The Travel Resolution

It’s goal time people! And it doesn’t have to be tedious. You’ve just spent time with family or reconnected with people you care about, it is natural to feel like this is the year to accomplish it all! And you can. There are some great tips for getting there and we’re sure you’ve heard many from just about every show and media outlet today. However, we want to focus on what we know and that is TRAVEL.

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Trending right now is setting resolutions that can be all summed up into one word. This way your goals are specific but follow a theme for the year. If your word is TRAVEL we can help.

Be Specific: Write down where you have always wanted to visit. Get specific. France just isn’t specific enough. There are people who live there who haven’t seen the whole country. Where must you visit in France? And think about what you love to do when you are at home. If you are a hiker, then travel to the countryside and walk or bike. If you cannot abide crowds, then give some of the more traditional tourist places a miss. Only see the Eiffel Tower if YOU want to. Investigate what is your heart’s desire and do that. We hope our website and blog can be helpful in your search.

Take Time Off Now: Many people look at their work calendar this week and most weeks in their year are pretty clear. Decide now when to take your vacation and take it off. Things at work will always get hectic and some people let years go by without using their vacation days! Having a time frame will be vital for accomplishing your TRAVEL goals. After all, if you never end up taking your trip, at least you will have time off to play at home.

Budget For Your Trip: Do the small amount of research it takes to determine your cost of your goal. If you must stay at the Ritz in London and this year your budget won’t allow it, maybe leave it until next year and visit the Grand Canyon instead. When you travel often will determine quite a chunk of the cost. If you are flexible on time of year, then you can get great deals. But, if you must see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, you might pay a little more for the experience.

Over the holiday, our family watched Disney’s 2009 movie UP! We were struck by the montage of a husband and wife dropping coins into a jar labeled “Paradise Falls”. Their goal was to travel there and the movie portrayed that life just kept getting in the way with repairs and other things that took precedence  Sadly, the wife passed away before their goal had been met. The movie is the story of the aged husband trying to live that dream in the most unusual way.

Seize this year if travel is your heart’s desire. Your family will understand if you miss the fourth of July picnic this year if you are fulfilling your dream of seeing the Parthenon or diving the Great Barrier Reef. Have fun fulfilling your resolution this year!

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