6 Men, Women & Children Hating Valentine's Day – Stock Photo Edition

Are you tired of all these Valentine-themed posts, commercials, gifts and decor yet?

The greeting card holiday is almost upon us, and everyone is bombarding the web with buy viagra on internet lovey, dovey, mushy, gushy sentiments. Some people look forward to February 14th; some people dread the day, but one way or another it’s likely to leave some sort of impression on you.

If you had to guess, I’m sure you’d say Reserve123 is a fan of Valentine’s Day. We’ve written a few lovely posts on here already. We’ve suggested a few fun activities; we’ve introduced you to some little-known legislative mandates regarding love and marriage, and we even shared a tally of the most romantic cities in the United States.

That being said… in one’s quest for an appropriate blog post stock photo, one is likely to stumble upon quite a few questionable options. This has certainly been the case lately. Without further ado, allow us to present six stock photos depicting individuals who hate Valentine’s Day.


Photo Title: “Yuck”

This kid is clearly still a firm believer in cooties, and I’m guessing that heart-shaped love note in his hand is the reason he’ll need a cootie shot before bed tonight.

Photo Title: “Adult getting impatient on Valentine’s Day”

Okay. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with this picture, but there are about a hundred different back stories that could accompany that facial expression. Maybe this man just got dumped – outside his girlfriend’s front door. Perhaps this is an extremely upsetting case of unrequited love, or the florist forgot to remove the thorns from that bouquet of roses, or his wife is just taking too long to pick out a dress for the evening. Either way, someone please get this poor fella a chill pill… or glass of scotch.

Photo Title: “Quarrel”

This one is pretty self-explanatory. He obviously messed up and ruined his lovely lady’s Valentine’s Day. It’s going to take more than candy and flowers to fix it.

Photo Title: “Yuck!!!”

Another kid turning his nose up at love… or chocolate. He almost looks as if he’s about to sneeze. I’m guessing he’s allergic to the candy (what a shame), but since the photo is titled “Yuck!!!” with three exclamation points, we’ll just say he bit into one of those nasty, fruit-filled pieces. Sometimes I have the same reaction.

Photo Title: ” I do not want to fall in love”

I really don’t know what to say about this one, but it’s so awkward and confusing… I just… don’t know.

Photo Title: “Attractive Asian girl on a grey background”


I saved the best for last, and frankly, the title takes the cake. This “attractive Asian girl” is holding so tightly to love that she’s began to resent it, or maybe she’s unsure of her feelings, or maybe that “e” is digging into her shoulder? In any case, this picture prompted an additional iStockphoto search for “attractive Asian girl,” and that, dear travelers, is a completely unrelated yet beautifully interesting post for another day.

Getting back to the subject at hand, it seems our most popular Valentine’s Day activity is… *DRUMROLL*

The Seattle Valentine’s Dinner Dance Cruise!

Click here for all of our Valentine’s Day offerings, and if anyone has come across comically notable stock photos, please share!

Happy travels!

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