Ways To Survive Your Roadtrip

In general, road trips are fun, exciting, and filled with anticipation. Even if you’ve driven a certain path numerous times, you never know what road blocks you’ll run into or what new landmarks you’ll pass by, and if it’s a new route, every passing mile is a moment of exploration. Despite this sense of adventure, a road trip can go from lively and carefree to awkward and uncomfortable if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to keeping the mood upbeat.

1. Stop as needed.

The whole point of a road trip is usually the destination, and it’s easy to get anxious about finally getting there. Depending on the distance of your journey, it might be sensible to keep going without taking a break. Just make sure to adhere to your needs, as well as the needs of your travel companions. If the kids are getting antsy and your limbs are getting stiff in the driver’s seat, pull over at the next rest area or gas station. Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and recharge. A restroom run doesn’t have to be your only reason for getting off the road.

2. Factor an extra hour or two into your traveling time.

Unfortunately, the open road can be extremely unpredictable. It’s filled with detours, closed bridges, traffic jams and more. For this reason, it’s smart to loosen your schedule a bit. If your GPS projects an eight hour travel time, go ahead and round it up to 10 hours. That way, if one of those setbacks arise, you’ll be a little less stressed about your ETA. This may also give you a chance to check out that museum being advertised on every other highway billboard.

 3. Don’t forget about the music.

It’s amazing how music has a way of establishing or changing the mood. When you’re in a confined space for an extended period of time, good songs make all the difference. Since each individual tends to have a particular taste in music, you’ll want to respect and accommodate everyone accordingly. If you’re traveling alone, arrange your playlist before the trip. On the flip side, a quality set of headphones is a picky passenger’s best friend.

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