Happy Birthday, America!

Our country turns 237 years old this year, and we’d like to take this time to wish her a very happy birthday!

As an American citizen, chances are you’ve met some wonderful people here, eaten some of the best foods here, and seen some of the best sights here. Allow us to present 10 reasons why we love Amurrica.

1. Because you can travel 7,000 miles (~4,000 kilometers) away without a passport. New York City to Hawaii, for example, are 7,800 miles apart from each other.

2. Because you can travel 200 miles (~321 kilometers) away and hear accents completely different from your own.

3. Because you can try foods from all over the world without leaving your state. You might not even need to leave your city.

4. Because you can say the word “awesome” as much as you’d like, and it won’t be weird – at all. In fact, it’s completely normal.

5. Because of the Grand Canyon.

6. And Niagara Falls (the American side, obviously).

7. Because of the way our citizens rally together in times of crisis.

8. Because of the way our citizens rally together in support of their favorite national sports team.

9. Because they teach us to make lists like these in grade school.

10. Because our flag is simply awesome. (see illustration above)


Why do you love Amurrica? Share in the comments!


*Photo via Graphic Leftovers

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