When Should You Take a City Tour? (A Quick List)

1. If it’s somewhere you’ve never been.

Chances are you’ll feel completely lost when you touchdown in a brand new city. Your GPS (or old-fashioned paper map) will help you get around town, but it can be difficult to familiarize yourself with a place if you’re constantly checking to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Take a city tour to get the lay of the land, and figure out what popular places are further uptown vs. which highlights are on the west side. Sightseeing tours are great for helping new travelers find their bearings – while fawning over those sweet spots you came for.

2. If you’re looking for easy photo opportunities.

Hopping on-board a city tour is the best way to scratch that shutterbug itch when you first arrive. You’ll visit most of the featured attractions, and while you may not stop and spend time at each one, at least you’ll be able to snap a few photos along the journey. That way, you can decide which highlights are worth exploring further, and which ones you’d rather skip.

3. If you’re a history buff.

… Or if you’re the kind of person who loves fun facts about your destination, a city tour is perfect for you. Tour guides are inherently knowledgeable about the city you’re exploring, and they usually offer up fun and quirky tidbits you wouldn’t learn anywhere else. While riding around the city, you’re bound to get a decent history lesson about a few key establishments, and you’ll have fun retelling it to friends and family back home.

4. When it’s your favorite kind of activity.

If you really enjoy being on the water, it’d be a shame not to take that sightseeing cruise down the local river. If you bike on a regular basis, a bike tour around town will be a comfortable way to get some physical activity.

5. If there’s free time in your itinerary.

Lastly, we know how packed an itinerary can get, so when there’s free time available, we hardly know what to do with ourselves! If you find yourself wondering what to do, add some guided sightseeing to the agenda and enjoy the ride (or walk).


Happy travels!

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