The Minimalist’s Guide to Good Travel

minimalist travelDo you like to keep it simple during your travels? Are you someone who saves every last dime to take multiple trips each year? Do you prefer to spend more time exploring a city than hanging out at the resort? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a minimalist when it comes to travel. This can often be a wonderful way to visit all the places on your bucket list, because you realize that all we really need to enjoy ourselves are the essentials. Read on for three quick ways to stick to the basics whilst traveling, and keep your minimalist ways going strong.

1. Hostels

Hostels are popular among students and backpackers, but really, they’re a great option for anyone willing to share a space with another occupant in exchange for more budget-friendly accommodations. You can find one in virtually every major city, and it’s also a great way to meet new people, since the shared space often opens the door for conversation. Just make sure to keep all your valuables and personal information with you at all times, or invest in a locked container of some sort to keep your items safe.

2. Simple Transportation

We’re big advocates for exploring places by foot. Walking through a new – or familiar – city lets you get to know it on a more personal level. If your destination is within walking distance, lace up some comfortable shoes and use those feet to get you there. Public transportation is always another option. Browse online to get more information about the bus and train routes, and decide if you’ll be able to navigate your trip via this mode of transit. Yes, walking and/or taking the bus takes longer, but you’ll have time to take in more views, connect with your surroundings and appreciate the moment(s). Also, it’s much less expensive than hailing a cab everywhere.

3. Find where the locals eat

Ask any native of any popular destination and they’ll probably admit to staying away from the tourist areas. By all means, visit those attractions that everyone raves about, take the tours¬†and see the sights; you’ll be glad you did! When it’s time to take a break and re-fuel your body, try heading to the outskirts. There you’ll find lesser-known eateries that are more likely to be unique to the town. If you’re really looking to keep it simple, find a local market and grab some fresh bits to go.

Happy minimalist travels!


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