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New Goodies!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014


Spring is on it’s way and will (hopefully) bring some warmer weather to our side of the world, soon. We’ve been busy preparing new tours and activities to add to our catalog, and some of them are now available for reservations. Check out some of our new options below.

Chicago Favorites Food Tasting & Walking Tour

This one goes out to all the food lovers out there. If you’re interested in exploring the city of Chicago while satisfying your palate, here is the perfect 3-hour stroll through the city. his tour operates outside as much as possible, but will make use of Chicago’s unique underground Pedway system in extremely cold weather. During the warmer days, you’ll enjoy the large promenades of the Loop.Along the way, you’ll try some of the foods Chicago is best known for doing right, including pizza, brownies, hot dogs, and a couple of local brews (more…)

Chicago Pizza or New York Pizza?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Photo by unbirthdayparty

Chicago Pizza – Photo by unbirthdayparty

Photo by Pineapple Parasol

NY Pizza – Photo by Pineapple Parasol

Where you’re from affects a number of things about you. You can’t completely escape your hometown because it becomes a part of you. For example, I don’t have a thick Southern accent, but I do like my tea that dark honey color and almost as sweet, my collard greens to be soaked in vinegar, and your fried chicken better have the right number of seasonings.

There is this feud between Chicago pizza and New York pizza. If you don’t know about it, what’s wrong with you? that’s ok, I’ll tell you about it.

A long time ago, a Chicago couple was cooking dinner and the husband was making his classic apple pie and the wife was going to make her famous chunky spaghetti. They were in the middle of making their meal when the husband placed his pie crust near the stove. The wife wasn’t paying attention and… ok I’m totally pulling your leg. This is not the story and if you believed me, I know a bank account you can wire 1,000,000 dollars to, and I can get you 2,000,000 dollars next week. Email me for the details. :)

Chicago pizzas are simply deep dished with much heartier toppings or filling, really. New York pizza is nice and thin to a foldable quality.

Please tell me what kind of pizza do you prefer – Chicago or New York. You can always tweet me your answer at @Reserve123.

Twitter news: We are having a contest tomorrow on our Twitter – @Reserve123 for two free tour tickets to this Chicago tour. You can try the pizza and tell me what you think. Keep your eyes out for on our twitter tomorrow to WIN BIG! Well…win a Chicago tour and it’s a pretty darn cool one at that, so it is like WINNING BIG!

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