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Happy Halloween from Alcatraz Media!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Everyone at the Alcatraz Media & Reserve123 Atlanta Headquarters would like to wish you a ghoulishly great and frightfully fun Halloween! We had a pretty sweet lil’ office party and enjoyed candy, cupcakes, and laughs at costume choices throughout the day, and decided why not share a few fun highlights with our awesome travel pals? Here are a few of our favorite costumes!

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Dra and Nicara

Nicara and Dra looking fabulous

First up we have Nicara, one of our lovely Reservations Agents, as Little Red Riding Hood. Don’t let her sweet smile deceive you though – she totally destroyed that Big Bad Wolf, all by herself.

Next to her is Dra, one of our awesome Group & Charter Sales Support agents, as a crossplay of Alex DeLarge from the film “A Clockwork Orange,” a 1971 film that was written, directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick, adapted from Anthony Burgess’s 1962 novella A Clockwork Orange about a dystopian, future Britain.


Alcatraz Media Trivia Game at the Atlanta Headquarters

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Atlanta Office Headquarters

We all had a great time in the office last week with our Trivia Game! This was a game to see how well we know each other.

The object of the game was for everyone (or a decent amount of people) to write something interesting about themselves that not many others would know. Whoever could match them most facts to people correctly would win!

This was a tough challenge. We have a lot of cool, ambitious, unique, & talented employees here at Alcatraz Media & Reserve123. Everyone was speculating and second-guessing all week… Now, all the answers can finally be revealed!! :D


Here are all of the facts followed by the correct answers for our trivia game:

1. I was the first person in US history to reverse an adoption.  Answer: Lia

2. I tried out for the 1992 Olympics (Event 400 yard Dash). Answer: NiCole

3. When I was born I had a long vertical scar on my neck. My mother had surgery on her neck when she was a child and carried that scar on her neck all of her life, until I was born. Her scar disappeared when I was born! Answer: Barbara

4. I like to collect currency from different parts of the world. Answer: Raimari

5. I have the physical challenge of Cerebral Palsy. Answer: Rachelle

6. My family breeds Boykin Spaniels. Answer: Ben

7. I turned 15 while on a mission trip to Honduras & Nicaragua. Answer: Michelle

8. I had a poem published in a book when I was 13. Answer: Sheria

9. I can interact with people from all walks of life without judging. Answer: Sonya C.

10. I won the “Delta’s World Adventure Challenge with Carmen Sandiego,” which was a geography / essay writing contest in 1995 based on the kid’s game show on PBS. In my story, V.I.L.E. crook Wonder Rat stole the AJC news building in Atlanta and hauled it off to Australia! Answer: Lauren

11. My dream job title is “Commissioner of Major League Baseball.” Answer: Fauve

12. I was the first female newspaper carrier in my home town. Answer: Theresa

13. I once dated movie & TV star Delta Burke (before she or I became very famous). Answer: Tony

14. I learned to drive a stick shift when I was about 12 years old. Answer: Disa

15. I have written over 300 poems and am currently looking to publish a poetry book by this time next year. Answer: Charisse

16. I was a 4-time representative for the Piano State Convention. Answer: Modesty

17. All of my doctors are shocked that I’ve never had a cavity. Answer: Dra

18. When I was little I wanted to be a Killer Whale Trainer at Sea World. Answer: Jason

19. I am a scraper, which means I like to make scrapbooks. Answer: Darlene

20. I take Brazilian jiu jitsu during my free time. Answer: Siran


We were TIED for a top winner, so we used a names list randomizer to choose.

• Rachelle (11 correct answers!)
• Sonya W. (11 correct answers!)

And… The winner was………… Sonya W.!!!

Sonya chose a great gift card to Target.


And Honorable Mention went out to:

• Rachelle (11 correct answers)
• Michelle (9 correct answers)
• Sonya C. (8 correct answers)
• Theresa (7 correct answers)
• NiCole (7 correct answers)
• Tamesha (6 correct answers)
• Sheria (6 correct answers)
• Modesty (6 correct answers)

Great job everyone! We may have to do this game again soon… ;)

Crazy Hat Week at the Atlanta HEADquarters!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Here at the & Alcatraz Media headquarters in Atlanta, we do more than just provide outstanding customer service and reservations for more than 11,000 tours, attractions, and activities in over 550 destinations and 85 countries. We work hard, and we play hard, too. Recently we have started having fun office contests every week, and last week was our Crazy Hat Week!

purchase propecia online

We had three finalists in our contest – Jason, Cheryl and Raimari:

Jason, Lord of Asgard and God of Thunder!

Cheryl with a fabulously festive hat

Raimari with an amazingly creative updo

It was really tough to pick a winner. Everyone did a such a great job! But we finally decided that our winner is… JASON! Jason got to pick out his favorite $50 gift card from a variety to choose from for winning.


Although John & Carolyn could not participate in the contest (because they work remotely from Florida), they did send in an awesome picture of themselves in silly hats, so they are well-deserving of our Honorable Mention:

John & Carolyn (and that cute rabbit with them) rock!

Thanks to those who participated! Stay tuned for more office fun soon… ;)

The Tour Million – Travel & Tour Industry Pixels

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


Remember our Tour Million project? If you’re not familiar with The Tour Million, it’s the world’s first “One Million Pixel” page exclusively dedicated to the tour and travel industry. Travel businesses can purchase a pixel or pixels to become part of the largest page dedicated to the travel and tour industry. We hope it makes history, and our project is steadily growing. 15% of the page is already filled up with various tour and travel providers, and we’re still adding new companies.

We wanted to update you on our progress and tell you that The Tour Million is still in full force! You can read the page’s blog. If you’re in the travel community and are interested in purchasing space and becoming part of travel and tourism history, email us at or see our FAQ page.

- Kris

My Patronus is a Wookiee

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

A few minutes ago, in an office not too far from you………………………..

Darth Lauren: You are no match for me, Kris. I am a Sith Lord!

Jedi Kris: Your overconfidence is your weakness.

Darth Lauren: *scowls extra hard* Your faith in your friends and the “power” of LOVE is yours! Leave your pathetic Rebel Alliance. Join me, and I will show you more power than a Jedi could ever dream of.

Jedi Kris: Your faith in your power is mistaken. Soon I shall be a Jedi Master, and you will be lost and forgotten with the Sith when balance is returned to The Force. I know there is still some good left in you. It is not too late, Lauren.

Darth Lauren: For a pumpkin spice latte? I don’t know, Starbucks closes soon. And no, my young Jedi. You will find that it is YOU who are mistaken… about a great… many… things.

[epic battle ensues]

Jedis & Siths wear Aviators these days, in case you didn’t know.

*Both fight valiantly, using The Force and Lightsabers. Jedi Kris proves to be more powerful than Darth Lauren had expected… Before the duel has a fateful end, Darth Lauren makes a narrow escape on a nearby Geonosian speeder in a huff for a lunch break.*

After enjoying a bit of Kamino Sushi with her nifty new Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks…

Darth Lauren mused to herself, “This turn of events is… unfortunate. I must accelerate my plans!”

*Darth Lauren calls the Emperor via iPhone with an Imperial Death March ringtone.
The Emperor answers*

Darth Lauren: My Emperor…

The Emperor: How many times do I have to tell you, Lauren? It’s just Ryan.

Darth Lauren: Yes… Master.

The Emperor: *sigh* No need to inform me of recent events. I’m very busy. Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.

Darth Lauren: I understand, my Lord. I am sending my apprentice Count Darkhart into the Coruscant System (Ticketing Department) to seek out the Jedi Temple to end this… amusing… rebellion. I shall continue operational developments for a more powerful Death Star for you. Everything will go according to plan, Master.

The Emperor: Why don’t you leave my employees alone and get back to work? Oh, and great job to both you and Kris with the blogs. Keep up the good work! *click*

Darth Lauren: Um… okay. Hello? Hello? Sigh…

*Darth Lauren storms off and meets up with her Apprentice, the powerful young Count Darkhart.*

Darth Lauren: You have been well trained, my young apprentice. Do not fail me. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am. You know what to do. The pitiful little band of Rebels will be no match for you.

Count Darkhart: At last I will reveal my true talents to the Jedi. I will find them quickly, Master. Count on revenge.

*Count Darkhart bows solemnly, and departs*

…And now, our story falls into your hands, noble reader. YOU now have the power to control where the epic story takes us next!

You choose to:

a) Follow Count Darkhart into Coruscant
b) Venture into the Death Star with Darth Lauren
c) Join Jedi Kris and meet the Rebel Alliance
d) Learn the secret identity of Jedi Kris’ Apprentice
e) Discover what the perfect toppings are for a Galactic Empire Pizza.
f) Meet a dashing Freight Pilot from the Spaceport Cantina
g) bunnies!!!
h) My Patronus is a Wookie

The Forcola

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Chocolate Gifts from

Ladies and Gents,

The forcola. If you ever want to go to Venice, there are some things you should know… for example, that Venice is covered in water. But everyone knows that. Everyone knows about the gondola and the attractive (hopefully) Italian man in a striped shirt guiding you through the streets of Venice, but do many people pay attention to the forcola?

It’s arguably one of the most important pieces to your romantic trip in a Venetian gondola. It’s the carefully-crafted rowlock that is used to prop the rower’s oar and helps control the gondola. It’s a beautiful little thing that is constructed out of a quarter of a trunk, that is seasoned, carved, and finished.


So what’s it like over there?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

The Visa Black Card

Well, I’m glad you asked, blog reader!

We don’t get many people in our office because we handle everything by phone (or I guess internet for me). Therefore, we have a very relaxed atmosphere because it ‘s just us.

So pretend that you are taking a tour of a tour company. Almost like inception, but a lot less Leonardo Dicaprio and a lot more ringing phones. So you’re outside…

Just kidding. We’re not going that far back. So you’re going to Florence for a week and you want to do some fun things while you’re there. You go to our website!

FInding a Tour

“Huzzah! A tour that tickles my fancy!”

You find a tour that tickles your fancy. From this point you can choose how you want to book it. Like Fable. (Ever play that game?) If you choose to book it online, it’ll go straight to Ticketing. If you want to talk to a real person (yes! A real, living person who may or may not have played Fable) to book your tour, you will go to the Reservations Department.

Reservations Department

Reservations Department

They’re busy answering questions and booking tours with customers. Whenever you call us, you’ll probably end up talking to one of these folks. Once your tour has been booked, the order goes to the Ticketing Department.

Ticketing Department

Ticketing Department

Ticketing talks to all of our suppliers to ensure that there is a place for you on the tour. After they finalize it, they send you an e-ticket. And that’s it!

But wait! There’s more! We do group tours too! Their office is in the hallway and I took a picture, but it didn’t turn out so well. Just imagine a really nice hallway with doors and nice people behind those doors. =)

Now you have the grand tour. Of course, we have more departments, but you’ll learn about them and the people who them with our weekly Profiles. If you have any questions about us or what we do or what my favorite color is, you can go here. Or you can get me on Facebook, Twitter @reserve123, or email me at Or just call us!

So that’s a little about us. Here’s a little more about us if you’re dying to know. Can we learn a little bit more about you? Your passions? Your name? You twitter name, perhaps?

PS. I know the office looks bare, but that’s because it was late in the evening. Sorry. =(

- Kris

Revenge of the Sith…

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Wine Tasting Program

BWAAHAHA!!! I have infiltrated your Blog Mayhem, Kris! Admirable as your “Inside The Office” Rebel Alliance is… you don’t know the Power of the Market Side! *Switches on my purple Lightsaber* ;<

But seriously, I like your style. Impressive… I must admit your posts are way more fun to read. I’ll allow it. Besides, you’re just too cool & stylish to not be my friend.

So, what do you say to us being bloggalicious buddies? Join me, and together we shall Rule the Galaxy!! And since you’re posting SUPER-TOP-SECRET info about our mysterious office & coworkers, hows about this?

Darth Lauren Strikes Back… [Photo from Halloween 2010 at the office last year]

The Emperor is… pleased… with this lack of order & mayhem in cyberspace.
See that it continues. And actually, I dress like this at the office every day.

~ Lauren

P.S. – Awesome post about Michelle’s trip to Comic Con! Looks like a ton of fun!! I know you would not have guessed, but I follow the way of the geek myself. Dragon Con in Atlanta is pretty rad too. ; )

Darth Lauren: So… Jedi Kris… your “Code” mandates that you treat all life-forms with respect… *snicker* and believe in… *chortle*peace!! *raucous laughter* You Jedis are all Hippies! I can feel your anger… it gives you power…

Jedi Kris: Yep. Sure does. Enough to do this…
*Uses Force Lightning to blow up Lauren’s coffee mug*

Darth Lauren: *gasp*


You can’t do that!!! I need my caffeine… Hold on… let me check my Darthipedia. Besides, you would totally lose in a Lightsaber Duel!

Jedi Kris: I’m surprised your cape isn’t camouflaged. Do you use your Lightsaber for more than opening a beer? Challenge accepted…
*Switches on her blue Lightsaber*

WHO WILL WIN??? To be continued…

Welcome to Alcatraz…

Monday, August 1st, 2011


We are hiring! We are looking for a very special person who can work our advertising department. Who knows, we may be working together… In that case, we have a policy where you have to buy your closest co-worker a small iced hazelnut latte daily. =) If you would like to know more about this position, please visit this link.

In the spirit of bringing some fresh faces in the office, I asked everyone:

“If you can have any television character work in the office, who would it be and why?”

“I would pick Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ for obvious reasons, and I would want to be on the party planning committee.” – Allison, Operations Administrative Assistant

“I would like to work with The Fonz. Anytime anything breaks, he couls just hit it with his hand and it would come back on.” – Michael, Special Products Agent

Michael also added this helpful visual:  

“I think that Klaus from the Vampire Diaries is the obvious choice, because of his captivating blue eyes & charming smile, his werewolf & vampire hybrid abilities, his meticulous planning & presentation, and his unusual talent of ripping the heart out of anyone who would really oppose us. One way or another, I think that our advertising allure would mysteriously gain prominence… as long as we keep some blood bags in the fridge. Lol!” – Lauren, Web Developer

Lauren also added a visual:

“I think my choice would be Steve Harvey. I watched him on “Family Feud” at lunchtime in the break room and find his facial expressions hilarious! We all need to laugh as much as possible – especially in the busy summer months.” – Barbara, VP of Operations

I think working with Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ would be a hoot! ” – Rachelle, Ticketing Agent

“Barney Stinson from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ because nobody really knows what he does, everything is always LEGENDARY!, and he’s willing to accept any challenge.” – Michelle, Co-Director of Operations and Executive Assistant

“I wanna work with Underdog because there was no fear when Underdog was near.” – Ryan, CEO and President

“I would need to work with someone I could handle 7-8 hours a day. I would want to work with Batman from Batman the Animated Series because he could use his resources to help us out, he’s a hard worker, he’s already loaded, so he probably wouldn’t care if we paid him, he could tell us stories about crime fighting, he’ll tell us what Clayface looks like up close. There are a multitude of reasons why Batman would be a great asset to Reserve123. Or Liz Lemon.” – Kristina, Social Media Ninja and Best friend of Batman

“Flo Castleberry from ‘Alice’ and ‘Flo’. I liked her sassy ‘get it done’ attitude and if she worked with us, she could keep us laughing about the little things that drive us crazy in our daily work lives.” Janice, Accounting Manager

Janice added a visual as well:



“Michael Scott (Steve Carell) He is an awesome boss. I believe that we are just as funny and talented as the cast of ‘The Office’. – Kimberly, Customer Ticketing & Support

“Winnie the Pooh! Who doesn’t love him? If you’re having a bad day at work, a  hug from Winnie would cheer you right up! :) But if you’re asking for a ‘real’ person, I’d have to say Lucille Ball! Ever see the episode where she works in that chocolate factory? Hilarious! She’d be a blast to work next to.” – Lia, Webmaster

“I would love to work with Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson of ‘The Closer’ on TNT. She’s a very clear thinker and loves her job!” – Sonya, Ticketing Manager

- Kris Gets a Facelift

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Purchase tickets to quality tours, cruises and attractions in over 400 cities around the world... it’s easy as 123!

Purchase tickets to quality tours, cruises and attractions in over 400 cities around the world… it’s easy as 123!

We know what you are thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a travel website that offers top quality tour & attraction tickets all over the world, with detailed descriptions, clear prices, quality photos, video & graphics, competitive travel insurance, custom group tours and charters, popular vacation packages, easy tour rating & review capabilities directly on the site and via social networks, and excellent customer service, but also with said website being easy to navigate from any computer? We hear you, and your dreams have come true. Check out the new and improved! This site represents the latest enhancement to an expansive network of tour and travel websites that cover over 450 cities around the world.  With the new structure and features, you can view all of the tours that are offered globally, watch travel videos, register for a free account to receive promotional offers and discounts, rate and review your tour experiences, and participate in contests and online activities through our site as well as via social networks, just to name a few.

We understand that your trip can take a year to plan, but only a second to ruin. While you cannot do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your travel investment by purchasing Travel Insurance. We’ve teamed up with Travel Guard, the leading provider of travel insurance. Travel insurance is now available for all purchases, making it simple and convenient for our valued customers to protect their travel investment at an affordable rate. We have also made it as easy as 123 to give the perfect gift of travel to friends, family, coworkers, employees, and anybody else you wish to impress. From dinner cruises and sightseeing boat tours to city excursions and attraction tickets, the Reserve 123 Gift Card can be used in hundreds of global vacation destinations.

Not only have we made it easy to book over 11,000 quality sightseeing tours and attractions worldwide in just three clicks, but also provides assistance with groups and event planning services.  The company employs a staff of travel experts who specialize in various markets and handle every detail from start to finish. With an extensive list of corporate and high-profile clients and glowing recommendations, our group sales & charter department provides the most professional, successful, and unique events possible, and will keep you informed every step of the way. We offer complete packages for every budget and convenient per-person pricing. Call us to meet your group transportation needs, design imaginative special events, fun-filled tours, and unique theme parties that will create great lasting impressions on all of your guests!

The Leader in Online Tours & Travel Since 1999

The Leader in Online Tours & Travel Since 1999 is owned and operated by Alcatraz Media, the leading provider of online tour reservations.  Since 1999, Alcatraz Media has assisted millions of customers with their travel plans, and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  For more information, please visit, call toll free at 800-745-1925, or email us at:

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