2013 in Travel Review – Part One

New Year 2013 conceptMy oh my. 2013 is coming to a close, and the new year will be here the next time you blink. We’ve posted quite a few articles over the past 12 months. Some have been informative and strictly travel-related, and others have been a bit more fun and at-random. Let’s take a brief look back, shall we?

suitcase-300x166On the second day of this year, we talked about The Travel Resolution. Most people make some sort of goal at the beginning of the year, so why not lay out your vision when it comes to traveling? January is the time to get specific about your upcoming plans, take any necessary time off from work and start working out that budget. We always encourage everyone to seize the year if travel is your heart’s desire.

Sign music note sky background.Soon after that, we shared our favorite travel songs, in an effort to jump-start any pending road trips. Hop in the car and make your way to the nearest interstate while blasting “Life is a Highway” through your stereo speakers. You may also choose to cruise through the skies on-board a comfortable flight, with “Leaving on a Jet Plane” streaming through your headphones. You know… whatever floats your boat.

Husband and Pregnant WifeOnce February hit, and everyone got bit by the love bug, we shared some interestingly quirky love laws from around the land. Did you know it’s illegal for single women to go parachuting on Sundays in Florida? In Mississippi, it’s against the law for a man to seduce a woman by lying about intentions to marry her, and can you guess the state that has a law against tickling women? Click here for the answer.

P1050121-001Staying true to the fun February posts, we shared some of the strangest stockphotos that popped up in our search for Valentine’s Day illustrations, and we also shared a few of our most romantic activities for all you lovely couples out there. February is also the month we teamed up with a couple travel bloggers for some sightseeing activities in their favorite destinations. Pola, of Jetting Around, traveled to San Diego and experienced one of our favorite harbor cruises. Next up, we had Nola from New Take Travel spend a day sightseeing in the Everglades.

PassportMarch was a month to get back to the basics. Since spring break was around the corner, and people were beginning to schedule their summer adventures, it was the perfect time to present some quick yet essential tidbits. First, we gave you a few tips for handling your money while traveling. Find out the best ways to access your money before you travel, make as many reservations as possible in advance and use a credit card to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. We also gave a quick guide to obtaining a United States Passport, and we explained the three simple habits of highly-efficient travelers.

statue-of-libertyAlso in March, we explained how to make the most of your Weekend Getaways. A jam-packed, three-day vacation can be tricky, and we want to help make it memorable. We also put a spotlight on the Statue of Liberty. The exterior of Lady Liberty experienced a bit of damage when Superstorm Sandy hit Manhattan, and while she was closed for repairs, we did our best to report the updates as they were made available. The grand re-opening took place on Independence Day, and we’re all glad the Statue of Liberty is back in business (no pun intended).

tumblr_mm0z6a81KC1qdgqgio1_400In April we shared our Top 10 Stateside Tours & Activities. The number one tour is in Boston. Can you guess which activity took first spot? April was also the month to celebrate Earth Day, honor Thailand and all her unique festivals and pop a little fun in the mix by breaking down our travel experiences via GIFs. (Like the one right here that describes every time we step off an airplane)

TouristMay was devoted to all the lovely mothers out there, and we explained why Mother’s Day is not just a greeting card holiday. It’s much than an excuse to shower Mom with gifts and affection (no reason needed), and it actually dates back to ancient Greece. We also took some time to admire the beauty of a floating market and dream about sailing away for Memorial Day. June marks the official start of Summer, and we explained when and why it’s okay to be a tourist. They often get a bad reputation, and we are always here to defend their honor.

Well, that just about sums up part one of our year-end blog review. Stay tuned for part two!

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