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5 Great iPhone Apps to Filter Your Travel Photos (besides Instagram)


Iphoneography is the art of capturing visually appealing photos with an Apple iPhone, and it has has recently taken the social media world by storm. The days of grainy and unclear mobile phone photos are long gone! High-quality pictures can now be taken without a fancy DSLR, and many professional photographers now use their handy Apple device as their secondary camera. With eight megapixels, auto focus, face detection features and more, the latest iPhone cameras are solid pieces of photo-snapping equipment.

For those travelers who prefer not to drag their DSLR along for every moment of every adventure, using your iPhone is a fantastic alternative. Since, most of the magic happens after the photo has been taken, during the editing process, iPhone apps are popping up left and right for your photo-filtering needs. Instagram is arguably the most popular choice, but in case you’re bored with using those same filters, here are five of our favorite (and mostly free) options.

1. Eye Em

EyeEm Filter

Original vs. EyeEm filter

EyeEm is a photo sharing application and is similar to Instagram, but there are a handful of differences that make it stand out in its own right. The company labels itself as a “photography community,” and it’s centered around visual creativity. There are 20 different filters that can be used to spice up your photo, and it’s as simple to use as your built-in camera app.

2. VSCO Cam®

VSCO Cam Filter

Original vs. VSCO Cam filter

Visual Supply Co has long been praised as one of the top-shelf photo editing software suites among digital photographers. The film collections add stunning finishes to everyday photographs. VSCO Cam is the mobile version with a handful of great filters, a.k.a preset packs. Each preset can be adjusted to make your pictures more vivid or to add a filmy fade.

3.  PicFX

PicFX Filter

Original vs. PicFX filter

PicFX is the only app on our list that is not free, but it’s well worth the $1.99. With over 100 photo effects, this app provides more than enough options to make every picture perfect. You also have the option to layer filters and effects for an even greater variety.

4. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express Filter

Original vs. Photoshop Express filter

Like VSCO, Adobe Photoshop is well-known in the world of photography. The mobile express version is free, fast, and easy to use. There are 24 filters included, and users have the option to buy an additional set of premium filters. Also within the app, you can send your photos directly to a local Walgreens for digital prints.

5. Twitter

Twitter Filter

Original vs. Twitter filter

You probably weren’t expecting this one, but yes, Twitter certainly be used as an iphoneography resource. After you upload a photo, simply click the picture to view a handful of editing options. Slide left and right to preview a few subtle yet notable filters before selecting your favorite option. (Then share them with us – @Reserve123!)


Do you have any favorite photo filter apps that aren’t on this list? If so, please share.

Happy photogenic travels!


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