Gratuity Standards Around the World

In the United States, most people use an exact formula to calculate how much gratuity they pay to those in the service industry. For others, a tip is paid according to the quality of service(s) received. It can be a sensitive topic.

Various restaurants pay their wait staff real viagra without prescription low wages, with the expectation that gratuities from patrons will supplement their income. Unfortunately, that expectation is not always met, and even first-class servers can find themselves short-changed at times. Leaving a tip is always optional, but the customs in some countries are more firm than others. Here are a few gratuity standards.

    • In the United States: 15-20% is the standard, and while sometimes it will be included on the bill (depending on the size of your party or the type of establishment), it usually is not. This applies to food servers, taxi cab drivers, beauticians, and hotel attendants.


    • In Canada: 15-20% is the standard, and it is usually included on the bill for larger groups. Like in the US, you should pay a gratuity for food, transportation, beauty, and lodging services.


    • In the United Kingdom: 10-15% is the standard, but this amount often included. If not, then you are expected to provide gratuity on your own. Sometimes, you may see an “optional” charge on your bill or receipt, and no additional tipping is necessary if you choose to accept it. Furthermore, tipping in pubs and bars are not the norm.


    • In France: 10% is the standard, but visitors normally do not need to pay gratuity. A “service charge” will already have been applied when you receive the bill.


    • In Italy: 10% is standard. If you take a ride along a canal, tipping the gondolier is not customary.


    • In China: 0% is standard. The rule of thumb is to only provide gratuity if the service is outstanding and/or lavish.


    • In Japan: 0% is the standard. Like China, Japan is a non-tipping culture.

If your travel destination is not on this list, you may want to research the gratuity customs in the area.  While most big cities bend their standards for tourists, it is still admirable to follow the traditions of the region.


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