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5 Tips to Avoid Altitude Sickness on Your Ski Trip

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

altitude sicknessThe dust from the holidays has finally settled. Everyone is getting the most use out of their favorite gifts, the tree has been stripped and tossed and the new health routines are (not?) being broken. We’re also starting to remember the realities of winter weather, unless of course you have a vacation around the corner. In which case, all dietary bets are off. Take advantage of those all-you-can-eat dining options on your cruise, or ride down to the beach and enjoy the most decadent seafood available. If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, seize the chance to have some hot and piping comfort meals to keep you warm.

Vacations are meant to be fully enjoyed, and your ski or snowboarding trip is no exception, despite the freezing temperatures and uncomfortably high altitudes. Altitude sickness can attack even the healthiest individuals, and even if you’re just planning a relaxing weekend at a mile-high cabin, you’ll want to take the proper precautions to ensure you body stays in tip-top shape. Here are a few tips. (more…)

Come Out in the Cold

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

We have a few things in common with the brown bear. Wait – don’t stop reading… We do! Some of us like to hibernate in the winter months. We cuddle up inside and even if we love the outdoors, we are just a bit resistant to venture out. A lot of us like salmon too and growl but that’s where the analogy ends.

The point is, it is time to start a new adventure. If you’ve been snowmobiling you know exactly what we mean by life changing. Especially season changing. The snow has great meaning after your first snowmobile ride. And back country certainly doesn’t sleep during the winter. So book one of our guided snowmobiling tours!

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