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Meet Michelle aka Swiss Army Knife

Friday, August 26th, 2011

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Michelle is like a Swiss Army knife. She pretty much does everything from fixing printers to creating vacation packages all while handling whatever ideas that Ryan throws at us. It’s pretty fun watching her do her thang in the office. Our Swiss Army knife sat down with me to chat about work, Savannah, and Russell Brand.

K: What do you do?

M: I’m the Co-Director of Operations and Ryan’s assistant, so I help with vacation packages, chargebacks, customer requests and any other kind of special projects Ryan may have.

K: How long have you been working at Reserve123?

M: I’ve been working here since May of 2004 so a little over seven years. I started as a Reservations Agent, then Assistant Reservations Manager, then Reservations Manager, then Marketing Manager and Assistant to the President and CEO, and then we joined Marketing and Advertising Departments which is now the Operations Department. I’ve been here forever and do a little bit of everything!

K: What is your favorite part about your job?

M: The fact that it changes everyday. I’ll be working on vacation packages one day, then I’ll do reviews all day one day, and then the next day I’ll be helping Allison do a special project. I never really know what to expect when I get here.

K: Any news going on with you? Any buns in the oven? Craving pickles and ice cream?

M: Hahaha what are you talking about? Haha I actually put it up on Facebook and made it Facebook official that I am pregnant. Got to see a nice strong heartbeat and saw a spinal cord. I was happy and good, so I made an announcement. =)

K: Congrats!

M: Thank you! I’m due around March 5th!

K: You don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl?

M: Not yet. I’m waiting for a 3D ultrasound to see the baby’s sex.

K: Do you have a preference of boy or girl.

M: I want one of each. Prefer a boy first, but I’ll be happy either way. =)

K: Have you been having any weird food urges?

M: Honestly, I’ve been craving fruit. I want fruit, and I want it all the time! It’s fruits and veggies that’s been standing out. It’s that and salty snacks! It hits me in the evenings; sometimes all I want is popcorn.

K:What’s your favorite city in which to have fun and relax?

M: Nashville for fun. Last time we were there, we got to stand on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Allison got to fist bump Darius Rucker. I got to say hi to Charles from Lady Antebellum. He is GORGEOUS. We were literally standing  on the stage, behind the performers, as they were performing.
For relaxing, I’d have to say Savannah. We really like to go to Tybee Island and lay out on the beach, but Savannah is also fun. You can do so much in Savannah.

K: I’m so happy that you love Savannah.

M: Oh I LOVE Savannah. When we started working with the hotels in Savannah, I was like, “Oh, you want me to come down to Savannah? OK, Sure!”

K: If you could have a live concert in the office, who would play, and where would it be held?

M: Hmm. I would have to say Reba because one of my best friends, Cherie Oakley, wrote a #1 hit for her – “Turn on the Radio”. Cherie was on NBC’s The Voice. I would say Reba in the hopes that Cherie would come with her, and they’d sing it together or something. And where? I’d have to say the Reservations Department because that is probably the biggest area.

K: What is your favorite travel song?

M: Right now, if I were to plug in my iPod, it would be a playlist of songs from Glee. I absolutely love that show. But if I had to pick a non-Glee song, I’d have to pick Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”. I don’t know why, but I love that friggin song.

K: If you can pick the perfect vacation for Nikita, where would she go and what tours would you choose for her.

M: I know Nikita likes New York. She was actually up in New York for six weeks this summer for a photography internship. I would have to put her own a Hop On, Hop Off because who doesn’t get on a double decker tour in New York? There’s some photography tours, definitely the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. And maybe a Broadway show or two, she may dig that. I know she loves museums.

K: Ok, last but not least —  word association. You know how to play. ;) So.. travel

M: Tours


M: E-tickets!

K: Chargebacks

M:Allison… haha

K: Vacation

M: Relaxation

K: Michael B.

M: Alacatraz. He does Alcatraz Tickets! He’s our special products guy. =)

K: Sacki

M: Friendly

K: Allison

M: Sweet

K: Ryan

M: Fun….hahaha and crazy!

K: Katy Perry… I swear I wrote that before the interview!

M: HonestIy, I automatically think about Russell Brand and the fact that he’s a diva. Makes me wonder who in the marriage is the diva. I feel it would be him.

K: He’s weird. I don’t think he’s attractive at all. I like his accent but that’s about it.

M: Yeah, it’s close your eyes and listen to him speak…

K: Nerd

M: ME!

Unfortunately, you  missed out on about 15 minutes of talk about Glee, Walking Dead, and Cherie Oakley and about 20 minutes of giggling. I couldn’t fit everything on here, but just know that Michelle is a television nerd who can also double as an office Swiss Army knife. =)

- Kris

Kick off the New Year in Nashville

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.

Have you made a resolution to travel more in 2011? The New Year offers tons of exciting new tours, attractions and shows all over the world, and Nashville’s vibrant music and entertainment scene spans a variety of genres with something for everyone! There’s more to the famous Music City than excellent shows and concerts – experience day & night city sightseeing tours, take a chilling ghost tour, enjoy a cozy carriage ride, or a totally wild experience at the Nashville Zoo!

Nashville Nights & Lights Tour with Dinner

Nashville Nights & Lights Tour with Dinner

The Nashville City Tour gives a wonderful and complete overview of historic Nashville and the major landmarks of the city.It includes trips to Music Row, the State Capitol, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Ryman Auditorium, home of the original Grand Ole Opry. The tour ends perfectly with a dose of live country music and refreshments at one of the downtown Honky Tonks. On the Nashville Nights & Lights Tour with Dinner you’ll enjoy lots of sightseeing as you watch as this charming city light up at night, enjoy a delicious southern dinner, as well as a visit to the fabulous Gaylord Opryland Hotel. There, enjoy free time to explore the 4.5 acres of indoor gardens and waterfalls!

Haunted Ghost Tours

Haunted Ghost Tours

Step into the world of the unknown with the Ghost Tour in Nashville! Search along the shadowy streets of downtown Nashville and hear stories of the unexplained and strange on the Nashville Haunted Ghost Tour. Visit several old churches that were used as hospitals during the battle of Nashville and feel the presence of the soldiers that died there and still remain. I would also recommend the Civil War Battle of Franklin Tour from Nashville. The Battle of Franklin was among the bloodiest of the Civil War. Your tour will take you to the Carter House, a modest farm house that was ground zero for this historic fight between the Union and Confederate Armies. Hear the stories of the soldiers who fought and died in these fields, and walk amongst the buildings still standing while bullet-riddled walls still testify to the savage nature of conflict.

Private Carriage Tour in Downtown Nashville

Private Carriage Tour in Downtown Nashville

Come and enjoy a relaxing horse-drawn Private Carriage Tour in Downtown Nashville! You and your group will be the only ones on the carriage, traveling just like the early leaders of the country did. See the church President Andrew Jackson attended (he would have arrived by carriage, too) and the State Capitol. Find out how Tennessee became a state and see River Front Park, which was one of the largest Union camps in the Civil War. Also learn about Fort Nashborough and Davy Crockett, Adelphie Theater. You’ll even learn the best restaurants and hot spots in Nashville to visit.

See the Bengal Tigers at the Nashville Zoo

See the Bengal Tigers at the Nashville Zoo

Your stay in Nashville is not complete without a trip to The Nashville Zoo! Our Nashville Zoo Admission Ticket allows you the opportunity to spend the day with tigers, alligators, elephants, and many many more animals. From African elephants to Bengal tigers and red pandas, Nashville Zoo provides a safe haven to rare animals found all over the world. Get over to Nashville Sightseeing for countless wonderful shows, tours, and fun things to do!

Exclusive Vacation Packages Available in Nashville

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Nashville, Tennessee is a popular place to visit, whether you are a major country music fan or are just looking for something a little different to do for a few days.  Recently, Nashville Sightseeing has started to offer several vacation packages designed to keep Nashville’s visitors entertained and informed throughout their stay in Music City, one of which is bound to be a match for your particular needs.

The Music City Weekend Vacation Package provides a wonderful balance between activities devoted exclusively to music and those that cover the overall sightseeing experience.  When you arrive on Friday night, you will enjoy an evening with the talented stars of country music at the Grand Ole Opry.  Depending on the day, you can expect to see new and rising stars or legendary performers of the past and present.  Then, on Saturday morning, you will set out on the Nashville City Tour where you will be introduced to Nashville’s most famous sights before being let loose to do some shopping and exploring on your own.

Saturday night is reserved for a ride aboard the General Jackson for a dinner cruise and show.  “Country Music USA” is the show that is currently running, and it can be seen from mid-March through mid-November.   Accommodations during your weekend stay will be provided by either the Sheraton Music City or Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort, and packages can be reserved with or without hotel pick-up for the Friday night Opry performance.

To see Nashville from a different perspective, consider booking the Rhinestone Cowboy Music City Weekend Vacation Package.  On your first evening in town, you will start out with a driving tour through downtown before you go and check out some of the hottest clubs in the area.  Enjoy a complimentary drink and settle in at Legends Corner, your honky tonk headquarters for the night.

On Saturday morning, you will take a tour of the homes of some of country music’s biggest stars including Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, and Trisha Yearwood.  With a drive through the neighborhoods of the rich and famous, you will get a taste of the places these stars call home.  Finally, on Saturday night you are in for a treat with the “A Cowboy Town Wild West Show & Campfire Supper.”  In between activities, you will relax in style at the Sheraton Music City.

Should you decide that a Nashville vacation is right up your alley, take a look at what Nashville Sightseeing has to offer.  You can visit them online at

Nashville by Day or by Night

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Enjoy the sights and sounds of one of America’s greatest cities: Nashville, home of the Grand Ole Opry and the famous Music Row area that houses hundreds of businesses related to country, gospel, and contemporary Christian music.  Legions of stars currently call Nashville home, including country music greats Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, and Trisha Yearwood.

While you are in the area, be sure to check out the Nashville City Tour, which hits several of the city’s landmarks in a three-hour span of time.  It gives a wonderful and complete overview of historic Nashville and the major landmarks of the city and includes trips to Music Row, the State Capitol, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the famous Ryman Auditorium, former home of the Grand Ole Opry.  The tour ends perfectly with a dose of live country music and refreshments at one of the downtown Honky Tonks.

For a crash course on Nashville’s nightlife, check out the Nashville Nights Tour where you can watch Nashville come alive at night as you visit several clubs on Honky Tonk Row and enjoy live music and a complimentary drink.  What better way to truly grasp the spirit of the city than to embrace it yourself with a night out on the town?

Country music is not the only reason to visit this great city, however.  The General Jackson is the world’s largest showboat and its cruises are among Nashville’s most popular activities.  Enjoy a lunch or dinner cruise and show, which lasts about 3 to 4 hours and provides for a fun and entertaining time for adults and kids of all ages.

There are also a variety of other tour options, from trolley tours to a Jack Daniels Distillery Tour and everything in between.  For more on this great city and to book tours and activities in the area, visit

Beautiful Sights and Award-Winning Performances in Pigeon Forge

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Dolly fans, car and truck enthusiasts, and music buffs in general come in droves to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and with good reason.  Pigeon Forge is the home of Dollywood, a theme park owned by Dolly Parton and the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation as well as other shows and activities with a country twist.

Dollywood offers crafts, the music of the Smoky Mountains, and amusement park thrill rides.  Adjacent tothe park there is also a water park called Dollywood’s Splash Country and Dixie Stampede, which is a southern dinner theater with a live opening act playing country and bluegrass music and the main event,  a modern day Wild West type of production.  During the show, each side of the theater takes on an identity – one half as the North and the other as the South.  Both sides battle to win horse competitions, pig and ostrich races, and more.  At the end, guests can meet the animals who took part in the show at the Horse Walk, located right outside the complex.

In addition to the Dolly-themed activities in Pigeon Forge, there are other shows in the area that are sure to pique your interest.  The Country Tonite Show, which was voted the “Best Live Country Show in America,” is a music, comedy, and dance extravaganza.  New and old country favorites pulsate throughout the theater as the award-winning vocalists take the stage.  This show is highly-acclaimed in the music community and has been receiving accolades since its inception in the 1990s.

If you have finished enjoying your time in Pigeon Forge, or if you simply wish to get away for a little while, you can travel to nearby Asheville, North Carolina and check out the Biltmore Estate, the largest privately owned home in America.  Sitting on 8,000 acres, this mansion boasts 250 rooms and a winery that is the most visited in the country.  The house is also surrounded by 75 acres of perfectly manicured gardens and woodlands.  You can visit the estate at Christmastime and check out the 35-foot-tall tree in the Banquet Hall, as it is lit up and adorned with oversized ornaments and other decorations which can be seen throughout the house.

As you can see, there is much to see and do in Pigeon Forge, and these are just the events happening this winter.  During the summer and fall months, you can travel to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a walking tour, some river rafting, and a show and you can also take advantage of a wide range of activities in Pigeon Forge, Asheville,  Chattanooga, and Bryson City that are designed for the warmer months.

Visit and discover all that Pigeon Forge and the surrounding area has to offer.

Get Away to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

If enjoying a theatrical performance is your thing, Myrtle Beach is the place to be.  Known as a major tourist destination, Myrtle Beach welcomes over 10 million visitors a year.  You may recognize it as somewhere to go for a mild winter, but it is also home to some of the most entertaining productions as well. 

At Christmastime, you can get tickets for the Carolina Opry Christmas Special, which is one of the most popular Christmas productions in the south.  The show is a balanced mixture of comedy and holiday-themed music paired with dancing and Christmas-inspired set decoration.   It is, not surprisingly, attended by arts enthusiasts from near and far.  The musical score includes pop, rock ‘n roll, country, and Broadway hits that you have grown to know and love over the years.

For a taste of the theatre the rest of the year, check out the Good Vibrations Show.  Featuring music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, this show is sure to delight and entertain you.  If you are ready to feel nostalgic and groove to the tunes of the Righteous Brothers, Don McLean, the Beach Boys, and more, this is the show for you.  Both the Christmas and Good Vibrations shows are presented by entertainer and entrepreneur Calvin Gilmore and are equally entertaining for adults and children.

If you are looking for fun of the spooky variety, take the Ghost Walking Tour or attend the Ghost Show in Myrtle Beach.  The walking tour, led by entertaining and knowledgeable guides, takes you on a moonlit adventure through the swamps of Gauses Inlet which are said to be haunted.  This tour is family-friendly but children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  The Ghost Show brings to life stories from the most haunted place on earth, the South Carolina coast.  Some of the characters you will meet include Blackbeard, the most famous pirate; Alice Flagg, one of the most well-known ghosts in the area; and the famous ghost of the Gray Man.  Natural disasters and intricately woven tales of the Grand Strand are depicted throughout the show, which is based on historical fact.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Myrtle Beach, there is something that is sure to meet your interests and time constraints.  Visit for the best in Myrtle Beach activities and tours.

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