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Finally, you’ve mad it to that special place you’ve wanted to visit. You have spent time and money and effort getting there. You want it to be the perfect vacation and you want to remember it right. Dilignetly, you pack your camera and will start the taking pictures the moment you arrive. We have some great tips to help you get the best out of your photos even if your camera isn’t fancy. These tips are taught by National Geographic  photographers and are so simple but make a huge difference. Also, you’ll be able to see the tricks of the trade everywhere from now on!

Trick Number 1 – Think off center.  Everyone takes pictures with their subject right smack dab in the middle of the shot. But, the photos that look the most professional have their subject sitting off center. This creates more interest and draws the eye in. Don’t make the subject so obscure that people feel like they are finding Waldo, but perhaps your wife could be placed in the bottom corner of the picture. This will make us more interested in her.

Trick Number 2 - Shoot Horizontal and Vertical.   Take your picture and double the pleasure by taking both a horizontal and vertical shot. It takes no time at all and will be helpful when compiling your memory pics of you trip. Yes, software can switch the view but it cannot capture any more of the life that was happening at the moment. Don’t limit yourself – shoot twice.

Trick Number 3 - Think Three.   A photograph is very interesting with three items in it. If you capture a shoot of your son on the beach, make sure to get a bit of the sea and  beach umbrella too.  The subject is the most important but two more items into the photo will make them more interesting and enhance your memory of the location.

More than anything have fun and don’t stress. If your photos are not the best in the world – at least they are yours and your were there! Hopefully, this will help and you can shoot like a pro!


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