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5 Tips to Avoid Altitude Sickness on Your Ski Trip

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

altitude sicknessThe dust from the holidays has finally settled. Everyone is getting the most use out of their favorite gifts, the tree has been stripped and tossed and the new health routines are (not?) being broken. We’re also starting to remember the realities of winter weather, unless of course you have a vacation around the corner. In which case, all dietary bets are off. Take advantage of those all-you-can-eat dining options on your cruise, or ride down to the beach and enjoy the most decadent seafood available. If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, seize the chance to have some hot and piping comfort meals to keep you warm.

Vacations are meant to be fully enjoyed, and your ski or snowboarding trip is no exception, despite the freezing temperatures and uncomfortably high altitudes. Altitude sickness can attack even the healthiest individuals, and even if you’re just planning a relaxing weekend at a mile-high cabin, you’ll want to take the proper precautions to ensure you body stays in tip-top shape. Here are a few tips. (more…)

Adventures in the Philippines

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
Discover the "Pearl of the Orient Seas," the Philippines

Discover the “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” the Philippines

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The Philippines, coined the ‘Gems of the East,’ consists of 7,107 islands, and most of them are very small. All of the islands have a lot to offer to tourists, from the typical “sun, sea & beach” holidays to Eco Adventures deep into the diverse geography of these beautiful tropical islands. And don’t forget to meet the people – they are very friendly, and the country welcomes tourists, as they bring money to the country to support local businesses and the economy. From swimming with dolphins in coral waters, to exploring volcanoes and hidden waterfalls, to going out on the town to meet the people (perhaps trying some “tuba” coconut wine) and learn about their rich culture, the Philippines really has it all.

Embark on a full day small group excursion to the town of Pagsanjan, Laguna located two and a half hours south of Manila. Your destination is the Majestic Pagsanjan Falls. Take a scenic boat ride on a native dugout canoe (banca.) As the boat is skillfully maneuvered upstream by two boatmen, the landscape diversifies with beautiful boulders, steep gorges and lush tropical vegetation. Return downstream by “shooting the rapids” as expert boatmen steer past huge boulders in churning waters at top speeds. With its booming waters cascading down the cliff 900 feet below, this is truly an exhilarating, spine-tingling, adrenaline-pumping ride!

Next, hit the beach on our Mactan Island Snorkeling & Picnic Tour from Cebu City. This full day fun in the sun small group tour combines the excitement of riding on a motorized canoe (banca) with snorkeling, swimming or diving in the small islands of the Mactan Channel. Feed fish and soon you will have these colorful creatures feasting from your hands. Enjoy a refreshing swim in reef waters or free diving. A delightful lunch of grilled seafood, chicken or pork with fresh fruits for dessert will be served picnic style on a white sand beach. Whatever you choose to do, your time at Mactan Island is sure to be memorable and fun.

There’s no better way to end your day than enjoying a delicious buffet dinner of Philippine delicacies on board a floating barge on the Loboc River. Our Loboc Riverside Dinner & Night Cruise in Bohol offers a peaceful atmosphere and soft, soothing river breeze to help you unwind. Afterwards, transfer to another barge which will float you upriver towards Busay Falls, with a live band playing music to entertain you. Let the river and the lovely choir performances of the local talents of Loboc serenade you. Drinks are also available on board. You’ll love the cooler temperature of the day, beautiful tropical scenery, and relaxing ambiance.

The beautiful White Beach of Boracay Island

The beautiful White Beach of Boracay Island, Philippines

When it comes to Filipino Hotels, there are some real gems of resorts and world-class business hotels. Friendly people and smiles abound in the Philippines, and a high level of English is spoken on most islands. Our Philippines Hotel Directory features a fantastic selection of popular hotels, exceptionally low rates, and the convenience of being able to book your hotels and tours in one place.

Adventure Tours in Canada & Alaska

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.

Whether you’re dog sledding near Canmore, heli skiing in Valdez, taking an extreme snowmobile ride in the back country of Whistler, or trekking a glacier in Anchorage, you’re bound for thrilling adventures and memories that will last a lifetime!

On the Aboriginal Dog Sledding Adventure near Canmore, immerse yourself in the clean mountain air as you venture out into the pristine, sparkling, white snow on a dog sledding adventure!

Before you get started, you will have the opportunity to put the dogs into their harnesses and attach them to the sled.

Then begin your exhilarating ride! Dog sledding is an exciting and hands-on way to explore and enjoy the amazing scenery of the Rocky Mountains.


And it doesn’t get much more extreme than heli-skiing or snowboarding in Valdez Alaska! Discover Heli Skiing in Valdez for a heart-racing, breathtaking experience in the beautiful Chugach Mountains.

No matter how long you decide to stay in Valdez, helicopter and snowcat guests will enjoy a comfortable lodge type atmosphere with all facilities, hot tubs, and banquet meals included, and within easy walking access to the town of Valdez hot spots.

The Back Country Extreme Snowmobile Ride in Whistler combines pristine rugged wilderness, fresh deep powder snow, and a ride designed to enhance your style, challenge your advanced snowmobile skills, and push your limits.
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This half day adventure is a SINGLE-RIDER-ONLY tour, where you’ll experience extensive challenging terrain. Lunch included. Discover the big mountain adventures of British Columbia. An exhilarating snowmobiling experience in Whistler!

Explore the fascinating world of glaciers with the Donoho Lakes Glacier Trek in Anchorage. Who says you have to spend an hour bouncing around in a cramped bush plane to get into the Alaskan wilderness? Four out of the five days on the trek will be spent hiking on the ice. Most days include about 5 to 6 hours of hiking over moderate terrain. The views of the peaks and ridges are stunning and provide excellent photographic opportunities.

Alaska is an amazing backdrop for Girdwood Ice Climbing Lessons. Climbers are fitted with plastic mountaineering boots, crampons, harness, helmet and ice tools. After a short drive to Portage Valley, the hike follows an existing trail to year around avalanche debris. Then hike the glacial moraine (rugged loose rocks) onto the glacier itself. Another 500′ of cramponing gets you up to some steep ice faces, above which your guide will set the anchor. The views from the Byron Glacier are fantastic. Expect a very memorable day!

No matter which tour you choose in Canada or Alaska, you can be sure that you will have a fun and memorable adventure! Book your reservations today and save at and!

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