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Eldorado Multisport Adventure from Las Vegas

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Explore Techatticup Gold Mine on our Eldorado Adventure

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Our Eldorado Gold 4-Day Multisport Adventure from Las Vegas packs the best outdoor adventures into one trip. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and nature, you don’t want to miss this tour!

Kayak into Emerald Cave for fantastic photo opportunities!

See Hoover Dam up close from your own high performance kayak, paddling through Black Canyon on the Colorado River. Black Canyon’s current is moving flat-water, suitable for beginners as well as seasoned paddlers. Your guide will show you hidden places such as Gold Strike Canyon, Lone Palm Canyon, Arizona Hot Springs, Monkey Hole, and many other treats.

Enjoy a long relaxing soak in the therapeutic hot springs

Relax and soak in the natural hot tubs, paddle into rain caves and take time to study ancient rock art left by the Mohave tribes who inhabited the area. Keep an eye on the lookout for Desert Big Horn sheep, bald eagles, coyotes and turkey vultures. If you like to fish, bring a rod & reel and try your hand at some world-class striped bass fishing.

All meals are included so you can relax by the campfire

All camping equipment is provided. Fresh meals will be enjoyed around the campfire, and evenings are free to relax, read, hike, or explore on your own. Enjoy the sounds of the river as it lulls you to sleep, embers popping from the campfire.

Ride your own ATV on an off-road adventure to Eldorado Canyon

At Eldorado Canyon on Day 4, ride an ATV off road, up and around trails into the open sky. Or, you can hop in the saddle and go horseback riding on dusty trails that lead to fabulous views of the Colorado River. You’ll also explore the inner workings of the most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada. Visit 3 different shafts, which descend over 900 feet. This 4-day multisport expedition packs the best outdoor adventures into one trip. You don’t want to miss it!

Fire up your summer with the best Eldorado Adventure in the West!

For more fun-filled outdoor adventures, visit us at ATV Tours for sightseeing ATV tours and all terrain vehicle rentals all across the United States and Canada. Book online and save or call us toll free at 866-717-5670 for assistance with reservations, group tour bookings, and private charters!

Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

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If you are interested in seeing the Grand Canyon and are staying in the Sedona area, there are many options to suit your needs.I would recommend the Colorado River Whitewater Tour from Sedona for a wild water adventure led by an experienced Hualapai Indian Guide.You will spend 5 hours on the water with Class II-IV white water rapids, navigating through the largest and most impressive canyon in the world.You will stop to have a light lunch on the banks of the Colorado River and hike through a secret side canyon to the Travertine Falls.At the end of the 14 hour trip, you will rise up 14,000 feet from floor to rim in a helicopter to view the canyon from a different vantage point and take the drive back to your hotel on the river van while viewing a specially prepared video.

Grand Canyon Below the Rim Tour from Sedona

Grand Canyon Below the Rim Tour from Sedona

The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour with Gourmet Lunch from Sedona is another fabulous option, and it gives you a choice between a 30 or 45 minute helicopter flight along with a full-day luxury coach tour from Sedona to the Grand Canyon.The tour begins with a scenic ride from Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon, the Ponderosa Pines of Flagstaff, the San Francisco Peaks and the gorgeous Aspen Groves before stopping at Tusayan to watch an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon.Entrance fees to Grand Canyon National Park are included in the price of tickets and you will also get a gourmet lunch at the historic El Tovar Lodge on the South Rim (Yavapai or Maswik Lodge for the regular lunch option)followed by a walk along the South Rim for a spectacular view and a visit to the historic Watchtower Observatory.The scenes you will see are indescribable, as if an artist hand painted them.You will not want to forget your camera to take still pictures or video, as you will likely not have a similar experience again.

Other tours to consider are the Grand Canyon Experience Tour with El Tovar Lodge Lunch from Sedona – which is a real treat with over 7 stops, lunch, and an IMAX movie – and the Grand Canyon Freedom Tour from Sedona.This tour provides a great deal of free time for those who are looking to set out and explore on their own for a while at the Grand Canyon.Along the way you will see Oak Creek Canyon, the Painted Desert, the Little Colorado River Gorge, and more. At the Grand Canyon National Park, you will have time to visit the gift shop, look around the historic buildings, or take a walk down part of the South Rim trail.

No matter which tour you choose, you can be sure that you will have a fun and educational time and will have lots of pictures to share with family and friends.Book online for a $5 discount per adult ticket at!

Take in the Sights on an Austin Carriage Ride

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

If you are making a visit to laid back Austin, Texas, the best way to get around town is on a scenic carriage ride.   There are several to choose from and depending on what you want to see and how long you have to devote to touring, you can have your pick at the four packages currently available.

If taking a peek at the exquisite architecture that lines the streets of the city piques your interest, the Historic Homes Carriage Tour is just right for you.  Along the way, you will visit one of the last Victorian blocks to remain nationwide, and there are more than ten 19th century homes lining this street.  You will also see the Governor’s Mansion and the Capitol Building on your travels.  If what you are seeking is a quiet and romantic ride with a loved one, you will get just that.  Alternatively, if you are looking for more of a guided and narrated ride, drivers are ready and willing to oblige.

The Grand Carriage Tour will take you down historic Congress Avenue where you will catch a glimpse of the largest and tallest Capitol in the US.  You will visit the Victorian block as well, on your way to check out some of the other hot spots in the area.  Ride along the Colorado River and pass through the famous entertainment district to get a taste of the talent and showmanship that exists throughout the city.

Other carriage rides in the area include the Capitol Carriage Tour and the Town Lake Carriage Ride.   If you decide, however, that a carriage ride will not make your short list, the Austin in 90 minutes Tour will provide you with a well-narrated sightseeing journey around Austin by van, with views and background on the UT Performing Arts Center, Austin City Limits, O. Henry Museum, Zilker Park, and much more.

Winter is the perfect time to consider a visit to sunny Austin.  While the temperatures dip down in these months, they are much milder than elsewhere, making it the ideal location for those who wish to warm up a little without stretching the budget and going international.

Visit for more information on carriage tours and other options for your sightseeing excursion, Texas style.

Tours and Activities in Lake Powell

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Lake Powell, a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, straddles the border between Utah and Arizona. For those who haven’t been to the area, you will definitely want to make the trip.There are numerous activities to choose from when you visit Lake Powell, from the ever-popular Antelope Canyon Cruise to a Lake Powell Overnight Kayak & Camping Tour.Whether you are interested in a short activity to fit between previously planned stops or you are looking for a longer trip with overnight accommodation, you will find opportunities for both here.

Antelope Canyon Cruise

Antelope Canyon Cruise

The Antelope Canyon Cruise is an excellent way to see the amazing Antelope Canyon, one of the most magnificent sights in all of North America.It was formed by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam.Glen Canyon, which you will see towards the latter part of the cruise, was carved by differential erosion from the Colorado River over the course of an astonishing 5 million years.It cuts through the Colorado Plateau, which formed about 11 million years ago.Layers of rock – which formed anywhere from 300 million years ago to more recently as a result of volcanic activity – make up the enormity of the plateau.As you take a look around the area, you will see what happens when nature is left to its own devices.

For those looking to truly absorb the energy and attractiveness of the area, you will want to take the Lake Powell Overnight Kayak & Camping Tour.Enjoy all that Lake Powell has to offer as you arrive by motor boat and hike, kayak, and camp to see the splendor of the canyons and dams from up close.I recently took this tour and was taken aback by the immensity of the canyon walls and the beauty of the sparkling waters.It was a great way to get acquainted with the area before returning to the hustle and bustle of city life and was an experience that you can’t get from a traditional tour.If you are up for an adventure, don’t miss out on this trip!

Tours around the Flagstaff Area

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Flagstaff is a city in northern Arizona, once dependent on the railroad, lumber, and ranching industries.Its first permanent settlement was formed in 1876 at the base of Mars Hill.Flagstaff is the home to a major astronomical observatory and an active theater scene, and several festivals take place throughout the year here including the annual Northern Arizona Book Festival which brings several nationally known authors to display their work.



The main attraction, located near Flagstaff, is the Grand Canyon.There are many ways to travel to and around the Canyon, including bus, Jeep, airplane, and helicopter tours.The large number of tour offerings also allows you to choose whether you would rather see the Canyon by day or by night where the red rocks appear to light up under the setting sun.The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour With Lunch from Flagstaff can be taken in 30 or 45 minute increments and comes with a full-day luxury coach tour from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. This tour includes admission to Grand Canyon National Park and the Watchtower Observatory, along with a helicopter ride through the Dragon Corridor.Gourmet lunch at Yavapai or Maswik Lodge is also included.At the conclusion of the tour, you will stop at the historic Cameron Trading Post.

For a day out on the water, the Grand Canyon River Rafting Experience from Flagstaff will take you from a designated hotel pick-up spot to Page, Arizona where you will view a video about the Northern Arizona area before climbing into a raft at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam and getting on your way.You will float on the Colorado River for 4 hours in the company of your fellow travelers and a skilled guide, surrounded by incredible views of the area.

If you are staying in the Sedona and Flagstaff area, take the Northern Arizona Scenic Tour in Sedona.This is a full-day activity and includes a Jeep tour featuring many highlights in Sedona and Flagstaff.Sedona’s famous rock formations will be pointed out by a skilled tour guide as you travel north from Sedona to the Colorado Plateau.When you get to Flagstaff you will receive a guided tour of this area as well, known for its institutes of higher education.

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