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Wine Tasting Tours By Carriage in California Wine Country


California wine country: three beautiful words that roll off the tip of your tongue. Fittingly, this region of the country also provides beauty for all your other senses. The sights are stunning, the air smells and feels fresh and crisp, the atmosphere is breezy and calm and the wines are deliciously alluring.

Are you planning a visit anytime soon?

To experience the beautiful peaks and valleys of Sonoma out in the open air, try out the Sonoma Horse & Carriage Wine Tasting Tour with Picnic.  This tour gives you the chance at four complimentary tastings at local wineries as you make your way along the gorgeous landscape by horse-drawn carriage.  Each of the wineries has its own signature varietals and distinctive style so you will want to take advantage of this opportunity to sample a variety of wines and enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch of organic strawberries, gourmet cheeses, baguettes, dark chocolate, and more under a canopy of oak trees.

Sonoma Horse & Carriage Wine Tasting Tour with Gourmet Picnic

You can take these tours with one or a few of your favorite people, and it is a great way to get to know the area that is highly regarded around the world as a premier provider of fine wines and champagnes.  Tours last about 4 hours, with a mid-day start, and run from May to November.  This is a fantastic opportunity to become acquainted with California Wine Country and I would highly recommend it to locals and tourists alike.


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