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Lovely Lady Liberty

As so many of us know, it has been tough to see Lady Liberty except from a far. She was closed for a while and then re-opened for a day and THEN Sandy came to town.  Thankfully, the statue survived the storm well. But her surrounding structures and the island needed substantial clean up efforts. The docks for the ferries needed help as well. The reconstruction has gone well and it was announced recently that Lady Liberty will be ready for guests on this July4th! And she is going to be the talk of the town.

The conversation on how to keep the Statue of Liberty safe has been a heated one. Federal officials are still disagreeing about security.  The New York Times reported that the concerned warring parties are the National Park Service and the New York Police Department. It has been much like boarding an airplane with TSA like screenings. “The Park Service would prefer to move the screening operation to Ellis Island, where only those tourists who want to visit the statue would be screened. But the city police want the passengers screened for weapons and explosives before they board ferries in viagra uit india Battery Park.”

But all has been decided – basically when you go on tour the secruity check points will be now on the actual island. You will not need to be screened before boarding the ferries. Obviously, this worries some in the NYPD and you can draw your own conclusions!

The long and short of it is we can all start to enjoy our very special monument again. Hopefully, this will last a long time.



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