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A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Shereen and her husband decided to give our service a try. She’s got tons of wonderful travel tips and activity recommendations for many of our favorite cities, but living in the Portland area, she opted for a ride on the Portland History Boat Tour. It’s amazing how we can live in a city yet know so little about its historical undertones. This was the case for Shereen. Although she’s lived in the city for roughly 15 years, the tour proved to be a highly informative selection.


“We learned very interesting facts about where we live, like how all 9 bridges over the river are completely different and why each was built the way it was and when. We also learned about the island that is used by the city for rock and gravel, the new construction along the river and the history of our city’s importing and exporting.”


Views from the Water

We’re so glad Shereen and her husband enjoyed the tour, and we hope others are also encouraged to be a tourist in their own city. Sometimes we get so intrigued by attractions that are miles away and forget the goodness right in our own backyard!

You can read Shereen’s full post here, and make sure to add her to your travel list on twitter: @Shereentrvlschp.

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