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Breathtaking Sightseeing in Banff

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The "Diamond in the Wilderness," Lake Louise, Banff

The “Diamond in the Wilderness,” Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta

Have you ever been to Banff, Alberta? It kind of reminds me of the magical land of Narnia from C. S. Lewis’ epic fantasy tale, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Even if you don’t spot Aslan, you may very well see a rare Grizzly Bear. Nestled high in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is the kind of place that you will never forget. Explore the great outdoors and natural wonders of Banff National Park, discover the charming Town of Banff, and you simply can’t miss out on the picturesque beauty of Lake Louise.

Hot Springs at Sulphur Mountain

Hot Springs at Sulphur Mountain

Banff offers visitors a spectrum of unspoiled wilderness, both modern and rustic choices of amenities, and endless opportunities for adventures you will cherish for a lifetime. With such a breathtaking landscape, it’s really no surprise that Banff is continuously voted as a “must-see” destination for travelers around the world. Winter Tours are far more than just ski trips these days. Icewalks , Snowshoing, Dog Sledding, Sleigh Rides, Snowmobiling, Helicopter Sightseeing, Wildlife Watching,  or simply relaxing in the mineral-rich, therapeutic hot springs are just a few options to choose from in Banff.

Johnston Canyon Icewalk

Johnston Canyon Icewalk

One of my top picks is the Johnston Canyon Icewalk Bus Tour from Banff. Gigantic pillars of ice are the highlight of this cool tour. Ice climbers can often be seen scaling the frozen columns. Venture past the lower falls, and you will discover the breathtaking upper icefalls. The tour includes hotel pick-ups & drop-offs from Banff, your friendly, certified tour guide, ice cleats & hiking poles, plus hot chocolate & maple cookies! YES. ;)

Aboriginal Dog Sledding Adventure

Aboriginal Dog Sledding Adventure

I would also recommend our Aboriginal Dog Sledding Adventure near Canmore. A short 20 minutes from Banff, this dog sledding excursion is an exciting and hands-on way to explore and enjoy the amazing scenery of the Rocky Mountains! Gain a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal people, and immerse yourself in the clean mountain air as you venture out into the sparkling, white snow on a dog sledding adventure. You will also have the opportunity to put the dogs into their harnesses and attach them to the sled. Then begin your exhilarating ride!

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