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Savannah’s #1 Fall Destination – Top Ten Things To Do

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

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East Jones Street in Savannah, Ga

East Jones Street in Savannah, Ga

Autumn is in the air. I mean, it really is. Georgia has been in  a state of cool weather this whole week which puts most of everyone in the office in the mood for Fall!

Travel+ Leisure Magazine announced that Savannah is America’s #1 Fall Destination! Read about it here. In honor of this announcement, here is a Top Ten List of Things To Do from one of our office employees Kris, Reserve 123 social media ninja, Savannahian, and the person who is writing this post.

Kris’s Savannah Top Ten
1. Ordering lavender ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream Parlor.
2. Smuggling fried chicken in my purse at Mrs. Wilkes.
3. Getting tattooed at Anonymous Tattoo.
Wandering down up and down Bull Street and Drayton Street.
Driving through Oglethorpe Avenue and Liberty Street.
Grabbing water and reading magazines at the fancy Parker’s on Drayton Street.
Eating breakfast at the once fire station, now J. Christopher’s.
Eating an unhealthy amount of donuts at Baker’s Pride.
9. Looking at old knick knacks at The Paris Market
Watching weird movies at the Sentient Bean’s Psychotronic Film Night

Reserve 123 is working on City Guides and we have one for Savannah! Here are some of our popular Savannah Tours perfect for the Fall:

Savannah Scary Ghost Tour (One of our more popular tours)
Savannah Movie Tour (See where the modern classic movies were filmed)
Foody Tour in Savannah (Sample food from Savannah’s finest restaurants)
Savannah Riverboat Moonlight Entertainment Cruise (open until October!)

Click here to see all of our Savannah Tours/Packages.

We love Savannah and want you to enjoy your stay too, so if you have any questions or some helpful pointers, leave them in that too convenient comment box.

- Kris

Helicopter Tours of Sedona

Monday, September 21st, 2009


The most popular way to see Sedona by helicopter is through the Sedona Ancient Ruins Helicopter Tour which takes you through Secret Canyon’s enormous 2,000 foot walls and to Mogollon Rim and Secret Mountain before heading to Boynton Canyon to check out the ancient Sinagua Indian ruins.The trip will take place in a Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter and includes in-flight narrative by a knowledgeable pilot who is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

Another option is the Sedona Deluxe Helicopter Tour.This tour takes you through the most famous red rock formations in Sedona, the Bell and Cathedral Rocks.You will then descend into Secret and Boynton Canyons where you will see the ancient Sinagua Indian cliff dwellings.Along the way you will also see Courthouse Butte, The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Snoopy Rock, Submarine Rock, and finally the magnificent Bear Wallow Canyon.This is a photographer’s dream, as there are endless amounts of photo opportunities sprinkled throughout the 30 minute trip.

You can also take the Grand Helicopter Tour with Gourmet Lunch from Sedona and can choose between a 30 or 45 minute flight along with a full-day luxury coach tour from Sedona to the Grand Canyon.The tour begins with a scenic ride from Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon, the Ponderosa Pines of Flagstaff, the San Francisco Peaks and the gorgeous Aspen Groves before stopping at Tusayan to watch an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon.Entrance fees to Grand Canyon National Park are included in the price of tickets and you will also get a gourmet lunch at the historic El Tovar Lodge on the South Rim (Yavapai or Maswik Lodge for the regular lunch option)followed by a walk along the South Rim for a spectacular view and a visit to the historic Watchtower Observatory.The scenes you will see are indescribable, as if an artist hand painted them.You will not want to forget your camera to take still pictures or video, as you will likely not have a similar experience again. 

All of the above tours are accessible at

A Night of Entertainment; Romance in the Windy City

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


When we think about Chicago, there are a few things that immediately come to mind: the Cubs, the musical, and Chicago pizza.However, on your next trip to Illinois, get exposed to the other side of Chicago.The historic side.The romantic side.Chicago is a city with a lot to offer to residents and tourists.It is a city with a rich history and a wonderful story to tell, so if you have already experienced it by land, why not take a look from out on the water?

Chicago Dinner Cruise

Your Chicago Dinner Cruise begins at the historic Navy Pier on Lake Michigan where you are able to shop and explore before boarding.Once the cruise officially begins, you will dine and listen to the sounds of some hugely talented performers while seeing some of the highlights of the city like the Sears Tower and the Associates Center, which has been featured in movies and television and is now known as the Stone Container Building.You are also able to see the world famous Adler Planetarium and Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

You will be impressed by the impeccable service of the staff on board, as you are fully fed and entertained for the duration of the trip, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.This is a great opportunity to dress up and enjoy a night with loved ones.The view from the outside deck is enchanting, especially when it is dark and everything is illuminated.This is a great idea for a date night with a loved one whether you live in the Chicago area or are just visiting.The cruise lasts about 3 hours and the view alone makes it worth the trip to the city.

For more on this cruise and others, visit

Seattle Dinner Cruises

Monday, June 15th, 2009


Cruises around Seattle are a great way to unwind at the end of a long day of sightseeing.  Those looking for a way to relax and see the sights at night can take advantage of Seattle Dinner Cruises, which are offered year round and include special cruise packages for Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Valentine’s Day. 

See gorgeous Elliott Bay aboard a fully-equipped state-of-the-art boat with its smooth velvet seats, cork decks, granite bars, and beautiful marble dance floors to experience the dramatic views of the waterfront and Seattle’s city skyline.  This cruise is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, and it is also appropriate for a regular night out.  The food is delicious and freshly prepared by the chefs from Elliott’s Seafood Restaurant.  The staff on board are very accommodating and their goal is to make every guest happy and comfortable. 

For a twist on the traditional dinner cruise experience, check out the Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise in Seattle for a 3-hour cruise with 3-course dinner while enjoying an entertaining live murder mystery.  You can sit back and watch the mystery unfold, or you might end up being involved in the investigation! The actors do an excellent job of hiding the identity of the “murderer” and at the end of the night it is interesting to see what actually had happened. 

Depending on the day, type of tour, and season, you will find these cruises departing at 4, 6, 7, 7:30 or 8 pm.  The price of tickets includes your meal and beverages.  Book early at to ensure availability on the date you are requesting. 

Good Times Aboard the Branson Belle

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

If you are in the mood for a relaxing and entertaining journey while you are in Branson, check out the Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise.  This old-style paddle-wheeler is a great way to get around and see an exquisite view of the shoreline and Table Rock Lake.  Separated into 3 decks, this 700-seat showboat provides an excellent view of the stage from anywhere on the boat. 

While on board, you will enjoy the musical stylings of “Showstoppers,” a dinner show featuring close to 50 musical numbers for your listening pleasure.  The performances are amazing and range from award-winning hits to Broadway favorites.  The show also includes dance and acrobatics as well as the Showboat Branson Belle Quartet and accompaniment by a live band.

The Showboat Branson Belle allows the family just what it needs; a relaxing night on the water to see the surrounding area.  At the same time you will be entertained and all of your needs will be tended to by the excellent staff on board.  This dinner cruise is recommended for anyone wishing to have a relaxing evening with the people they love.

Visit for more on this and other family-friendly tours and activities in the Branson area. 

Tours of Savannah by Riverboat

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

TripMama Fall Banner

For a relaxing and entertaining way to see the beautiful city of Savannah, book a space on the Savannah Riverboat Dinner Cruise.  This scenic joyride presents the perfect combination of food, live entertainment, and sightseeing.The view from the boat is incredible and gives guests a wonderful opportunity to relax and dine with amazing views in the background.

Plan for this tour to take about 2 hours, and don’t forget to bring a camera or even a camcorder if you wish.There are some great opportunities for pictures and also for meeting and mingling with new people.You’re definitely in for a great time!

Check this tour out on, and browse through a large selection of other tours and activities.

Fabulous Brunch on the Water in NYC

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

If you are looking for something fun to do on a lazy Sunday, take the Brunch Cruise in New York. On board, you will dine on mouth-watering cuisine as you listen to the tunes spun by an area DJ. You can get comfortable and listen to the music as you dine, or get up and dance, dance, dance! The viewing decks allow you to see one of the most beautiful skylines as you cruise along the water. You will glide past the Statue of Liberty to a soundtrack of great musical selections so just pause and enjoy the moment.

This is a one of a kind dining experience that combines delicious food, entertainment, and fantastic sightseeing. The cruise lasts for 2 hours and runs on Sundays at 12:30 pm from May through December. You will be spoiled by the freshly prepared appetizers, entrees, and desserts which you will select tableside. The staff is very accommodating and it is easy to get comfortable and relax or get amped up for a dance or two.

You can see the city from your private table or get up and walk around the decks to see everything from a different angle. Get up and take a closer look at Lady Liberty and different buildings along the skyline as you pass by if you wish, or let the direction of the boat dictate while you kick back. This cruise is a great option for everyone, including those local to the area because it is a great way to spend part of your Sunday. So enjoy your trip to New York and don’t forget to check out this relaxing brunch cruise.

For more on this cruise and others, visit

Visit Small Town Whittier on Your Next Alaskan Getaway

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Now that the winter season is passing us by, it is the perfect time to start planning your next vacation.  In fact, now that the weather has gotten a little warmer, Alaska is a great place to scope out.  If you are going in that direction sometime between May and September, Whittier is just the place.

This small town, with a population just under 200, has a lot to offer to visitors, with its breathtaking scenery easily topping the list.  It is also conveniently located near Fairbanks, Anchorage, Denali, Seward, and Talkeetna so should you decide to venture out to a larger city, you don’t have far to go.

On your trip to Whittier, a ride on the cruise ship Emerald Sea is a must.  During your voyage, you will see the incredible glaciers around Prince William Sound while riding in the comfort of a Coast Guard-certified boat with indoor heating, a full bar, and a number of outer viewing decks to get the best possible view of the glaciers.

The wide array of wildlife you will see during the ride will amaze you, as you will likely pass by porpoises, sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and various whale species.  In addition to those you will see in the water, you may be able to spot some Bald Eagles, Cormorants, Common Mures, and other types of birds nesting, fanning their wings out, or diving for food.

For those who are looking to dine on their cruise, there is an all-you-can-eat option with a tremendous buffet of salmon and prime rib.  When you have finished your dinner, belly up to the dessert bar for some cake, brownies, and Jell-O.

To get the best out of your Alaskan vacation, don’t forget to consider a side trip to Whittier.  It just may help make this your best vacation yet!  For more on this fabulous cruise, visit

Grand Canyon Railway Adventures

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Visitors to Arizona and the surrounding area, climb aboard the Grand Canyon Train for a unique look at the famous Grand Canyon.   There are several ways that you can spend your time in the area, including a one or two night getaway or a similar sightseeing package for one, two, or three nights.

Should you decide on the one-night getaway package, you will enjoy dinner and breakfast as well as a one night stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams.  You can either arrive in Williams the night before your trip or you can opt for the one-night getback package and use your hotel stay after you return from the Grand Canyon.  The choice is yours.  During your time in Williams, you can get out on your own and walk along historic Route 66 to check out some of the distinctive restaurants and other sites along the highway.  In the morning, you will dig into a delicious breakfast before getting on your way.  About a half hour before your departure time, you can catch an entertaining gunfight show that is not to be missed.

Your train trip will take just over two hours, and you will take the same rail line that was developed over a century ago.  With all the fiddlers, guitarists, and gunfighters on board the train to keep you amused, the time will go by in a snap.  Once you reach your destination, you have a few options to choose from.  You can either take the three hour time slot and discover the wonders of the Canyon on your own, or you can choose from two narrated motorcoach rim tours, which can easily be added onto your ticket.  Lunch is included in these tours, and once you have seen the area you may decide to stay overnight.  The Grand Canyon Railway offers overnight accommodation in Grand Canyon National Park at the Maswik Lodge.  This is a great experience for those who have never been to the Canyon before, and you can wake up in the morning to watch the sun rise over the tremendous red rocks.  If you decide to forego the overnight stay at the Lodge, you will board the train back to Williams in the afternoon.

There are several other Grand Canyon packages available, including the Canyon two and three nightpackages.  The two night package includes accommodation for one night in Williams and one night at the Maswik Lodge while the three night package includes two nights in Williams and one night at the Lodge.  For more information on these incredible Grand Canyon excursions, visit

See What’s in the Cards at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Looking for a fun activity that you can do with friends or loved ones at any time year-round? Visit Providence, Rhode Island and make a stop at the famous Foxwoods Resort Casino, the largest casino in the world.  Located just 45 minutes from the city of Providence in nearby Mashantucket, Connecticut, you are in for a trip that is not only fun but extremely convenient.

Among the amenities at Foxwoods, there are numerous slot machines, gaming tables, a state-of-the-art bingo hall, a poker room, and a Keno lounge.  The casino is in a continual growth process, so there may be something new to see and do every time you visit.  Currently, there are 24 restaurants to choose from in addition to several lounges where you can relax, dance it up, and have a drink.

If you are looking for top-notch entertainment, Foxwoods is a great place to go, and with their Cinetropolis, which includes the illustrious Fox Theatre, there is always something to see and hear.  Headlining shows, major sporting events, theatrical productions, and other live performances are available, with options to keep visitors of all ages amused and entertained for hours.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Foxwoods offers the best in retail shopping.  Brands like Puma, Bose, Chanel, and Cartier can be found all along Foxwoods’ shopping concourse in a wide range of specialty shops that are at your disposal.

Book your trip to Foxwoods today at and, as an added bonus, you will receive a Casino Bonus worth $30.00, courtesy of the casino – not a bad head start!

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