A White (Sandy) Christmas


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When Bing Crosby popularized the song “White Christmas,” he wasn’t referring to crisp, clear, coastal waters and their accompanying ashy sand. A traditional Christmas holiday is spent watching the snow fall outside, while sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa or spiced eggnog.  The kids might go outside and make a fetching little snowman or have a snowball fight, while mom or dad are in the kitchen arranging a scrumptious meal, filling the house with a lovely aroma.  Many of us are used to the treetops glistening and children listening for sleigh bells in the snow, and yes, these elements make December 25th and enchantingly magical day.

On the flip side, spending the holiday digging your feet into warm, soft sand dunes, laying by the tides and soaking up the sun may be the perfect way to break free from tradition. Chances are you’ve already gotten this year’s plans set in stone, but while the whole family is together eating dinner and (hopefully) enjoying everyone’s company, why not bring up the idea of a holiday away from home next year? Now’s the time to start planning, and it may turn out to be the perfect end-of-the-year getaway! Here are our destination and activity picks.

Maracajau & Parrachos Reef Tour in Natal Brazil


If you’re seeking somewhere exotic, then head to Brazil. There are countless beaches, and each one is as beautiful as the last. The Maracajau & Parrachos Reef Tour (pictured) shows you all of the beauty of a beach still untouched by urbanization. Amazing snorkeling spots make this a great activity for the whole family. Other options include:


Molokini Snorkel & Turtle Town Morning Adventure from Ma’alaea Harbor in Maui


For a no-fail paradise holiday that doesn’t require a passport (for US citizens), check out Hawaii. It’s perfectly positioned in the Pacific Ocean to provide a tropical breeze and comfortable beach-day temperatures. The Molokini Snorkel & Turtle Town Morning Adventure (pictured) takes you to Molokini, a crescent shaped caldera that is a protected marine sanctuary. The waters are calm and clear, which is perfect for scuba diving, snuba diving, and snorkeling. Other family-friendly picks include:

Could you imagine spending Christmas off the beaten path? Does you need to be surrounded by snow for a proper holiday? If not, which destination are your asking Santa for next year?

Happy travels!




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