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New Goodies!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014


Spring is on it’s way and will (hopefully) bring some warmer weather to our side of the world, soon. We’ve been busy preparing new tours and activities to add to our catalog, and some of them are now available for reservations. Check out some of our new options below.

Chicago Favorites Food Tasting & Walking Tour

This one goes out to all the food lovers out there. If you’re interested in exploring the city of Chicago while satisfying your palate, here is the perfect 3-hour stroll through the city. his tour operates outside as much as possible, but will make use of Chicago’s unique underground Pedway system in extremely cold weather. During the warmer days, you’ll enjoy the large promenades of the Loop.Along the way, you’ll try some of the foods Chicago is best known for doing right, including pizza, brownies, hot dogs, and a couple of local brews (more…)

The Story Behind the Mercer Williams House

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Mercer-Williams House by Chris Carr Photography

Mercer-Williams House by Chris Carr Photography

The haunted Mercer Williams House in Savannah, Ga is famous for its architecture and more recently for the murder that happened there in May 1981.

In 1860, the architect John Norris built the house for Civil War General Hugh W. Mercer, the great grandfather of songwriter Johnny Mercer. Construction was delayed and the house was eventually sold to John Wilder who finished its construction.

Jim Williams

Jim Williams

The eccentric art and antique collector Jim Williams, known for his extravagant parties, purchased the house in the 1969 and began renovation; it became one of the 50 houses he bought and renovated in Savannah. In 1981, Danny Hansford was shot in the study of the Mercer House, and Williams became a suspect. Hansford was Williams’s personal assistant and lover, and some believe his death was the result of a lovers’ quarrel. Williams was tried four times, the only person in the state of Georgia with the record, where his last trial in Augusta, Ga took the judge approximately one hour to come back with a verdict of not guilty. He was announced a free man ten days after the 8th anniversary of Hansford’s death.

Six months later, Williams died from pneumonia and heart failure, and it is said that he died in the same spot where Hansford was shot almost ten years earlier. The deaths of Hansford and Williams go much deeper than what has been told, and there was talk of a voodoo priestess summoning Hansford’s old spirit to hopefully reconcile with his former lover. No one really knows what happened in the Mercer-Williams House except for Williams and Hansford who took the secret with them to the grave.

Mercer House by swampzoid

Mercer House by swampzoid

It is said that Williams and Hansford’s spirits still roam around the house. There are rumors that all of the lights would turn on around the time of Williams’ annual Christmas parties. If you want to learn more about the mysterious deaths of Williams and Hansford and see the Mercer Williams House, take our Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Walking Tour. Your tour guide talks about the many hauntings all over Savannah, but pays extra attention to the details of this mysterious tale.

Savannah’s #1 Fall Destination – Top Ten Things To Do

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

East Jones Street in Savannah, Ga

East Jones Street in Savannah, Ga

Autumn is in the air. I mean, it really is. Georgia has been in  a state of cool weather this whole week which puts most of everyone in the office in the mood for Fall!

Travel+ Leisure Magazine announced that Savannah is America’s #1 Fall Destination! Read about it here. In honor of this announcement, here is a Top Ten List of Things To Do from one of our office employees Kris, Reserve 123 social media ninja, Savannahian, and the person who is writing this post.

Kris’s Savannah Top Ten
1. Ordering lavender ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream Parlor.
2. Smuggling fried chicken in my purse at Mrs. Wilkes.
3. Getting tattooed at Anonymous Tattoo.
Wandering down up and down Bull Street and Drayton Street.
Driving through Oglethorpe Avenue and Liberty Street.
Grabbing water and reading magazines at the fancy Parker’s on Drayton Street.
Eating breakfast at the once fire station, now J. Christopher’s.
Eating an unhealthy amount of donuts at Baker’s Pride.
9. Looking at old knick knacks at The Paris Market
Watching weird movies at the Sentient Bean’s Psychotronic Film Night

Reserve 123 is working on City Guides and we have one for Savannah! Here are some of our popular Savannah Tours perfect for the Fall:

Savannah Scary Ghost Tour (One of our more popular tours)
Savannah Movie Tour (See where the modern classic movies were filmed)
Foody Tour in Savannah (Sample food from Savannah’s finest restaurants)
Savannah Riverboat Moonlight Entertainment Cruise (open until October!)

Click here to see all of our Savannah Tours/Packages.

We love Savannah and want you to enjoy your stay too, so if you have any questions or some helpful pointers, leave them in that too convenient comment box.

- Kris

Meet Michelle aka Swiss Army Knife

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Chocolate Gifts from
Michelle is like a Swiss Army knife. She pretty much does everything from fixing printers to creating vacation packages all while handling whatever ideas that Ryan throws at us. It’s pretty fun watching her do her thang in the office. Our Swiss Army knife sat down with me to chat about work, Savannah, and Russell Brand.

K: What do you do?

M: I’m the Co-Director of Operations and Ryan’s assistant, so I help with vacation packages, chargebacks, customer requests and any other kind of special projects Ryan may have.

K: How long have you been working at Reserve123?

M: I’ve been working here since May of 2004 so a little over seven years. I started as a Reservations Agent, then Assistant Reservations Manager, then Reservations Manager, then Marketing Manager and Assistant to the President and CEO, and then we joined Marketing and Advertising Departments which is now the Operations Department. I’ve been here forever and do a little bit of everything!

K: What is your favorite part about your job?

M: The fact that it changes everyday. I’ll be working on vacation packages one day, then I’ll do reviews all day one day, and then the next day I’ll be helping Allison do a special project. I never really know what to expect when I get here.

K: Any news going on with you? Any buns in the oven? Craving pickles and ice cream?

M: Hahaha what are you talking about? Haha I actually put it up on Facebook and made it Facebook official that I am pregnant. Got to see a nice strong heartbeat and saw a spinal cord. I was happy and good, so I made an announcement. =)

K: Congrats!

M: Thank you! I’m due around March 5th!

K: You don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl?

M: Not yet. I’m waiting for a 3D ultrasound to see the baby’s sex.

K: Do you have a preference of boy or girl.

M: I want one of each. Prefer a boy first, but I’ll be happy either way. =)

K: Have you been having any weird food urges?

M: Honestly, I’ve been craving fruit. I want fruit, and I want it all the time! It’s fruits and veggies that’s been standing out. It’s that and salty snacks! It hits me in the evenings; sometimes all I want is popcorn.

K:What’s your favorite city in which to have fun and relax?

M: Nashville for fun. Last time we were there, we got to stand on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Allison got to fist bump Darius Rucker. I got to say hi to Charles from Lady Antebellum. He is GORGEOUS. We were literally standing  on the stage, behind the performers, as they were performing.
For relaxing, I’d have to say Savannah. We really like to go to Tybee Island and lay out on the beach, but Savannah is also fun. You can do so much in Savannah.

K: I’m so happy that you love Savannah.

M: Oh I LOVE Savannah. When we started working with the hotels in Savannah, I was like, “Oh, you want me to come down to Savannah? OK, Sure!”

K: If you could have a live concert in the office, who would play, and where would it be held?

M: Hmm. I would have to say Reba because one of my best friends, Cherie Oakley, wrote a #1 hit for her – “Turn on the Radio”. Cherie was on NBC’s The Voice. I would say Reba in the hopes that Cherie would come with her, and they’d sing it together or something. And where? I’d have to say the Reservations Department because that is probably the biggest area.

K: What is your favorite travel song?

M: Right now, if I were to plug in my iPod, it would be a playlist of songs from Glee. I absolutely love that show. But if I had to pick a non-Glee song, I’d have to pick Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”. I don’t know why, but I love that friggin song.

K: If you can pick the perfect vacation for Nikita, where would she go and what tours would you choose for her.

M: I know Nikita likes New York. She was actually up in New York for six weeks this summer for a photography internship. I would have to put her own a Hop On, Hop Off because who doesn’t get on a double decker tour in New York? There’s some photography tours, definitely the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. And maybe a Broadway show or two, she may dig that. I know she loves museums.

K: Ok, last but not least —  word association. You know how to play. ;) So.. travel

M: Tours


M: E-tickets!

K: Chargebacks

M:Allison… haha

K: Vacation

M: Relaxation

K: Michael B.

M: Alacatraz. He does Alcatraz Tickets! He’s our special products guy. =)

K: Sacki

M: Friendly

K: Allison

M: Sweet

K: Ryan

M: Fun….hahaha and crazy!

K: Katy Perry… I swear I wrote that before the interview!

M: HonestIy, I automatically think about Russell Brand and the fact that he’s a diva. Makes me wonder who in the marriage is the diva. I feel it would be him.

K: He’s weird. I don’t think he’s attractive at all. I like his accent but that’s about it.

M: Yeah, it’s close your eyes and listen to him speak…

K: Nerd

M: ME!

Unfortunately, you  missed out on about 15 minutes of talk about Glee, Walking Dead, and Cherie Oakley and about 20 minutes of giggling. I couldn’t fit everything on here, but just know that Michelle is a television nerd who can also double as an office Swiss Army knife. =)

- Kris

“Clock out at 6:00pm just in time to not exercise at 6:30pm”

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


We had a meeting today and we discussed target audiences, important people, new projects, and something about numbers.  Near the end of the meeting I had my chance to shine and talk about social media… and unfortunately, I was so cold that my voice cracked  like a 13 year old boy.

We discussed the idea of getting the office more involved with our internet presence. Yes, I know you know this, but the office doesn’t yet. The operations team is very excited about this new project and some were even discussing possible weird costumes for their profiles. =)

But it is 5:13pm and everyone is typing and concentrating that I don’t want to disturb them.  I want to do is do a post, some reviews, and clock out at 6:00pm just in time to not exercise at 6:30pm.

So I will tell you a little something  that I’m very excited about – Ben Sollee is coming to Savannah, Ga for the Midnight Garden Ride! I will pause and let you catch your breath….

If you don’t know Ben Sollee, he is a soulful singer from Kentucky who has a jazzy, bluegrassy, folky feel to his music. If you curious, listen to this.

The  best part is that he’s coming to my hometown which is only four hours away from my current home in Atlanta. Ben Sollee’s free concert wraps the charm and loveliness of Savannah in one night. In what other city would you have an event where there is a free concert and then watch people ride bikes at night? Nowhere sane enough, I tell you.

If you go, please tell me, so I can hunt you down and high-five you for coming. Who knows, perhaps you may buy me a beer? =)

If you want to more about this event, go to this website.

- Kris

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