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Fall in Love with Niagara Sightseeing Tours

Thursday, October 6th, 2011
Enjoy fall foliage & fantastic views of Niagara

Enjoy fall foliage & fantastic views of Niagara

Nothing spells a Roaring Good Time like a visit to Niagara Falls. Now is the perfect time of year to see spectacular views of vibrant fall colors and one of the greatest Natural Wonders of the World. Explore the great outdoors, enjoy fun-filled fall festivals, and be sure to visit Old Fort Niagara to discover its haunted history!

Traffic has become increasingly insane at Niagara Falls over the years. Driving through stop-and-go traffic to then find no parking spaces can leave you stressed out and definitely not enjoying your visit. Do yourself a favor and take a stress-free tour from NYC or Toronto! My favorite is our Niagara Falls Wine Tasting & Waterfall Day Tour from Toronto. You will stop along the way to the Falls for a special visit to an award winning winery where you can enjoy a free sample of Ice Wine, a sweet treat made from local frozen grapes. You will then continue on to the charming village of Niagara-on-the-Lake and then on to the falls.

I would also highly recommend our Niagara Falls All American Illumination Tour. In addition to the spectacular and colorful night time Illumination of the Falls, this tour also includes a thrilling ride aboard the world famous Maid of the Mist Boat, Viewing the Falls atop the American Observation Tower, the adventurous Cave of the Winds Trip to the base of the Bridal Veil Falls, Attraction Fees, Parking Fees, Road Tolls, Pick-up & Drop-off Service, and much more.

On the popular Cave of the Winds tour, you will find that vanity is not an option next to that magnitude of Mother Nature’s incredible power. At Bridal Veil Falls, approaching the “Hurricane Deck,” be sure to take off your hat and hold on tight to it, or it will no doubt be doomed to a watery grave. The Hurricane Deck is so named because tropical storm conditions are present when you are that close to the Falls. It’s wet, it’s windy, it’s cold, it’s scary, and yes – you will get soaked to the bone. And you will absolutely LOVE IT. ;)

Hurry if you want to take a boat tour! After October 24th, the Falls will close as the water begins to freeze during winter. Check out Niagara Falls Tours for all of the best things to do in Niagara Falls from both New York and Canada!

Endless Excitement in Niagara Falls

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of those places that everyone should see at least once.You can take tours by boat, van, bus, helicopter, airplane, or jet boat to see the magnificent waterfalls.

My personal favorite is the Niagara Falls All American Illumination Tour by Van. This tour features all the adventure, beauty and natural wonders of Niagara Falls, USA. Visit the oldest state park in the USA, Niagara Falls State Park. Enjoy a thrilling ride aboard the world famous Maid of the Mist Boat, view the falls atop the American Observation Tower, experience the adventurous Cave of the Winds Trip and descend to the base of the Bridal Veil Falls, view the powerful churning waters of the Niagara River Gorge and the Hydro-electric Power Plants, and see the spectacular and colorful night time Illumination of Niagara Falls!

Need PassportThere are many other fun things to do for both adults and children. I highly recommend experiencing the mystery and art of illusion at Greg Frewin’s Las Vegas Dinner & Show in Niagara Falls. This Las Vegas Style Magical Review features spectacular appearances by rare and majestic tigers. Your imagination will be captivated and you will be AMAZED “Beyond Belief.” Get your tickets before they disappear!

Choose from a huge selection of cruises, tours and attractions in Niagara Falls with Niagara Falls Tours and Reserve123.

So many human transporters…I mean Segways!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Hotel reservations at discounted price

Sightseeing Group on Segways

Sightseeing Group on Segways

It is true.  Segways have become a staple activity in most major tourist destinations around the globe.  We are adding segway tours to our sites like they are going out of style, but let’s hope they don’t!  Truthfully, it is not likely since production of these machines has substantially increased in recent years.

Most recently, we added Segway options in Toronto, San Francisco, Miami, and Lisbon, Portugal.  We are currently exploring numerous international destinations, as well as a handful of ‘missing’ domestic locations.  A few other popular cities with Segways for hire include: Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Diego, Paris, Rome, and Sydney.  For a complete list of over 55 (and growing) segway tours that we offer, please visit Reserve123.

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a self-balancing electric vehicle that features two wheels.  It was invented by a man named Dean Kamen, and is produced in the United States.  The name “Segway” is a homophone of the word “segue”, which means a smooth transition.  When you lean forward, the device moves forward.  When you lean back, it brakes and ultimately goes backwards.  Turning is simple when you use the “leaning steering wheel”, and the top speed is around 12.5 MPH.  As you can imagine by the name, they are smooooth.  Like buttah!

Riding a Segway is quite a unique experience.  When you factor in the fact that they are green friendly (they are 100% electric), you don’t have to feel at all guilty as you glide around your destination.  Riding the Segway is fun in and of itself.  Throw in some new and exciting scenery, and you have a winning combination for sure.

Adventure Tours in Canada & Alaska

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.

Whether you’re dog sledding near Canmore, heli skiing in Valdez, taking an extreme snowmobile ride in the back country of Whistler, or trekking a glacier in Anchorage, you’re bound for thrilling adventures and memories that will last a lifetime!

On the Aboriginal Dog Sledding Adventure near Canmore, immerse yourself in the clean mountain air as you venture out into the pristine, sparkling, white snow on a dog sledding adventure!

Before you get started, you will have the opportunity to put the dogs into their harnesses and attach them to the sled.

Then begin your exhilarating ride! Dog sledding is an exciting and hands-on way to explore and enjoy the amazing scenery of the Rocky Mountains.


And it doesn’t get much more extreme than heli-skiing or snowboarding in Valdez Alaska! Discover Heli Skiing in Valdez for a heart-racing, breathtaking experience in the beautiful Chugach Mountains.

No matter how long you decide to stay in Valdez, helicopter and snowcat guests will enjoy a comfortable lodge type atmosphere with all facilities, hot tubs, and banquet meals included, and within easy walking access to the town of Valdez hot spots.

The Back Country Extreme Snowmobile Ride in Whistler combines pristine rugged wilderness, fresh deep powder snow, and a ride designed to enhance your style, challenge your advanced snowmobile skills, and push your limits.
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This half day adventure is a SINGLE-RIDER-ONLY tour, where you’ll experience extensive challenging terrain. Lunch included. Discover the big mountain adventures of British Columbia. An exhilarating snowmobiling experience in Whistler!

Explore the fascinating world of glaciers with the Donoho Lakes Glacier Trek in Anchorage. Who says you have to spend an hour bouncing around in a cramped bush plane to get into the Alaskan wilderness? Four out of the five days on the trek will be spent hiking on the ice. Most days include about 5 to 6 hours of hiking over moderate terrain. The views of the peaks and ridges are stunning and provide excellent photographic opportunities.

Alaska is an amazing backdrop for Girdwood Ice Climbing Lessons. Climbers are fitted with plastic mountaineering boots, crampons, harness, helmet and ice tools. After a short drive to Portage Valley, the hike follows an existing trail to year around avalanche debris. Then hike the glacial moraine (rugged loose rocks) onto the glacier itself. Another 500′ of cramponing gets you up to some steep ice faces, above which your guide will set the anchor. The views from the Byron Glacier are fantastic. Expect a very memorable day!

No matter which tour you choose in Canada or Alaska, you can be sure that you will have a fun and memorable adventure! Book your reservations today and save at and!

Niagara Falls: View From the Top

Monday, August 31st, 2009

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Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour

Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour

There may be no better experience than soaring above Niagara Falls in a helicopter, getting to view the Falls from a unique vantage point as you follow the Niagara River and hit some key spots along the way including the Whirlpool Rapids, Rainbow Bridge, and Queen Victoria Park.

This amazing trip comes complete with insightful commentary and, of course, the chance to pause to appreciate the unparalleled beauty that surrounds you.You get to see both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls and will want to take lots of pictures of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls towards the end of the flight.You will not want to miss this exhilarating tour.

The Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour captures the very best of Niagara Falls, and although it takes under 15 minutes from start to finish, the memories (and pictures) created will last a lifetime.So pack up your camera and get ready to fly!

Toronto Double-Decker Bus Tours

Monday, July 27th, 2009

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If you want to see the city of Toronto but want to call your own shots, take the Toronto Hop On Hop Off City Tour.This option combines the knowledge and skill of a professional tour guide with the convenience of picking and choosing which spots to explore.You have the luxury of getting on and off the bus to have a closer look at an area, and you can rejoin the tour at any time within 3 touring days.This allows you to see what you want, skip what you don’t, and pick up where you left off.It is perfect for those who are in town for a conference or to visit loved ones since you can fit it into your schedule whenever you have time.

This double-decker tour does not disappoint.The bus has two loops, one running north to south and the other east to west.Each loop has some distinctive stops, so some might decide to take both, one each day. On the north-south loop, one of the highlights is the stop at Casa Loma, a beautiful castle on a hill and the estate of a well-known Toronto financier.Guests also appreciate some time at the Entertainment and Fashion Districts as well as the Toronto Music Garden.On the east-west loop you will want to pay particular attention to Little Italy, Chinatown, and Koreatown where there are some great buys and of course mouth-watering food.Take the opportunity to hop off the bus at some of these points if you decide you want to spend some more time there; it is very easy to find the bus again and hop back on to continue the tour.

The touring experience on the Hop On Hop Off City Tour is unbeatable and is highly recommended to anyone visiting the Toronto area that needs a little guidance on how to get around and on popular points of interest.Tours are offered year-round with pick-up at Toronto area hotels and other designated stops.

Answer the Call of the Yukon Territories

Monday, June 29th, 2009

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Situated on the Alaska Panhandle is the small city of Skagway, Alaska.  Featured as one of the settings in Jack London’s book The Call of the Wild, Skagway has relatively much to offer in the way of history and charm despite its size.  There are a number of options to choose from when visiting this area and its surroundings, including tours by bus, Jeep, and ATV as well as horseback riding trips and even a sled dog tour!

On the Skagway Summit and City Tour, the downtown area and Gold Rush Cemetery are highlighted as part of the fully narrated journey.  Driving up the Klondike Highway, you will be surrounded by gorgeous cascading waterfalls and treated to amazing views overlooking the railroad route and other historical portions of the area.  A history of the Gold Rush and visit to the grave of Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith – famed con artist and gangster during the late 1880s – round out the tour nicely.

Yukon Tours, which specializes in destination travel products in the Yukon, also offers a Yukon & Sled Dog Tour, which allows guests to be guided into the wilderness along the 1898 Gold Rush Trail in a dog sled.  This tour departs from Skagway and gives a peek into the lives of Gold Rush stampeders.  Along the way, you’ll have a chance to see several trails including the White Pass Trail of ’98 and the Fantail Trail, while also taking a look at Summit and Fraser Lakes and Carcross Desert.  These are only a few of the places featured on this tour, which also includes an educational wildlife exhibit and barbecue chicken lunch.

Finally, the Yukon Jeep Stampede – also departing from Skagway – offers a private look at the Summit and the Yukon.  You are in control as you cruise along the Klondike Highway and listen to stories told by your knowledgeable tour guide.  Similar to the aforementioned tours, you will get a thorough schooling in the life and times of the Gold Rush, only this time you are literally in the driver’s seat.

For more info on how to book your own tour in the Yukon, visit

Excitement and Fun in Calgary, Alberta

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

As the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary boasts a rich history and diverse set of attractions which bring in millions of tourists each year.  Among Calgary’s most notable events is the Calgary Stampede – a ten-day summer event that includes a rodeo, exhibition, and festival done up in a western style.

Every year in July, the Calgary Stampede opens with a traditional Stampede Parade, kicked off by the Calgary Stampede Showband and attended by about 350,000 eager onlookers.  Six major events are woven into the extravaganza: Bareback, Bull Riding, Ladies Barrel Racing, Saddle Bronc, Steer Wrestling, and Tie-down roping.  For junior competitors, the wild pony races are a major draw.  With all there is to do, it is no wonder, then, that the Stampede is billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!”

While you are in town for the Stampede, take a turn on the Calgary City Tour for a more low-key look at the city.  You will visit Canada Olympic Park – home of the 1988 Winter Olympics – and will ride up the Ski Jump tower at no additional cost.  You will also see Fort Calgary Historic Park, where Fort Calgary was built in 1875 to force out whiskey traders.  While a portion of the area has burned down, you will still be able to see a replica of the 1888 Men’s Barracks and the Deane House Historic Site.

Other featured destinations on the City Tour include downtown Calgary, Prince Island Park, and the Chinese Cultural Centre.  The tour covers the most famous and historically important areas in this great city.  For other suggestions on how you can spend your time in Calgary, visit

Creatures and Colors in Beautiful Victoria, BC

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Victoria, British Columbia, home to the famous Butchart Gardens, is a wonderful place to visit during the spring and summer months.  The capital city is bustling with activity, from Canada Day festivities in July to Symphony Splash in August.  While there are lots of festivals going on in Victoria, there is plenty to do on the day-to-day as well, and a scenic tour of the area is just what you need to get the lay of the land.

A great way to see the city and check out its main attraction is on the Grand Tour of Victoria & Butchart Gardens combination trip.  Aboard a traditional English double-decker bus, you will get a chance to check out the homes and gardens that make Victoria unique.  You will learn the back story on the Empress Hotel, Antique Row, and Chinatown and will make a stop at Castle Point for an exquisite view of Oak Bay and the Coast Mountains.  Along the way you will also check out the exclusive Uplands and Oak Bay residential areas as you enjoy a peaceful ride along Marine Drive.

As you make your way around Victoria, you will ultimately reach Butchart Gardens, where over 50 acres of blossoms and fragrances await you.  A walk through the theme gardens – linked by spacious lawns, meandering streams, and lily ponds – will relax and rejuvenate you, as will a visit to the sunken garden.  As an added bonus, seasonal outdoor performances in the afternoon add that special something to your trip.

For an extra dose of natural beauty, take the Butchart Gardens & Butterfly Gardens Tour, which provides access into Butterfly Gardens, an indoor tropical garden where the butterflies fly freely and display their unique shapes and color patterns.  The enclosed gardens house even more varieties of plants and flowers for you to be amazed by, so if endless bursts of color and life are what you crave, this may just be the perfect tour for you.

There are many fun activities to choose from in Victoria, so for a more complete list visit

Toronto from Above

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Helicopter tours are a unique way to see the city from a different vantage point.  One popular tour is the Vertical Reality Helicopter Tour, which takes you 2,000 feet into the air for amazing aerial views and it travels an average of 100 miles per hour.   A similar tour called the Vertical Obsession Helicopter Tour in Toronto takes you on an extended version of the flight to get a more comprehensive view of Toronto and its giant skyscrapers. 

There are also several romantic tours – like the Romantic Jewel Helicopter Tour in Toronto – showcasing downtown Toronto, which take place from morning to sunset.  The Romantic Interlude Helicopter Tour in Toronto is a private flight for two that lifts you out over the city for a breathtaking view of the Toronto skyline, the waterfront, and the bay before traveling north to the magnificent Casa Loma castle.  The castle is a historical landmark and the former estate of Sir Henry Pellatt, a prominent figure in Toronto known for his work in finance, as an industrialist, and as a member of the military.  

The Vertical Obsession Helicopter Tour around Toronto gets you oriented to the area while providing a unique experience for those who have never flown in a helicopter before.  There are numerous opportunities to take pictures and look out at the city skyline as you make your way across the city.  For a fantastic opportunity to bond with a loved one or to enjoy time with a close friend or two, I urge you to take this tour.  It is relatively short so it fits nicely into your day even if you are on a busy schedule.

Tours and activities going on in Toronto can be booked at

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