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Chicago and All That Jazz

One of Broadway’s most popular and thrilling smash-hit musicals, CHICAGO is a winner of six Tony Awards and is sure to seduce you with a sexy, scandalous tale of murder, show biz, and all that jazz!

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CHICAGO features some of Broadway’s best dancing – a gorgeous ensemble performing sizzling numbers, choreographed in the style of Bob Fosse.

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The murderous media darlings Foxy Roxie Hart and the notorious Velma Kelly are full of all kinds of mischief, and desperate to plead their cases to you in 1920′s Chicago. How could you tell ‘em that they were wrong?! You would’a done the same, right?

Both awaiting trial in a Chicago jail, they play their celebrity up for all it’s worth, trying to keep the spotlight and the attention of high-profile lawyer Billy Flynn.

CHICAGO celebrated its 10th year on Broadway as the longest running revival on November 14th, 2011 and will be playing until December 22, 2012.

“A musical for the ages… the best musical in town.”
New York Times

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Roxie Rocks Broadway and Steals Hearts in CHICAGO!

Roxie Rocks Broadway and Steals Hearts in CHICAGO!

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