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After a snowy and icy winter, the chilly weather has started to break around Atlanta, and we’re finally experiencing warmer temperatures. Spring is here!

In celebration, a couple of our team members took an afternoon to ride around Atlanta on an Electric Car Tour and got re-acquainted with some of our favorite neighborhoods. Click through for (many) more photos of all the sights.


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The tour begins at Underground Atlanta. Upon arrival you’ll grab a pin and find your hometown on their large display map. It’s a wonderful visual of how many people from all over the world have stopped for a visit at the Underground.

After a quick overview of what to expect and some background information on how Atlanta was established, the electric car is ready to go. Unfortunately, the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds for our adventure, but even under an overcast sky the city is bright, vibrant and beaming with personality.

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After riding past some older buildings in the downtown area, the tour travels through the Sweet Auburn district.

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And then on to Ebeneezer Baptist Church, the church home of the late Martin Luther King, Jr.

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New Ebeneezer (above) holds services each Sunday, but Old Ebeneezer (below) is specifically dedicated to the memory of MLK, Jr. His sermons are broadcasted throughout the day, and visitors are encouraged to walk in and sit in the sanctuary for a while.

electric car tour 10

A ride through the neighborhood in which MLK, Jr. was raised is next, where the “shotgun homes” from the 1950s are still standing and are privately occupied.

electric car tour 13

They’re called shotgun houses because each room sits one behind the other. They’re long and narrow, rather than tall and wide like modern homes, and the theory is that if you fire a shotgun through the front door of the house, it will pass through every room and exit straight out the back door. Alternatively, if you open the front door on a warm summer day, the air flow will circulate more efficiently through every room in the home. This was likely very important for those without an air conditioner on a hot Georgia night.

electric car tour 14

The Martin Luther King, Jr. history lesson concludes with a brief stop at his childhood home. Tours are available to the public throughout the week, but a look inside is not included on the tour.

MLK home

Next, the electric car zips up midtown, past the Fabulous Fox Theatre, The Ellis Hotel, the Mall at Peachtree Center and more.

fox theatre

electric car tour 12

By the end of the ride, you will have become fairly well educated on the city of Atlanta. Electric Car Tours are great; the groups are small and intimate (six people is the maximum), the vehicle zips through traffic with ease and it’s no threat to the environment. Win-win-win!

If you’ll be visiting the Atlanta area any time soon, we highly recommend trying the Atlanta Experience Electric Car Tour. The guides are extremely knowledgeable, and you’ll receive a more personal touring experience. The tour will leave you with an increased appreciation for the city, and an understanding of why so many consider Atlanta a beautiful, world-class destination!

Happy travels!

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