A Few Reasons to Book a B&B When you Travel

Bed and BreakfastMost people instinctive think to book a hotel for their lodging needs while on vacation. With countless sites devoted to helping you find the perfect suite in the perfect location at the perfect price, securing a hotel room can seem like the most convenient choice. There are, however, other options. Namely, a bed and breakfast – A.K.A. a B&B.

B&Bs are a great place to stay in any city, but they’re often overshadowed by all those big-name hotel chains and their fancy advertising. We’d like to urge every traveler to try a B&B on a few of their trips. Check out our solid list of reasons below

Quality service

Bed and Breakfasts are often small establishments. Unlike hotels, you will likely have a chance to actually meet the owner(s), and you might actually make an honest connection with them. The gentleman who checks you into your room can also recommend the best nearby place for dinner instead of referring you to a concierge. Also, these kind of recommendations will usually be based on experience, rather than just listing a few run-of-the-mill dining chains.

The breakfast is better

Speaking of good food, you can always count on a Bed and Breakfast to live up to its name. Breakfasts are free and delicious (and the beds are quite comfy, too)! The kitchen chefs have not been trained to only make the same, standard continental spread each morning, so instead of just baco, eggs and pastries, you might wake up to blueberry pancakes and veggie omelettes one morning. Of course, the menu and dietary options will vary according to where you’re staying… which leads to the next point.

No two B&Bs are alike

Lots of Bed and Breakfasts are old historic homes that have been restored and re-purposed for each guest’s enjoyment. ┬áThis means each one is styled and decorated differently. They are all unique and full of rich history, so chances are you’ll discover a few facts about the town that you might not otherwise have learned.

The prices are comparable to hotels (sometimes cheaper)

If you thought staying at a Bed and Breakfast was expensive, you might be surprised to find their rates usually compare to those of many hotels in the area. This means you can stay a weekend in a quaint and cozy home, for about as much money as you’d pay for a suite at your favorite hotel chain. B&Bs, however, fill up quickly. So make sure to make the reservation ahead of time.

Free Wi-Fi

Sweet Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia B&B in Atlanta

That’s right – free! While many hotels now charge extra for wireless internet access, B&Bs continue to offer it free of charge. With all of the extra fees that accumulate while staying at a hotel, a one-night’s stay can really add up. It’s nice to be able to settle in after a long day around town, kick up your feet and pop open your laptop without worrying about your budget.

Have you ever stayed at a Bed and Breakfast? Do you prefer them over hotels? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy travels!




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