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3 Reasons To Try Segway Tours

The Segway PT might just be the most underrated form of transportation in existence today. It runs on a battery, so there’s no need to worry about filling up a gas tank or keeping your carbon footprint in check. It balances itself using computers and motors, so you won’t fall off while riding around, and it keeps you moving at the perfect pace (roughly 12 miles per hour).

Still, when people visit a new city, most opt for a bus tour. Those who enjoy the open air might try a bike or walking tour, but the Segway tours are often overlooked. Well, we’d like to change that. Here are three simple reasons to try a Segway tour.

1. They’re safe.

As previously mentioned, it’s very difficult to fall off a Segway PT. There are small censors inside the base of the vehicle that detect your center of mass and adjust accordingly. It’s actually more difficult to balance on a bicycle than a Segway, so your chances of misusing it are extremely low.

2. They require little effort.

On a walking tour, your feet can get tired – especially if you’re covering different kinds of ground (gravel, concrete, cobblestone…), and your legs can grow fatigued on bike tours. If you’d like to enjoy the great outdoors while effortlessly catching some new sights, a Segway tour is the perfect choice.

3. Learning to use one is easy.

Just like using the Segway requires little effort, learning how they operate is as easy as 123 (see what we did there?). Don’t worry if you’e never used one before, each tour begins with a short orientation to get everyone familiar with the controls. You’ll be a Segway pro in no time!

Click here for a list of our Segway tour offerings around the world.


Happy travels!

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