Getting to Know Our Family – Michael

Hello, my name is Michael and I’ve had the privilege of working here at Reserve 123 for over two years! Around here I do a bit of everything and am involved in special projects and am sort of a discount viagra mister-fix-it guy. I know what is like to have a very special memorable trip. Mine was going to New York and Washington DC at Christmas time. It was so meaningful and my favorite tour still has to be that of the White House. But, I like to vacation where it is warm and love cruises. One day you will find me on my own island in the Caribbean, scuba diving all day long!

Well, until that happens, I love helping our customers and I had a great experience once helping a lady and her daughter gt tickets to the Statue of Liberty on the last boat of the day. I got them there on time by directing them to the correct subway train.  They boarded the train and had tickets waiting for them ten minutes later when they arrived.  It was more of a miracle than customer service. And I love that about my job.

 So, that’s a bit about me and I look forward to assisting you any way I can. Thank you for using Reserve 123.


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