Getting to Know Our Family – Modesty

Hi my name is Modesty and I have enjoyed being a part of the Reserve123 viagra sales canada family and in travel for 5 years now. I caught the travel bug when I went on my first trip as a child. I loved experiencing Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I do remember almost drowning but somehow that didn’t even spoil the trip! Yikes!  Even after that I went straight back to the beach and loved my vacation to the Bahamas. Keeping with the sand theme, my bucket list includes Dubai. I love that our tours are worldwide and I can help YOU with whatever adventure you can imagine.

Around here, I am kind of a joker and I love helping people. This love was fueled early in my career when I worked in retail and  helped a customer pick an outfit for her bachelorette weekend with your friends.  She was almost in tears, she had no idea what she wanted, and was getting frustrated.  I was able to lend a helping hand in her attire.  When she returned from her weekend, she came back to thank me personally.

Let me help you have a wonderful adventure taking any one of our tours. And we hope this will bring you back over and over.


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