dining options, several of which combine quality food and top-notch entertainment into one enjoyable evening.

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Orlando, which is set on a large, fully-rigged pirate ship, is made complete with an excellent Broadway-quality show of epic proportions.  The classic story of good and evil, which is presented with the perfect mix of comedy, action, romance, and adventure, will leave dinner guests in stitches.  The show’s cast includes Princess Anita and Sebastian the Black – the leader of the unruly pirate gang.  At the end of the evening, you can join together with the cast for the Buccaneer Bash and a chance to party the night away.

In stark contrast to the pirates’ treachery, your trip to Orlando can be rounded out with an appearance at Disney World’s Chef Mickey Character Dinner.  A chance to dine with Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and Chip & Dale, this dining extravaganza is perfect for kids and those who feel young at heart.  Your evening begins when you are picked up from your hotel in a classy 5-star stretch limousine for a ride over to Downtown Disney and a chance to walk around Disney’s Marketplace.  Then you will be taken over to Disney’s Chef Mickey restaurant for a tasty buffet dinner and dessert bar with your favorite Disney friends.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy an evening of dining and entertainment during your time in Orlando if you know where to look.  Visit for more exciting options to choose from.

Breathtaking Views from Up Above

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

The internationally renowned resort city of Las Vegas has always been known for its lavish clubs, vast amount of gamblers and big shows thus giving it the nickname, Sin City.  What people may not realize is that when you visit Vegas, there is much more than that.  There are wonderful locations in and around the area that are so beautiful and even more beautiful from the view above.   

One of the greatest places on earth and has even been named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is close by.  The Grand Canyon serves as a favorite vacation spot for many travelers in the area. 

On the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas you will get a view of the Canyon that few people ever get to see.  This is the premier helicopter tour as it takes you further and deeper into the Canyon than any other helicopter tour.  You will get views of beautiful Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  As you soar above and through the massive Grand Canyon, you will gaze into the magnificent array of colors that seem to be painted on this canvas of a landscape.  The sights are astounding and are sure to leave you speechless.  After gliding over the wonder your tour comes to an end, but not before you observe the bright lights and gleaming signs of the Vegas Strip.  This is a wonderful tour through and through!

The lights of Vegas are a spectacular sight and are even more stunning at night.  The Vegas Nights Helicopter Flight of Las Vegas Strip is a great way to get a truly unique view of brightest city on Earth.  Though your flight is short, it is all you need to experience the wondrous, glittering view.  You will soar over the Strip and downtown Glitter Gulch.  The gleaming, shimmering lights of the dramatic city are nothing short of breathtaking.  On this magnificent helicopter ride, you will enjoy VIP treatment and complimentary drinks.  The spacious 7-seater chopper is perfect for a group of friends wanting a memorable way to see the city, or a romantic evening for a loving couple. 

There is nothing like seeing striking spots than from above them.  Lost Wages Tours aerial views can provide you with memories to last a lifetime!

Visit a Turning Point in America’s History

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

People know Gettysburg as the turning point of the Civil War.  There are many historical locations in the city that are perfect spots to spend your vacation.  If you are looking for a thrilling trip full of the adventure from the past, then a visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is an excellent choice for you to make.

Gettysburg Tours offers a wide variety of tours and attractions in the area which are guaranteed to make your vacation one of the best you will ever have.  You can be thrilled during one of the ghost tours and guided history tours around the city, or take a trip to Washington DC through Gettysburg Tours.

While visiting the area, you should try out the Gettysburg Guided Tour by Bus.  You will travel through the historic fields watching America’s past come to life right before your eyes.  From the inside of your comfortable and roomy tour coach, you will ride past the spot where the Battle of Gettysburg took place.  Your licensed Gettysburg National Military Park Guide will give you details regarding the battle that determined the fate of the United States during the Civil War.  This is the perfect way to learn about this notorious conflict between the North and the South.  A visit to Gettysburg is not complete without it.

Another great experience you will have in Gettysburg is the Candlelight Ghost Tour.  This guided tour will take you to some of the most haunted spots in the city.  This tour is not for those scared easily as it is extremely chilling! 

The period dressed storytellers will walk you back in time down the dark streets of Gettysburg.  Not only will you hear the legends and tales that go date back to the times of the Civil War, but your guides will tell you firsthand experiences they have had with the spirits that haunt the area.  For an interesting, entertaining and enjoyable evening, this ghost walk is absolutely perfect. 

Gettysburg Tours will help you have the vacation of a lifetime.  Reserve your tour and attraction tickets today at 

Entertaining Dinner Shows Across the Globe

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Everyone needs something fun and entertaining to do during their vacation evenings.Many venture off to experience the city’s nightlife while others simply enjoy a nice dinner out and head to bed earlier to be ready for the next day’s activities.One thing that everyone seems to enjoy is a thrilling dinner show.

Dinner shows can be appreciated by people of all ages with all sorts of interests.Wherever you plan on vacationing, you can see if there is a dinner show near you on the Dinner Shows’ website to take your group out for an evening full of fun!

One of the most popular locations with hundreds of dinner shows is Branson, Missouri.This is a great place to have some fun on a riverboat, in a theater, or any other fun venue.Aboard the Branson Belle Riverboat, you can enjoy an elegant cruise, delicious food and non-stop entertainment.

Additionally, you can watch western classics during one of the many Chuckwagon shows that are performed in cities all over the U.S.

Another great location for a dining show is Nashville, Tennessee.Like Branson, this city is full of great shows that everyone in the family will love.For a blast from the past, the Cowboy Town Wild West Show & Campfire Supper is a great choice.The General Jackson Dinner Cruise & Show is another great opportunity.The showboat will float along the Cumberland River providing you with an excellent meal and even better Broadway style performances.

Dinner Shows offers many types of entertainment so you can pick and choose which one best fits your interests.Additional locations include Atlanta, Orlando, Richmond, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii and many, many more!

Each of the shows listed on Dinner Shows’ website,, are extremely popular so if you find one that strikes your fancy, reserve it soon as they sell out quickly.

Family Fun in the Florida Keys

Monday, October 6th, 2008

If you are looking for a vacation spot with sun, sand and surf complete with complete relaxation, fun activities and fantastic scenery then look no more!  A trip to the Florida Keys is just what you need!  Florida Keys Tours can make your dream vacation come true as there are loads of tours, activities and attraction tickets are at your disposal.

On the Glass Bottom Boat Discovery tour, you will see up-close the magnificent diverse underwater world.  The vibrant coral reef, stunning exotic fish and hundreds of varieties of aquatic life is just under your feet.  During your cruise along the smooth waters, you will be treated to complimentary champagne or soft drinks along with cheese a crackers.  Your evening will be complete with the breathtaking sunset reflecting off the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

For this different kind of Florida Keys fun, you can take part in the Ghostly Legends of Key West Tour.  You can engage yourself in a different aspect of the keys with a stroll through the dim and gloomy streets of Old Town, Key West where the real estate dates back to the Kings of Spain. 

Your ghost tour makes stop at the Audubon House, the old city morgue, the Marrero House where the spirit of Enriquetta lives, St. Paul’s Cemetery, the Otto Mansion where you may discover the real “Chucky,” and other hidden spots that only a local can show you.  You will hear tales of the haunted Victorian mansions, learn the legends of pirates, and wonder about ancient local voodoo.  This tour will show you all the peculiar and eerie parts of Key West, something that cannot be missed!

While visiting the Keys, one thing that you absolutely must do is ride the crystal clear waters on a high speed Jetski.  The Key West Jetski Tours will circle around stunning Key West.  You will spot porpoises, rays, fish, and maybe even a shark or two.  Halfway through the tour, you will take a rest and stop for a swim in the pristine waters.  You will be able to search for shells and sand dollars in the nearby sandbar or swim after the many tropical fish.   The guides will take you to places that you can’t see from the shore and the only way to find out about them is to take the tour yourself!

Florida Keys Tours also provides you with the opportunity to rent Jetskis on your own so you can explore the area at your own pace.  We offer SeaDoo and Yamaha four-stroke Jetskis that can reach the speed of 50 mph.  Your Jetski will hold two adults or one adult with two children so the whole family can ride! 

If you are looking for fun and affordable transportation then try out the Key West Boat Shuttles.  They depart from Fort Myers, Marco Island, Miami, and of course, Key West.  The boat shuttles offer a fun, fast and affordable way to get to where you want to go, while providing you with some excellent scenery along the way.  Each vessel is complete with heating and air conditioning, gift shop, café, large flat screen satellite televisions, state-of-the-art electronics, indoor and outdoor seating, bar and information desk to get all your questions answered.  Remember, getting there is only half the fun!

Book your dream vacation today through Florida Keys Tours at today.

Blast to the Past

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

In the state of Kansas you will find a great deal of fun activities for you to take part in during your stay.  Kansas is known for its vast and open plains.  Kansas Tours can provide you with a wide array of fun tours, activities and attraction tickets for you to enjoy during your vacation.

One of the most popular things that visitors to Kansas take part in is the Train Excursion from Abilene.  The ride to Enterprise, Kansas and back will be in a beautifully restored 100 year old train car.  This blast from the past will make you feel like you are travelling many years ago which is quite thrilling. 

As the train rides through the open Kansas plains, you will pass through the Smokey Hill River Valley.  The Hills were named for their smoky appearance during sunrise and sunset.  They provide a lovely transition between the assortments of grass within the prairies.  While you ride through the Valley, you will see an array of bright wildflowers which are equally as beautiful as the rest of the land you are riding on aboard the train.

After arriving in Enterprise, you can take your time to visit the shops, eat at the restaurants, or explore the area.  Even though it is such a neat place, you will be looking forward to your ride back through the wilderness of Kansas because it is so breathtaking.

For a wonderful experience, try out the Kansas Wagon Train Weekend .  Your weekend will be one to remember after spending time on the open plains living the simple frontier life. 

Your ride on the authentic covered wagon is a wonderful way for you to bond with your family or friends.  The wagons move slowly so there is not much physical activity but people do alternate turns riding the wagon and walking along it, just like they did when it was the only mode of transportation. 

Your destination is a large campground where you will spend the night.  Your evening will be full of fun entertainment including singers and storytellers.  A cook is on hand to prepare your traditional and scrumptious meal for the evening and the next morning.

If you want to get a taste of how our ancestors lived on the land then try out this covered wagon trip!

For more fantastic opportunities to explore the Kansas prairies on covered wagon, train, or even railbus, then visit Kansas Tours’ website at

Williamsburg: Where History Comes to Life

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Williamsburg, Virginia is significant for more reasons that just its legendary past.  In addition to the history that Williamsburg has given the United States, the city now gives award-winning, interactive tours of the times, offers incredible shopping, delicious eateries and many great cities surrounding it with plenty of things to do.

Williamsburg Tours can provide you with a wide array of sightseeing tours, activities and attraction tickets that can help make your vacation be your absolute favorite!  You can explore 301-acre Colonial Williamsburg, take a trip to see Washington D.C., or spend a romantic evening under the stars.

There are three Colonial Williamsburg ticket packages:  the Freedom Pass for Colonial Williamsburg, the Governor’s Key to the City for Colonial Williamsburg and the Capital City Ticket.  A very popular package is the Governor’s Key as it is a 2-day pass.  This is great if you didn’t get to see everything you wanted on your first day. 

While you are visiting, you will have access to every single exhibit, daytime programs and museums as well as having a 50% discount on most of the evening programs.  You can see up to 40 different historic buildings like the Capitol, Raleigh Tavern and Great Hopes Plantation.  In addition, you will walk through the gardens, all the original 18th Century sites, and watch the movie Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot.  This is a wonderful way to learn about the United States as well as spending time with your family.

If you are looking for a unique way to spend an evening, look no further because the Dinner Cruise from Norfolk is perfect for you!  You will be treated like VIP aboard the luxurious cruise vessel.  While dining on a scrumptious buffet meal, live performers will entertain you.  After you have enjoyed your meal, a DJ will provide you with great music so you can dance the night away! 

After dancing like there’s no tomorrow, you may need a bit of a break.  The decks of the ship provide an excellent outlet for you to take some time to relax from the exciting evening.  Some of the renowned spots the ship passes by will include Waterside, Nauticus, Old Fort Norfolk and Portsmouth Marine Terminal.  A stroll along the deck watching the night lights of the city drift by as well as the glittering night sky is a perfect ending to a fantastic evening!

A visit to Williamsburg is a perfect way to spend a vacation and Williamsburg Tours can help make it be the greatest vacation you have ever had!  Visit to reserve your vacation fun today!

Invigorating Rafting Trip in Taos

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

The ‘Town of Taos’ is rich with art, steeped with history, and is seated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.It has something for everyone.The area is home to an assortment of mountain resorts perfect for winter sports and wilderness adventures.Taos also contains many hot springs, an art colony and a 1,000 year old village and trade center.Such a neat and interesting place is definitely worth a visit!

For an exhilarating aquatic adventure, try out the Race Course Whitewater Rafting trip.Your guides will provide you with all the instructions and equipment needed for this invigorating experience.A lifejacket is given to every passenger so don’t worry, the ride is safe.Also, anyone over the age of 12 can participate making it a fantastic family activity!

This is perfect for those who have been rafting in the past as well as first timers.The three hour quest through the unpredictable rapids gives you a thrill of a lifetime!Not only will you have fun paddling through the whitewater of the Rio Grande, you will also catch glimpses of the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Taos Tours can provide you with even more thrilling excursions in addition to some calmer, more relaxed ones as well.Your vacation can be perfect by reserving your activities through Taos Tours at

Endless Fun at Stone Mountain Park

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Everyone who travels to the Atlanta area should visit Stone Mountain Park.  It is a great theme park with so many activities you could turn it into your whole vacation.  With all of the Park’s attractions, there is something perfect for all ages and all tastes.

On a hot summer day, the most wonderful feeling is dipping into a cool, refreshing pool or lake.  Stone Mountain has a full, manmade lake beach, complete with sand!  You can also ride the pedal boats around the smooth lake or take a splashy ride aboard one of the parks DUCKS.

For a bit more exercise, great during any time of the year, you can hike up the granite mountain, take part in the park’s new SkyHike where you can trek through the treetops, or play some mini-golf.  For a break, you can watch the park’s 4-D movie, take a ride on the riverboat, journey around the mountain by train, or get stunning aerial views from the mountain’s Skyride where you can see the Atlanta skyline and Appalachian Mountains. 

In the evening, dine at one of the many restaurants in the park, like Miss Katie’s, a homemade southern eatery, and then lay back in the lawn to watch the famous laser show.

Every September, the Yellow Daisy Festival is held inside the park grounds with vendors selling their homemade crafts.  Holiday season is a real treat at Stone Mountain; a giant tree of lights is placed on the very top of the mountain and a Christmas train ride will show you all the bright light displays around the mountain which ends with a steaming mug of hot chocolate!

The park has campgrounds and hotels if you decide you want to continue the fun into the next day.  Atlanta Tours offers you a full-day pass to partake in all of the above activities, plus more!  Visit for more information and to book your ticket.

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