Floating Markets

I’ve got a confession to make: I may have a “thing” for floating markets.

Here in the United States, rivers and streams are reserved for fishing, rafting, swimming and a plethora of other exciting activities. Grocery shopping, however, is not on that list. This is why the idea of experiencing commerce on-board a canoe is just plain intriguing. How does everyone navigate around each other? Is it anything like rush-hour traffic? Do they offer up samples like in American markets?

If you follow us on Tumblr, you may have already noticed we show some serious love to the floating market. You might have some similar questions,which is why we’re happy to announce our new tour, dedicated to these mercantile gems!

For those of you heading to Southeast Asia sometime in the near (or approved viagra distant) future – and you definitely should consider a trip – make your way to Ho Chi Minh City, and check out our Cai Be Floating Market Private Tour.

During your cruise through the town’s secluded canals, you can try out local sampans and pedal down narrow, natural waterways. Stopping at a local home, you will partake of seasonal fruits (such as longan, pineapple, watermelon, rambutan, papaya and jackfruit) and enjoy lunch, before continuing your journey down this vast stretch of the Mekong. Arriving at various islands, you’ll take leisurely walks and visit fruit orchards.

If your favorite part of any foreign country is the culture, you’ll certainly want to give this one a try.

Happy travels!

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