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Ghosts of Atlanta Walking Tour

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

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No sign of ghosts yet... just a Vampire :[

No sign of ghosts yet… just an innocent Vampire :[

“Are you a Believer?” That was the very first question posed to our group by our Ghosts of Atlanta Walking Tourguide, dressed up as a ghostly host from beyond. She was, of course, referring to believing in Ghosts. Being that this was Halloween Night 2011, I was of course dressed up as a cute, sultry Vampiress. “Discover the history of war, murder, suicide and the tragic spirits who were left behind.” So, did we spy a few spirits still haunting downtown ATL? Why would I spoil the surprise?? ;) Do YOU believe in Ghosts???

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Haunted Victorian House

Haunted Victorian House

I will, however, let you in on a few fun secrets… are you familiar with Ghost Hunting equipment? No, I’m not talking about Ghostbusters Proton Packs. I’m talking about EMF Meters, EVP Equipment, Radars, Temperature “Cold Spot” Gauges, and yes, there are even popular Apps for Ghost Hunting. We all got to try out some of this cool equipment along the way, and saw TONS of creepy old places in downtown Atlanta. One that still haunts my memory is the old abandoned Medical Arts Building on Peachtree Street. It is one of the few remaining oldest structures in Atlanta, and has been vacant for over 20 years… or has it? Find out more tales of mystery and gore on the tour. We also saw a hotel where there was a deadly fire where hauntings still occur, as well as several cemetery sites and haunted Victorian-style houses that have so far survived being renovated or torn down. And that is is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what you will see and learn on the tour.

Guests are also highly encouraged to take photos all along the way. InfraRed cameras may be hard for the average person to feel the need to indulge in for ghost hunting. However, a little brightening in Photoshop for night photos can sometimes do the trick. The photos below are an example. The one of the left is the original photo taken at night of a haunted cemetery on the tour, said to have several ghosts of Civil War soldiers. The one on the right is the same photo, simply brightened up a bit with Photoshop. Is the camera lens suddenly dirty (while all of the other photos were perfectly clear), or are the small “orbs” in the photo more than meets the eye? You be the judge. One thing is certain – you could choose to enjoy some coffee or “spirits” at the nearby Café Intermezzo afterward. Welcome to the Dark Side of Atlanta…

Dirt on the camera lens, or Ghost Orbs?

Dirt on the camera lens, or Ghost Orbs?

Lauren's Hometown Must Do – Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Ga

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I asked Lauren for a quick response on what she thought was a must do in her hometown. In typical Lauren fashion, she went above and beyond and whipped up this little feature on Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery:

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Oakland Cemetery

I’m from Atlanta, and my favorite MUST DO in the city is to visit Oakland Cemetery. First of all, it’s free for entrance & self-guided walking tours, and second of all, it’s only a few miles from countless other famous attractions in the city, such as the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and much more.


Marsh’s headstone

I realize that visiting a cemetery might sound morbid, but it is actually very peaceful, scenic, and filled with amazing architecture. Oakland Cemetery is the oldest cemetery, as well as one of the largest green spaces, in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1850 on six acres of land southeast of the city, Oakland remains one of the oldest historical plots of land in Atlanta, most of the rest of the city having been burned in 1864.

See the dying Lion of the Confederacy monument (which looks very similar to the famous Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland). Shop in the intriguing Bell Tower Building (which looks almost like a castle in the center of the cemetery). Visit the grave of Margaret Mitchell Marsh, author of Gone with the Wind. Explore the many miniature-cathedral-like Mausoleums, many complete with polished stone, multi-colored stained glass windows, steeples, gargoyles, and gates.


the interior of a mausoleum

A beautiful array of flowers, trees, and walkways make Oakland Cemetery a place hard to leave. You might see someone painting under in the cool shade of a magnolia tree, someone else reading a book on a stone bench loveseat, another discussing the exotic flowers throughout, and still more enjoying the ghost walking tours through the cemetery at night. At the end of your visit, I would recommend heading straight across the street to the Six Feet Under Pub! They have fantastic seafood, drinks, and much more. Don’t miss out on the true “spirit” of Atlanta while you are here.

- Lauren

A Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

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The Georgia Aquarium via

This is part two of Amanda’s Atlanta excursion with her Atlanta CityPass.

The World of Coca-Cola attraction is literally next door to the aquarium. Along with the World of Coca-Cola, she stopped by the world’s largest aquarium right here in Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium. With a convenient little walkway in between the two, Amanda walked right over from one venue to another.

The Georgia Aquarium contains more than 8.5 million US gallons of marine and fresh water and is the home to more than 120,000 animals of 500 different species, most notably the aquarium’s four young whale sharks, four beluga whales, and four manta rays.

A sting ray touch tank, one of the many touch tanks at the aquarium 

Luckily for Amanda, the venue wasn’t too crowded and easily made her way through the aquarium. It was late in the morning and the lines moved along fairly quickly. When you enter the aquarium, there is a central hub where the attraction is divided by specific environments: Georgia Explorer, Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest, River Scout, and Dolphin Tales. You can enter and exit these different exhibits throughout the day. The Dolphin Tales is the newest exhibition that showcases several dolphin shows a day; the show tickets must be purchased separately and do not come with the CityPass. You are also more than welcome to see the dolphins for free when they’re not performing.

Being the world’s largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium boasts several attractions such as numerous ‘touch tanks’, which are shallow ponds where you can pet animals varying from rays to sharks, in the Georgia Explorer section to Ocean Voyager’sexhibit tunnel, a 100-foot long tunnel with 4,574 square feet of viewing windows. The Ocean Voyager exhibit is the exhibit of the aquarium because it also showcases the whale sharks and manta rays.

The Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium in the United States that features whale sharks and manta rays. These gigantic and majestic creatures require a vast amount of swimming space and the Georgia Aquarium was actuallybuilt with whale sharks in mind. The Ocean Voyager exhibit holds the majority of the aquarium’s water and has almost 100,000 fish living in it along with these gentle giants.

Playful little sea otters

Playful sea otters

Amanda’s CityPass granted her two unique experiences: a ticket to the Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow and a ticket to the Quick Dip tour. The aquarium has a 4D theater that places you into the film with their interactive seats and special effects. At first, Amanda was put off by the ‘cartooney’ feel of the movie but ended up enjoying every twist and turn the story and the theater offered.

“You think it’s a kiddie movie, but it’s a really fun little adventure,” said Amanda, “there are some parts that completely surprised me!” Because of the specially designed theater, you get to feel a brush of a jellyfish’s tentacle or a mist of fresh saltwater in the film. A woman sitting behind Amanda screamed to the top of her lungs when a sea creature ‘poked’ her in her seat! Amanda recommends sitting next to any kids and you might not get your eardrums blown out! The movie is approximately 10-15 minutes.

An albino alligator

One of her favorite parts of the aquarium is the Quick Dip Tour where you can get a different perspective on two of the exhibits: River Scout and Ocean Voyager. In this tour, Amanda said the guides focused on River Scout’s ecosystem and the whale sharks.During one part of the tour, Amanda felt a synthetic whale shark skin that was as long as an average whale shark – 31 feet. She said it was like touching a real whale! The tour took approximately 30 minutes.

By the end of her visit, Amanda became a whale shark fan. Though her favorite animal, by far, was the albino alligator in the River Scout exhibition, she enjoyed seeing all the different sea creatures in the various habitats. What really separates the Georgia Aquarium from other aquariums is its interaction with visitors. The Georgia Aquarium offers an interactive experience with their 4D film, new and upcoming exhibitions, several different tours, and children activities. Along with interactive activities, the aquarium also designed each exhibition according to its respected environment. Watch the waves ebb and flow in the Tropical Diver exhibit or get lost deep under sea at the viewing window in the Ocean Voyager.It’s certainly an Atlanta destination, whether you are eight or eighty years old!


The world’s second largest viewing window via National Geographic 

If you would like to purchase Atlanta CityPasses, please visit our website.

All photographs are by Amanda unless noted otherwise.

- Kris

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

Friday, November 11th, 2011

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World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Ga (picture from Wiki)

One of the best things about living in Atlanta is that you’re living in Atlanta. With six distinctly different neighborhoods, the city offers a variety of activities for everyone. From family friendly destinations like the Georgia Aquarium to the trendy shops in Little Five Points, Atlanta will please all different kind of visitors.

Luckily, special products agent, Amanda, was able to take advantage of the Atlanta CityPass, and for one weekend, the city was her playground!We talk about two of Amanda’s trips, though with the Atlanta CityPass, you have admission to five venues: the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, CNN Studio, High Museum or FernbankMuseum, and Zoo Atlanta or Atlanta History Center.

This particular post will be about Amanda’s visit to The ‘World of Coca-Cola’. The exhibition features the history of coca-cola. It transports you back to the days when coca-cola was mixed in front of you, served warm, and purchased in a pharmacy and brings you back to the modern day where Coca-Cola sells over 500 beverage brands in 200 countries and where our soda is nice and cold!

the lobby and the gigantic bottles (picture from this blog)

Amanda and her friend headed over to the World of Coca-Cola and was greeted with a gorgeous lobby. With enormous, decorated soda bottles standing in the middle and swirls of fanciful colors sweeping the room, it’s a wonderful introduction to another world. She couldn’t stop marveling at the gigantic bottles and truly appreciated the amount of work it took to create them. Most of all, Amanda was especially happy to bypass the line on a Saturday morning with her CityPass!

Divided into groups, Amanda entered a room with walls decorated in Coca-Cola products. There was a brief introduction to the Coca-cola brand, the products, and the history of its presence in pop culture. One of Amanda’s favorite parts about the introduction was all of the memorabilia hanging on the walls. Every inch of the room was covered with metal signs, neon lights, and products such as dinnerware and oven mitts dating back to the early beginning of the iconic logo.

“It was definitely fun to see how Coca-Cola’s image has changed throughout the years,” said Amanda. Coca-Cola puts a strong emphasis on its journey from its humble beginnings to the international product it is today. After Happiness Factory: A Documentary, a cute animated short about characters in the Happiness Factory, Amanda was off to The Hub.


You can take a picture with the Coca-Cola polar bear! Who else loves those commercials?

At this point, Amanda was on a self-guided tour of the venue, and the Hub is where you can choose where to start your Coca Cola experience. There were various activities available such as listening to the company’s worldwide influence in the ‘Coca-Cola Connections’ room or visiting the ‘Milestones of Refreshment’, an attraction that showcases different advertisements in chronological order. Other activities include watching how the famous soda pop is made or watching the 4-D film In Search of the Secret Formula. In ‘Bottle Works’, visitors are allowed to see how, you guessed it, cola is bottled.

Probably the most exciting part about the exhibit is the ‘Taste It’ room. Certainly Amanda’s favorite part of the attraction, soda fountains offering 60 different soft drinks from all over the world are placed in this room for you to taste. You can try drinks from France, Chile, Zimbabwe, China, Japan, and the list goes on. Amanda tried every single one, even the notorious Beverly from Italy. She didn’t have a favorite flavor, but she distinctly remembers the Inca Kola from Peru, which she thinks tastes like bubblegum.

Another crowd pleaser is the ‘Coca-Cola Freestyle’ that allows cola enthusiasts to mix their very own drinks. Unfortunately, you can’t take full 2 liter bottles of your personally-made soda, but the Freestyle units are popping up all around the nation.


This is one of the soda fountains in the ‘Taste It’ room. Inca Kola is pictured in the center. Other sodas are from (left to right) Mexico, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Chile. 

There is no better way to end your visit at the World of Coca-Cola than visiting the gift shop. Actually, it’s where the exit is located, so you really can’t miss it! The gift shop is a huge store that offers almost everything Coca-Cola.

“From a pair of sunglasses to home decor such as lamps or bed sheets, you can get anything from the gift shop,” said Amanda, “if you know a coca-cola die-hard fan, you can probably furnish a whole house from this store!”

Amanda loved the World of Coca-Cola and all of the interesting little factoids the venue offered, but there is still one thing that the attraction didn’t mention: Is it soda, coke, or pop?

“It’s soda!”


Amanda decked out in Coca-Cola gear at the gift shop.

Look for the second part of Amanda’s Atlanta excursion with her Atlanta CityPass in upcoming blog posts! If you would like to purchase Atlanta CityPasses, go to this link. If you would like to chat with one of our representatives about the pass, call 800-745-1925. If you would just like to chat about Atlanta and where to find the best doughnuts, tweet at me (Kris) at @reserve123 or catch us on facebook.

Photos by Amanda unless otherwise noted.


A few coffee shops in Atlanta

Thursday, September 29th, 2011



Delicious, delicious coffee (photo by Emmanuel_D.Photography)

Delicious, delicious coffee (photo by Emmanuel_D.Photography)

Here at Reserve123, we love our coffee. We have a coffee maker in the break room where there is fresh coffee made at least three times a day. At everyone’s desk, you’re bound to find a mug filled with caffeine goodness, but I’m not here to only talk about our love for coffee.

In honor of National Coffee Day, I’ll highlight some of our favorite coffee shops in our hometown – Atlanta! Coffee shops are all over Atlanta, waiting to make your next low fat, half-caf, and double the flavoring drinks!

Starbucks – The one on Peachtree Road NE, near Oglethorpe University.

This isn’t an independent chain, yes, yes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be talked about for their service! Complete with a drive-thru, this Starbucks have great employees who, strangely enough, are always in a good mood. Even at their busiest, they crank out caramel macchiatos like no one’s business.

Library Coffee Co. – Caldwell Road

Where I learned to enjoy a good ol’ iced Americano. A locally owned cafe located in a cozy neighborhood, this cafe creates a comfy environment that invites college students and regulars to stay and read the newspaper….or their textbooks!

West Egg – Howell Mill Road

A lovely cafe that has a fantastic menu. They have a modest drink menu, but their drinks are always a hit. My favorite is an iced Grasshopper. Try it the next time your in town!

Joli Kobe – Roswell Road

A Japanese French fusion bakery and cafe that’s located in Sandy Springs. It’s tucked away in Atlanta, but that’s its charm. It’s never too busy, but they close at 5, so go when you’re in the mood for an early lunch.

illy cafe – Atlantic Station

Ok, I’ve never been here, but I’m intrigued. I’ve stopped myself because of the price, but I’ve heard illy coffee is the cream of the crop. So have you been to illy?

What are some of your favorite hangouts in Atlanta? Or in your hometown?

People say there is a difference between Americans drinking their coffee and Europeans drinking their coffee. Europeans take their time, enjoying the taste and aroma of coffee, while Americans throw it back, rushing to their offices to start their mornings. A classic saying, that I’ve heard at least once a week by co-workers and friends, “I have to have my cup of coffee in the morning,” and it has even come to a joke, that if someone makes a mistake, another will say, “Oh you haven’t had your cup of coffee today.”

It feels like Americans may look at coffee as their caffeinated fuel to get them through the work week, and nothing is wrong with this. Coffee has caffeine and the average American

Meet Rachelle – “The Girl Who Lived”

Monday, August 8th, 2011

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There once was a girl named Rachelle who live in a cupboard under the stairs of the Dursleys’. Ha. I kid. But! Would you live under the stairs of the Dursleys’ for eleven years and then find out you’re one of the world’s most powerful wizards/witches of all time? I think I could handle Dudley for eleven years to be an epic witch for the rest of my life…

Anyway, let me please introduce you to Rachelle.

Rachelle at a cozy desk, not cupboard

Rachelle at a cozy desk, not cupboard

I took her away from her cozy desk for a quick interview:

K:What do you do?

R:I am a ticketing agent. My job is to provide accurate and correct e-tickets to our customers.

K: How long have you been working here?

R: This month is actually going to be my 3 year anniversary. I started here August 25th, 2008. I like my job a lot. It’s always something new and something different.

K: What is your favorite part of your job?

R: M favorite part of my job is actually giving out the e-tickets because it means that your tour has been confirmed which means that we have one more satisfied customer! I like knowing that I’m playing a small part for a family enjoying their visit. It’s really cool.

K: Yeah, it’s kind of like you’re Willy Wonka!

R: Yeah, like the Ticketing Willy Wonka!

K: What city do you want to visit?

R: Honestly, my dream vacation is to go back to Europe. I’ve been before but I was really young. I’d like to go now that I’m older and revisit and see how things have changed. Probably the most place I would like to visit would be Rome. It’s where the Vatican is. I’d like to see the Sistine Chapel and see how the Coliseum has changed, as far as the access because you know, it wasn’t as open as it was before.

K: Yeah, the Vatican is beautiful. I’d love to go back.

R: My most favorite thing in the city is the statue of St. Peter because, when I was there, his little toes were rubbed off because people would go by and rub his feet!

K: Are you from Atlanta?

R: I was actually born and raised in California. I am a transplant. =) I moved here in 2005 to go to school, then a year at graduate school, and then I got the job here.

K: How is the change from the West coast to the East coast?

R: Actually, I feel like I should have really been born in Atlanta or in the South! LA is really fast paced and people are so rude there. There is a slower place to life here. If you look at people, they don’t become confrontational, they’ll smile and say hello. It’s an entirely different environment… It’s also a plus you can actually tell what season you’re in.

K: Why does Sonia call you RJ?

R: Hahahaha, she says that RJ is more concise because Rachelle is so long, so she just calls me RJ. I don’t mind. It makes me feel like I’m part of the team?

K: I was just curious. I here her say, “RJ”, and I wonder who that is, then I hear your voice, and then I think “ohhhhh, ok.”

R: It’s always me. haha We were talking about how my name will be changing.

K: Are you getting married?

R: Yeah! I’m getting married next month!  We were talking about how it’s going to sound. I told her that RH won’t sound the same, so she can still call me RJ. =)

K: I like your voice. Have you ever had voice lessons?!

R: That’s the oddest question anyone has ever asked me in my life! hahaha I’ve never had any vocal training or anything like that.

K: Well you have a nice telephone voice.

R: Thanks!

K: Ok, we’re going to do a word association. I’ll say a word and you tell me what word you think about. OK, so travel.

R: Bus

K: Reserve123

R:umm job! hahaha

K: plane

R: ticket

K: Kim Kardashian

R: umm…. wow

K: Justin Beiber

R: teenager

K: Darlene

R: Nice

K: Vince

R: He’s cool

K: Allison

R: She’s so sweet!

And there you go! If you see her, tell her congrats on the 3 year anniversary or the upcoming wedding! Or give her a high five. Those are always nice. Or maybe give her a unicorn. I mean, who doesn’t like unicorns…

- Kris

“Clock out at 6:00pm just in time to not exercise at 6:30pm”

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


We had a meeting today and we discussed target audiences, important people, new projects, and something about numbers.  Near the end of the meeting I had my chance to shine and talk about social media… and unfortunately, I was so cold that my voice cracked  like a 13 year old boy.

We discussed the idea of getting the office more involved with our internet presence. Yes, I know you know this, but the office doesn’t yet. The operations team is very excited about this new project and some were even discussing possible weird costumes for their profiles. =)

But it is 5:13pm and everyone is typing and concentrating that I don’t want to disturb them.  I want to do is do a post, some reviews, and clock out at 6:00pm just in time to not exercise at 6:30pm.

So I will tell you a little something  that I’m very excited about – Ben Sollee is coming to Savannah, Ga for the Midnight Garden Ride! I will pause and let you catch your breath….

If you don’t know Ben Sollee, he is a soulful singer from Kentucky who has a jazzy, bluegrassy, folky feel to his music. If you curious, listen to this.

The  best part is that he’s coming to my hometown which is only four hours away from my current home in Atlanta. Ben Sollee’s free concert wraps the charm and loveliness of Savannah in one night. In what other city would you have an event where there is a free concert and then watch people ride bikes at night? Nowhere sane enough, I tell you.

If you go, please tell me, so I can hunt you down and high-five you for coming. Who knows, perhaps you may buy me a beer? =)

If you want to more about this event, go to this website.

- Kris

Entertaining Dinner Shows Across the Globe

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Everyone needs something fun and entertaining to do during their vacation evenings.Many venture off to experience the city’s nightlife while others simply enjoy a nice dinner out and head to bed earlier to be ready for the next day’s activities.One thing that everyone seems to enjoy is a thrilling dinner show.

Dinner shows can be appreciated by people of all ages with all sorts of interests.Wherever you plan on vacationing, you can see if there is a dinner show near you on the Dinner Shows’ website to take your group out for an evening full of fun!

One of the most popular locations with hundreds of dinner shows is Branson, Missouri.This is a great place to have some fun on a riverboat, in a theater, or any other fun venue.Aboard the Branson Belle Riverboat, you can enjoy an elegant cruise, delicious food and non-stop entertainment.

Additionally, you can watch western classics during one of the many Chuckwagon shows that are performed in cities all over the U.S.

Another great location for a dining show is Nashville, Tennessee.Like Branson, this city is full of great shows that everyone in the family will love.For a blast from the past, the Cowboy Town Wild West Show & Campfire Supper is a great choice.The General Jackson Dinner Cruise & Show is another great opportunity.The showboat will float along the Cumberland River providing you with an excellent meal and even better Broadway style performances.

Dinner Shows offers many types of entertainment so you can pick and choose which one best fits your interests.Additional locations include Atlanta, Orlando, Richmond, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii and many, many more!

Each of the shows listed on Dinner Shows’ website,, are extremely popular so if you find one that strikes your fancy, reserve it soon as they sell out quickly.

Relaxing Trolley Tour through Atlanta

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Atlanta is a wonderful city full of history as well as some of today’s most important places.  It is helpful to understand the city you are visiting, and the perfect way is to ride the Atlanta Trolley Tour. 

This hop-on, hop-off tour is great if you want to see certain places more than others, need a snack, or want to do a bit of shopping as you can get on and off at your leisure.  Centennial Olympic Park is one of the stop and this was the park built for 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  It is still frequented by walkers, joggers and families watching outdoor movies and concerts. 

Another stop is Turner Field, the Home of the Braves.  Grant Park, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Margaret Mitchell House and The Varsity are additional spots along the way where you can view the Atlanta Zoo, beautiful nature, and important aspects of Atlanta’s history. 

Atlantic Station, a new area in Atlanta, is a wonderful, modern community with great restaurants, shopping and apartments.  In addition to seeing all these major attractions, you will see all the hottest places to wine and dine, learn where new shopping locations are and see beautiful renovations. 

Whether you are making your first visit to Atlanta or you have been coming for years, this tour is perfect to learn all about this wonderful city!  Visit to reserve your vacation fun today!

Endless Fun at Stone Mountain Park

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Everyone who travels to the Atlanta area should visit Stone Mountain Park.  It is a great theme park with so many activities you could turn it into your whole vacation.  With all of the Park’s attractions, there is something perfect for all ages and all tastes.

On a hot summer day, the most wonderful feeling is dipping into a cool, refreshing pool or lake.  Stone Mountain has a full, manmade lake beach, complete with sand!  You can also ride the pedal boats around the smooth lake or take a splashy ride aboard one of the parks DUCKS.

For a bit more exercise, great during any time of the year, you can hike up the granite mountain, take part in the park’s new SkyHike where you can trek through the treetops, or play some mini-golf.  For a break, you can watch the park’s 4-D movie, take a ride on the riverboat, journey around the mountain by train, or get stunning aerial views from the mountain’s Skyride where you can see the Atlanta skyline and Appalachian Mountains. 

In the evening, dine at one of the many restaurants in the park, like Miss Katie’s, a homemade southern eatery, and then lay back in the lawn to watch the famous laser show.

Every September, the Yellow Daisy Festival is held inside the park grounds with vendors selling their homemade crafts.  Holiday season is a real treat at Stone Mountain; a giant tree of lights is placed on the very top of the mountain and a Christmas train ride will show you all the bright light displays around the mountain which ends with a steaming mug of hot chocolate!

The park has campgrounds and hotels if you decide you want to continue the fun into the next day.  Atlanta Tours offers you a full-day pass to partake in all of the above activities, plus more!  Visit for more information and to book your ticket.

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