Traditional Dresses, Guanacaste

One of the best things about traveling abroad, or even to a different part of your own country, is getting to experience the cultural diversity throughout the world. People have particular ways of living life, and practices such as eating habits, annual traditions, wardrobe choices and daily routines can leave a lasting impression on your visit.

Unfortunately, exploring various cultures can be difficult when you’ve got daily routines of your own to cultivate and follow. That’s why we have the internet – one of the reasons, anyway. It can take us all over the world without leaving our home or workspace. That’s also one of the reasons we have Pinterest and why we’re dedicating this post to all the cultural goodness found throughout the site. Check a few of our favorites after the jump!

Indian women in Lal Qila 4 Indian women in the Fort of Agra


Australian Aboriginal


A Bedouin boy collects locusts as a swarm arrives over his village in the Negev desert near the Egyptian-Israeli border on March 12, 2013.


Morocco | rooftop dyeing


Nepal, Kathmandu, Pashupatinath Temple, Shivaratri festival, Sadhu | © Jon Arnold images



Happy cyber travels!


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