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We viagra without prescription love collaborating with all you travel-minded adventures out there.

When you love seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, foods and ways of life and venturing to unknown lands, it’s special when you are able to connect with those who share that same passion.

Our team arranges reservations for almost anything your heart desires, and while we’re busy handling all your preparations, sometimes it’s difficult for us to get out and do some traveling for ourselves! This is where you wonderful travel bloggers come in. We get to live vicariously through your fabulous trips, and occasionally, we can help make them memorable (we’d love to turn that “occasionally” into “frequently,” since you’re always on the go!).

Recently, Reserve123 teamed up with Pola, the brains behind Jetting Around, on her trip to San Diego. It’s a great city to explore, yes, but the real treasure lies on the water. Frankly, if you’re visiting Southern California and you’re not taking a cruise along the San Diego bay, you’re just wasting everyone’s time. The harbor boasts such stunning sights that you’ll probably want to rent a sailboat and finish your stay at sea.

If you don’t believe me, you can head on over to Pola’s blog and read all about it. She claims, “I find myself drawn to water,” and it’s no wonder why. Look at it!

San Diego skyline viewed from the boat [tour]

The 2-hour narrated cruise included a number of major sights: the San Diego harbor, North Island Naval Air Station, Coronado Bridge, and Cabrillo National Monument, among others. Considering I only had a few days in the city, this was a great way to learn about San Diego’s history and military-related activities.

You can view more of Pola’s scenic ride here, and view our San Diego sightseeing options here.

Happy travels!

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